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Will never buy from Sears again.

I ordered a new washer and dryer online from Sears for my mother. Their website says they go above and beyond by running the washer and dryer to make sure everything is working properly. My mom telephoned me after delivery upset because her washer was making a horrible noise. I asked her if they had run the washer, and she said no, they were in a hurry and hadn't run it. She had called Sears to ask if someone could come and take a look at it, and she was given an appointment time for 5 days later. After I talked to Sears customer service (I use that term loosely) and all the run around and hassle, my mom decided to just return the appliances and take our business to a local company.
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Sears Delivery Service

Sears in Warner Robins, Georgia - Craftsman mower less than 2 years old in shop again

I purchased a craftsman lawn mower form sears in May 2011. Since March of this year I have had to take it back to Sears for repair 3 times. 3 times in 7 months. They sent it to their repair shop (3 week round trip each time) and I get it back not working any better than it did before. I have asked for a replacement but they just want to keep "repairing" it. They have had my mower for over 2 months total of the last 7 months. I do not recommend purchasing a Craftsman product of any kind as their quality and customers service is non existant
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I wish your story was uncommon yet for Sears it seems ALL To COMMON.

I took my electric Craftsman mower into the service center to be repaired. It was only 18 months old and was under a 2 year parts and labor warranty. I got a call from their service center employee today after I brought it in yesterday who starts the conversation by saying they no longer make this product and cant get parts (AFTER 18 MONTHS and its something Craftsman makes?). Then he proceeds to tell me that since they cant get parts they wont repair the unit and I can either come pick it up or they will destroy the mower for me.

I ask him how the mower credit will be applied since what I paid for had a warranty and if it will be credited toward another purchase. He said no as he will just mark it up as I must have done something to make the mower motor assembly break. That he will say it is not any defect so the warranty wouldnt apply and Sears was not responsible. The mower bolts holding the blade and motor housing together snapped while mowing. Luckily the blade did not hit me, as it dug into the ground or else it could have caused major injuries!

I asked him how I could have caused the bolts to snap? According to Sears Repair Center Rep it's not their problem and I need to come get my useless $250 Electric Craftsman Mower. Then he proceeds to tell me they have specials on new mowers and to talk with the manager to see if he might help me out finding as new one.

Sears Warranties are worthless!!!!!

Sears, this is the second time you have played this warranty game with me. The frst I blew off as a bad ordeal because it was a $50 item. NEVER Again though will I be ripped off by your company and i am reviewing what actions I will take to mitigate this issue. I also posted my ordeal earlier although the location came up wrong as to where this took place. Hey SearsCares, I realize your company locations profit from negating warranty claims and minimizing the loss to profits from pay outs yet this is ridiculous. You blame consumers and refuse to honor YOUR Warranties and that is a pathetic and immoral way of handling customer service.


I too have a mower from Sears. 7 monts old and it sits unusable because one of the spindles blew out.

Can't mow with it. I should have bought local not Sears.


I purchased a craftsman riding lawnmower in April of 2011. We used the lawnmower for two months before the end I summer.

Due to the extreme drought we used the mower for the first time and the mower stopped working in the middle of mowing. When sears came out to repair it we were told the transmission es completely out I the mower. This is a product that Should last more than two months and carries the craftsman name. I have recently researched this mower and this repair to find out this particular mower has had these issues and the replacement of the transmission will take place Rey often.

I have spoke to multiple representatives whom all refer me to sen a letter to a mail stop in Chicago. I see this as a way of blowin me off. I spent $1000.00 on this mower and expect the quality I paid for.

No one can make the decision to give me in store credit so I can purchase a rider with better reviews. Tired of the run arounds!!

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Sears Deliv ery

After dealing with Sears for over fourty years , I must write to complain about your delivery system. I purchased a washer from your store in the City of Orange. The delivery department was completely unflexable with their delivery times. I live by myself and work nine to eleven hours a day and six hours on Saturday. The delivery people said ther were no times available after 3:00 P.M. during the week. I chose a time on Saturady September 8th and lost six hours of pay at time and one half. The gave me a delivery time between 1:15 and 3:15 P.M. At 4:00 P.M. I called Sears home delivery and asked , when are they going to deliver the washer? They responed , that they were running late and they probably wouldn't be here until 8:00 or 8:30 P.M. That's unaccepiable! I have purchased a number of large appliances from sears in the past , and I have never experenced anything as bad as this! I will now take all my new business to another retailer. I sure Home Depot or Lowels would appreciate a loyal customer! Pat Calabrano, 50 Monroe Irvine Ca. 714-4730713.
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We bought a new fridge at sears in Maui Hawaii. It was for a new tenant moving in that week on a tuesday Fridge was paid for and on tuesday no fridge, We called and they said sorry it was out of stock but did take our money in full the week before. But they did have a floor model a few scratches though, What were we to do tenant is already there. Now two years later its dead dead and not even repairable. Thats probably because its junk form God knows what country. So now Sears just says too bad you should have go a warranty. Please Please Please reconsider any other place in the USA to buy appliances from Costco Home Depot or Lowes but never go to Sears Lets get rid of these terrible rip of stores in the USA
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I have to agree with the entire sentiment regarding SEARS. We started using them 12 years ago and they were by far the best.

They delivered on time, repaired things on time, serviced things like clockwork. Then the rot set in. Now they have lost all credibility with everyone I know. What comes first?

the decline in public opinion or the decline in service levels? It has to be the later. Then things get worse and stores close and the rot gets ever more to be a part of the whole organization. Sales slump, people are cut, repair shops close, and reputation declines even further.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work it out. The people on the inside push for lower prices from their suppliers and the quality declines. Our last purchase was a $700 BBQ, that is now looking like a 15 year old wreck, yet its only 3 years old! Thin metal, cheap controls, fails to light, paint finish failing.

This was when we decided never ever to buy from them again. The BBQ before that lasted 10 years, but was not from SEARS - lesson learned, once bitten twice shy!

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Sears in Langley, British Columbia - Quality/poor service/Treated like dirt

I purchased anew fridger from Sears (Langley BC Canada) 1st fridge came defeative, 2nd fridge came defective, 3rd fridge, same ***.taking it with the manager and repairs, treated like a piece of dirt, infact the manager attempted to bar me from the store and (SEARS) to buy. Told them to stick everything politely where. Challenged the manager of the store. He backed down. Never bought ever again at this Sears Store/Sears again. I have documents,pictures and letters of complaint to back up. SEARS your reputition/service, plus in my view is gone. I do not shop there now. (FT)
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Sears Manager

SEARS very poor custumer service!

I was a loyal SEARS custumer for my entire adult life.Always paid my credit card off in full on time.recently my credit score dropped so sears cancelled my ZERO balance card that caused my credit score to drop another 13pts called them but got nothing but a rude responce.I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING THERE AGAIN!!also there quality has gone DOWN HILL!! I was also shopping at Kmart to help the underdog but that will stop to its back to walmart for us hopfully the apreciate us spending our hard earned money there.sad to see something good turn so bad K.Drouhard
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  • hard earned money

Sears in Los Angeles, California - *** APPLIANCE INC.

When we remodeled our kitchen, we purchased all Sears appliances. My garage is well stocked with Craftsman products. Too bad. Any request for assistance from them when things go awry is met with rudeness and snippiness, from low level telephone clerks. Seeking assistance from supervisory management has only resulted in the cancellation of service calls. What was once a fine American success story, has diminished into a dismal consumer *** hole. With so many retail choices, why would I ever choose to darken their outlets again? On line sources are rife with similar customer complaints against them, and mine it seems, is nothing unusual. That's just the way that it is with them. Even in this economy, I have money to spend, and a large circle of friends, (a number of them contractors), and I shall endeavor to steer them clear of this retailer. Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to purchase some Snap On Tools, and a working LG refrigerator.
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Sears Repair

Sears credit

Made payments regularly for 6 months...however it was 1 day after the due date never did I get notice that payment was late and because I didn't read my monthly statement, that was emailed to me, I was charged late fees and extra interest that amounted to over $315.00 This amounts to over 85% interest charged when I was making regular payments .... I was told it didn't matter that I was a regular customer for the last 40 years.. it didn't matter that I had always made my payments on time before or that my payments for the last 6 months were only 1 day late I was stuck paying all late fees and interest
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With Official Company Response

Sears in Norman, Oklahoma - Delivered defective product -- offering no help for two weeks

Sears delivered our new fridge last night. Freezer iced up and has leaked all over floor. I called on line help last night put on hold and cut off two times after being asked if I had remembered to close the freezer door and if I had installed the door correctly. Easily the most obnoxious music and repetitive and loud ads while on hold before cut off. Called back this morning; was told they could get me a repair man out in two weeks. Replacement available 9-20. Told them unacceptable and asked to speak to supervisor denied. Told them to pick item up. They said would be picked up 9-13.
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Sears Response

My name is Tony and I am with the Sears Social Media Escalations team at the executive office. We would like to extend to you our deepest apologies for the trouble that you are experiencing with your new refrigerator. I can certainly understand the frustration that you must be feeling with the freezer leaking onto your kitchen floors. Furthermore, your added frustration with the level of assistance that you received when you called in for service is completely understandable and definitely something that we do not stand for.

With this in mind, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further about this matter and be your one point of contact within Sears to ensure that this matter is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email, please provide a contact number and the phone number that the item is listed under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your Screen name (Aoturner) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Tony T.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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Sears Replacement
I ordered a baby bassinet and other baby items from Kmart/Sears online, expected deliverly date was 9/6; the day I had my baby. The bassinet never arrived and I was i told by several supervisors that it was a vendor delay and also that the date for the bassinet to...
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