Called and was told that the parts would be ordered. The only reason we took the unit was we had no refrigerator.

Two weeks goes by and a door was delivered to our home. Two weeks after this was told that the part for the damaged cabinet was not available for order. Also woke up one day and there was water on the kitchen floor. The auto defrost did not work.

We were told that there would be a replacement sent for the fridge. Two more weeks and another refrigerator was delivered. Get the thing in the house and find out after five or six hours that there was no cold air. Of course everything was defrosted.

Including about 200.00 worth of meat. They came and got the non working unit. This all started I'm May of 2014. August 4 2014 and after an unknown number of phone calls to sears finally got someone in corporate to get us our money back.

He said the by the end of the day on August 5 we should have our money. We'll see. Who ever reads this take note. Get names , dates etc.

get a small recorder for the phone and record everything. What ever you return make up a receipt and have whoever takes it, sign for it. Take photos to make sure of no damage. If they damage your home file a complaint right away.

Keep the case numbers and get damage estimates. Finally.....DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS! If you do you are just asking for trouble. Their people in customer service are in India.

Everyone else is rude arrogant and hostile.

They are programmed to treat you like *** and blow you off! Sears......NEVER AGAIN !

Monetary Loss: $800.

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