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Update by user Aug 14, 2013

I was asked to provide an update. We did not pay a technician $300 to solve this problem for us.

We ordered a new control panel from the Kenmore parts site and intalled it ourselves. Cost: $116 (part and shipping) plus our labor. The dishwasher works fine and will probably last another 2 years until the replacement control panel breaks.

By then we will be in a position to buy a Bosch. Recommend do not purchase a Kenmore Ultra Wash, or any Kenmore with similar push-button controls.

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2013

I bought a Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher from Sears in 2011. The model is 665.13742K603.

After two years the buttons have quit working. I read on multiple sites that the problem is a poor-quality control panel. I recommend avoid this model. It cleans well but not if it won't start.

I'm sorry I also bought a washer, dryer, fridge and range from Sears as I'm worried how long they are going to last.

My 'maintenance agreement' is this: If you sell me a bad product, I will tell all my friends and I will never buy from you again. This agreement is free of charge.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I have the same problem, I will never by forms sears again......


I have the same problem after 2 years. This is a Maytag product.

Previous washer was also Maytag and lasted only 3 years! Do not buy Maytag dishwashers!

Stan :(


I have a 4-year- old Maytag Refrigerator that leaks water over my wooden floor. Although I bought it from another dealer, no one will come out to fix it. Do not buy Maytag refrigerators - they stink.


Years ago, I bought a Kenmore washer and dryer. The washer gave out after about two years of use (and I do not do a lot of laundry).

I will never buy a Kenmore product again. B