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3 years and 11 months ago, I spent several thousand dollars on a Kenmore furnace. I used to purchase all of our appliances at Sears, but because of their delivery charges and having to wait up to 2 weeks to get an appliance, I changed to other stores that could deliver (free!) the following day.

October 3, our Iowa weather turned cold. I don't turn on the furnace until I have to. I tried to get it lit all weekend and waited to call for service until Monday, October 6. I was told the first appointment was on October 15. 9 days - no heat? I explained to an unpleasant 'customer service representative' in Florida, that this was not an acceptable time frame for a repair to a furnace. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I didn't need a supervisor, as they wouldn't tell me anything different. Really? I can't speak to a supervisor? I made 4 more calls over the next day in an attempt to get an earlier repair appointment on my 'under warranty' furnace. I was told a variety of lies, including the scheduling software wasn't working. I was even told they were now booked out until January.

In the Midwest, that would mean frozen pipes, serious damage to a home and people wouldn't be able to stay in their homes. January?

I was also told that since my furnace is under warranty, I could try to find another repair company that is authorized to work on Kenmore products, pay them myself, and Sears would reimburse me for up to $300. Why would I think for a minute they would honor this? Why should I go looking for a repair person who meets their requirements, pay them, then wait for Sears to find a reason to not reimburse me? That's insane. If they don't have a repair person available, THEY should be the ones to locate another.

I was told the lengthy wait was due to a large number of repair requests. I was told the lengthy wait was due to not having enough repair people on staff. I was told the lengthy wait was due to software issues. I was told I could not speak to a manager.

Today, October 12, 2014, it's 29 degrees and drizzling. It's overcast and cold. Only 3 more days until I am supposed to have a repair person. I have taken the entire day off work because they can't give me a time the worker will arrive. I am hopeful the repair will be done on Wednesday without any problems.

I have a regular Sears credit card and a 'Home' card, both with zero balances and have been a pretty loyal customer for more than 25 years. But listen up, Sears, we are breaking up and we will never, ever get back together. I will not spend another dime in your stores and will certainly share my experience with everyone I know.

Review about: Sears Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #886529

I want to update my situation.

First, if you put your complaint on their FaceBook page,you will get a very fast response.

Within 3 minutes, I had an instant message from one of the customer service people.

On Wednesday, October 15, a repair person came to my house. Very nice man, Jake. He had been sent from Michigan to help the Iowa repair people try to catch up on calls.

Apparently, 2 had retired and 2 more had quit. I would think the company would be aware of needed to replace people retiring.....

The problem was diagnosed - two new circuit boards and a blower needed. $1248. Remember, this furnace has only seen 3 winters.

Thankfully, I had purchased the Master Plan Warranty.

The needed parts apparently were no where in the state of Iowa. They had to be ordered. Jake told me he would be back on Saturday to complete the repair, as long as the parts arrived.

I now have a customer service person apparently assigned to me.

She (Kirsten?) called Wednesday evening to see if I was satisfied with my repair. Well, it isn't completed. I explained the day to her. Thursday, I get a call at work to inform me that one of the parts had been back ordered and would not be delivered until October 21.

I now have to request ANOTHER day off work to be home for the repair person. I was offered a Saturday appointment, which would be sometime in November. I get home from work that day to find 2 fairly large boxes on the steps. During my daily call from Kirsten, I opened the boxes and went through the packing lists.

ALL NEEDED PARTS WERE THERE, but you know, they still couldn't come back before Wednesday. Whatever. I have no fight left in me. Early Friday evening, Jake calls.

He has to return to Michigan on Saturday, but if the parts are there, he will come finish that night! Wow! Yes, please come! Jake completed the repair, explained options for filters for the furnace as well as the humidifier that is a part of the system.

He wanted to make sure things were completed with me before he returned to Michigan. Jake is a rare gem in the mess Sears has created. Kudos to Jake, but Sears, it's too late for us. It doesn't matter if you send in your dream team to fix it.

The damage was done and I will never forget the horrible experience I had with your company.

Jake - I wish you well.


That's why it's good to check the furnace before it gets cold because you never know. Just saying.

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