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Purchased the tractor on 5/19/14. Brought it home, unloaded from truck, drove 20 feet to garage for gas....tractor would not start again.

Called Sears help line...told they could not help us because our purchase would not be entered into their system for 4 (four) days. Local outlet store employees don't answer phone as verified by Sears help-line person. Finally talked with local store employee who went through a couple of steps we had already tried, without success. I told them to pick up tractor and was told they could not pick up for 4 (four) days.

We were to leave town before that time. They said someone must be present for them to pick up tractor.

Told them that was not possible since we were leaving town and they could pick up tractor or talk with our attorney. Haven't heard back from them.

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Wish I knew the end of this said story. I'll bet anything this guy is to embarrassed to be like, Paul Harvey, and give us the rest of the story.

Sears Response

Did you purchase your tractor from a Sears Outlet store?

Orlando, Florida, United States #818362

It's not Sears' fault you are going out of town, and most courts are going to say Sears made attempts at reparation so unless they flat out refuse a return/exchange for an obviously defective product there's not much a lawyer is going to do. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if the courts said you drove it home yourself it's your responsibility to drive it back.

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