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Purchased a Kenmore Refrigerator it was not delivered on the day it was scheduled. The delivery people forgot to put it on the truck.

I went to the store and picked up the refrigerator myself. After a day of having it there was ice build up in the freezer do to the freezer door not sealing properly. Called for a repairmen to come out and look at the refrigerator no one called back with an appointment time for over 2 weeks. I called back and finally got a repairman out to look at the problem.

They recommended that they bring out a replacement. They delivered a replacement refrigerator and agreed to take my old refrigerator away and told me I would get a rebate on my old refrigerator. I had the same problems with the replacement refrigerator and I did not get the rebate that was promised for my old refrigerator. Service came out again and said the refrigerator has manufacture flaws and recommended that I select a different model.

At this point I decided to return the refrigerator and go to a difference store to purchase another refrigerator. I asked the store manager what I needed to do to have the refrigerator picked up and get a refund. The store manager told me that I needed to call delivery to pick up the refrigerator and the refund would be processed once the refrigerator was back in the warehouse. I called delivery to pick up the refrigerator for return and refund.

I was on the phone for 20 minutes with delivery getting this setup and they did not show up on the scheduled day to pick up the refrigerator for refund. I called and they told me they had no record of my calling them. Then I was told that I needed to talk to customer resolutions for refunds. After going through all the required information over the phone with customer resolution they setup an appointment to pick up the refrigerator.

The store manager misinformed me on the proper procedure for returns and refunds. I have my fingers crossed that I actually get my refund.

I will never purchase anything from Sears ever again! Terrible customer service, terrible communication, poor quailty appliances.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Sears Cons: Poor customer service, Home delivery.

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