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My complaint to Sears

I felt as though I was treated absolutely poorly when I called the SEARS STORES WHITE MARSH MALL, Store #: 0001854, 8200 PERRY HALL BLVD BALTIMORE, MD 21236. I had to call a total of 4 times. The first two times I called I was hung up on, while customer service tried to contact merchandise pick up for my online purchase (Order#401690836). The third time, I was told that merchandise pick up was not answering the phone. I was then supposed to be transferred to a store manager, but instead it was a sales associate named Steve White or Wright (if that was his real name). He told me that all supervisors and managers were in a meeting and would not talk to me. He also said he had "no clue" when they would be done with this meeting. I asked him, " If I was in the building right now with a problem, no manager would be able to talk to me?" He said yes. Wow. Ok, I waited for a phone call and grew inpatient. I called back a fourth time and this is when I was on the phone for two hours. First was to the store again and they transferred me to care solutions. The woman I spoke to here said she documented every thing and then tried to contact the store for me. She either could not get in touch with someone or she could not confirm my order arrived. She was polite and transferred me to the online customer care. This woman was also polite, and said that my order already arrived at the store. I never received an email or a phone call that it arrived. So she attempted to verify it was there and called the store. She said no one picked up the phone after trying several times. It seemed she gave up, so I asked what was she going to do for me since I've gone through all this and I'm the customer here. She transferred me to a case manager. Great… the story gets told again. She put me on hold and tried to contact the store… success. She called a different department and made it to merchandise pick up somehow. Ok, this is where I get even more upset. She tells me that whoever checked in my order made a mistake and that's why I never received notification that my order arrived. So all this could have been avoided if someone did their job. First of all, I should of never had to call in the first place. Second, I should of only had to call once. Third, I should of spoke to a manager (which 3 hrs later, still has not called… long meeting). Fourth, Sears could not even get a hold of Sears, so I had to suffer through two hours of being put on hold and re-telling my story several times. I will not purchase anything from Sears or Kmart or any other store under the same umbrella. This is not how you treat customers. And there was no attempt by any store manager to rectify what their sales associate Steve White/Wright said to me. My review… 0 stars.
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Sears Kenmore Elite -Bawahahaha!!!!

We purchased 6, count them SIX, Kenmore Elite appliances in one day totalling about $5000. Within the past two weeks, I have spent OVER $1100 dollars to fix them. I am going to spell out our situation in glorious detail. First, the refrigerator...what a beauty. Stainless steel, French doors with the ice maker on rhe left top door with the freezer on the bottom. So far, so good, right??? Well, that is until you are dying of thirst and want to get ice through that nifty little hole in the front of the fridge, specifically put there for that purpose. SWING AND A MISS!!! I found out that little hole is just for decoration. No ice comes comes out of there unless you want to spend 500 to fix the auger something that makes those delicious nuggets of frostiness pop out of teir intended chute. Now, lets move onto my dishwasher. That stainless steel beauty is such a flirt with all those little red and green lights blinking at me all day and night. I am still trying to figure out if she is flirting with us, or if it is her desperate plea to be TAKEN OUT AND SHOT TO PUT HER OUT OF HER MISERY. She needs a new mother board, cha Ching! $208 and change please!!!! No one could have 3 Kenmore Elite appliances that don't work, could they? ONE LUCKY FAMILY I KNOW CAN!!!! Can YOU guess who it is??? Mr. RANGE fell ill as well. He needed a new control panel. What you all need to understand is that both "cook" and "bake" are FOUR LETTER WORDS IN MY HOUSE! I desperately try to avoid them at all cost. I can count in two hands the number of time I have actually "cooked" in this oven. But, Mr. Range must have a weakened Immune system for his control panel to go like that. That will be $328 and change! So, after the fact, I found a 15% off in home repair coupon. I asked if I could use it, seeing as I am a frequent buyer of the SEARS IN HOME REPAIR SERVICE,only to be told NO!!!! I guess the joke is on me for being a sucker for EVER BUYING ANYTHING IN SEARS. SO, BE WARNED AND BEWARE....SEARS has the WORST appliances for the most outrageous prices.
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The history is unclear and the comments are just as confusing. How long did you have all these appliances?

For all to go wrong with similar controller board problems could lead one to believe there is a power problem in your area.

I disagree with the comments that more expensive is better. Many of the controlers, fans, thermostats are the same. There are just more bells and whistles.

Yes, the bells can stop ringing and the whistles not sound as sweet but the basics should still work.

Although some feel the extended warranty is a waste of money, there are also some that believe if there are weak parts, the electronics go bad the first year and motors go bad the second or third so maybe a 3 year warranty is a good idea, then drop it. Paying for 10 years of warranty is like buying a new frig every 10 years


Whopps, I reread nikalseyn and realized I had read it completely wrong. What *** buys new appliances every few years?

My mother has owned 2 refridgerators in over 30 years. You have to be some kind of *** to waste $ replacing things over and over again. Buy the best you can the first time, and don't replace it until it's %^$#ing dead. Guess what, by spedning $2k on an appliance instead of $1k, it lasts 10 times as long.

Therefore saving you over $9k in replacing it every year. *** nikalseyn, you must be a cheap, poor man. No wonder you don't have nice things.

Keep wasting your money replacing junk. Sucks to be you.


I have to agree with nikalseyn. How did you purchase 6 appliances with stainless steel for $5k?

My fridge alone was $1800 (Kenmore, top of the line, stanless) my stove was $1600 (top model, Gemini, stainless), and the dishwaher was about $1200 (Whirlpool top model, stainless) and they were all ON SALE. There's about $5k for just 3 appliances. And after 4-5 years, the stove needed its board replcaed, and guess what? I had the warrenty, and it got replaced for free.

Now they are all 7-8 yeras old and no (more) issues as of yesterday. What you did was buy the cheapst appliances you could get away with, not buy the extended warrenty, and expect them to wear like the more expensive models. That doesn't happen, and now you see that.

Next time, drop a few more bucks and get a better unit, and the warrenty.

(Also, store brand NEVER tastes as good as name brand. NEVER)


I apologize nikalseyn, but, yes I am trying to get more bees with honey. I bought all six in June 2009.

Delivered in either June or July 2009. Sears has already acknowledged their part in the debacle. Thank you for your sobering, miserable comment. My assumption is if u pay for a bell and or whistle, the expectation is that it will whistle it ring.

Is it wrong to expect the bells and whistles r work?? I think not!!!

John N

I know you are trying to be amusing, but you haven't given us much info here. What models and when did you buy them?

Bottom line is to buy the cheapest model of an appliance, without all the bells and whistles, and when they break and you cannot fix them cheaply, you throw out and buy another cheap one.

I suspect you bought expensive models and now realize(I hope)that paying more does not mean they are any better or will last longer than the cheap models. Having an ice dispenser on the door of a fridge is just asking for trouble---bells and whistles??

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  • Stainless steel

Sears lies

About three weeks ago we purchased a sears kenmore refrigerator with a delivery date of approximately three weeks. On friday we received a call that the delivery would be on Monday- sunday nite we received another call that it would be between 11 and 1. I took the day off, and at 10 AM received another call cancelling the delivery because it had never arrived at the warehouse and was told it would be an additional three weeks. When I told the supervisor that I had taken the day off she offered me a $50 gift certificate, which is far less than what it cost me for the day off. She had no explanation for the two previous calls setting up the delivery, and only said that the store should have called. I am awaiting (not holding breath) a call back from corporate seeking an answer to my demand of either a full refund or an upgrade at the original price. K Mart mentality has taken over good old reliable Sears.
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Sears Response

To whome530,

My name is Dianne and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team.Please accept our apologies that the delivery of your refrigerator was postponed for 3 weeks. We can certainly understand you frustrations with this issue and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with your further. It is our goal at Sears to provide our customers with the highest quality of customer service. I am sorry that we disappointed you. Since apologies don’t resolve your problems at your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can help. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the refrigerator was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (whome530) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Dianne D.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

With Official Company Response
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Sears lies

Three weeks ago we purchased a kenmore refrigerator and was told three week delivery, When the delivery date approached we were called three days before to confirm its arrival and delivery on Monday, Sunday nite we again were called to advise to expect delivery the next day between 11 and 1. Monday at 10 AM we receive call from Sears delivery saying delivery was cancelled because it had never arrived in their warehouse and would be another three weeks. Meanwhile I took a day off from work, and their only answer was we can give you a $50 gift certificate, never mind the day off I lost--why did they tell me that store should have called when they called twice to confirm an expected delivery. They had no answer to that. I am awaiting a call from corporate to offer me the demanded upgrade or a full refund. The K Mart organization has fully taken over from good old Sears reliability.
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Return Policy for Sears is terrible

Think twice about Sears. Ordered from Sears which when returned product to store, we were told it was a third party vendor. Called third party vendor, and wouldn't take it back. They said it was recieved 8-29-12 and we called (Sears third party vendor) on 9/24/12 and they said it was passed 30 days. The person talked to was Glen and they just kept saying it was past the time when pointed out it wasn't past 30 days. I'm stuck with the product after calling Sears customer service and talking to the case supervisor, Maria. Sears are changing by using third party vendors.....becareful ordering from Sears for the holidays. I've made a formal complaint with the Attorney General.
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Sears advertizes discount but you don't get it

Yesterday I received an email from Sears stating that if I ordered an item over $200 I would get a 25% discount on any purchase. The promotion code was given and the offer was only for 4 days over the Thanksgiving week-end. Also, your purchase had to be made online or by phone. So, I purchased a vacuum I've been wanting. Cost $259.00 Entered the promotion code. This caused my entire order to be messed up. I had to enter my Sears card number THREE times. Finally, a page opened which said that my purchase was not eligible for the $25% discount. No reason given. I went back to my email and studied the ad and the promotion code. There was nothing in the advertizing that indicated that some purchases may not apply. I am now writing the Competition Bureau to complain that Sears has false advertizing. I should have cancelled my order, but as usual it took a whole hour to complete an online order using the messed up Sears computer. One of the hold ups was because the computer wanted to tell me how many Sears points my new purchase would give me. The screen just froze and stayed like that. So I had to exit the web site and start all over again. Then I had an awful time changing the order because by now Sears wanted to send me TWO vacuums. I never wanted to know my darn Sears points in the first place. I have NEVER had one positive experience placing an online order with Sears. But the fact that this Thanksgiving week-end, Sears is sending emails to millions of Canadians promising them 25% discount on purchases over $200 and then refusing to give me that discount is absolutely galling.
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Do not buy from marketplace Home and Living

I purchased a sofa from marketplace I was disappointed when I received it. It was made from China with a very thin cheap fabric material. After a month I noticed there was a tear in the cushions. Unfortunately, the fabric and cushions are wearing pre-maturely. The fabric is tearing and the cushions are loosing their shape. I never had this problem with any other brand of living room furniture I purchased over the last 35 years.I called Sears and talked to 3 or 4 people and I was given a phone number to call Home & Living. When I called them, they said I cannot get a refund or exchange because it was passed 30 days. Do not buy from home and Living. Inferior quality and they do not stand behind their products. I have never been so dissatisfied with a product! Shame on & Home& Living for scamming people!
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Sears Interest Scam - Beware!!

Sears has a way of "losing" your final payment for deferred interest balances. When you inquire they try to negotiate with you about the interest that has accrued. Once you fight for 8 hours about the interest that accrued because the check "never arrived" they ask you to make the payment in full for the balance BEFORE the accrued interest and they will waive the accrued interest. They make you pay by debit card, so basically cash over the phone. Then on your next statement you'll see the entire accrued interest as a balance. When you call they claim that the person that took your debit card balance had no authority to agree to any waived balances. Then they try to negotiate again. Total scam. I have shopped at sear for 40 years and my father and grandparents have always shopped at sears. They will never see me in a Sears store, shredded my credit card and will spread the word. Just don't want any one else to fall for this scam. Oh yeah, miracously the check has never been returned, found or cashed. MMMM, where can it be?
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Sears Credit Card
Dear Sir/Madam: I am completely dissatisfied with Sears service, products, and repairs. I bought a Kenmore upright freezer and experienced *** for the past month. Bought mentioned product on 09/07/2012 and picked up from Santa Monica Store in CA. It was a lemon...
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I was told that too, that I should be thankful they provided a free delivery to my door... even though what they delivered was damaged and unusable, it was FREE DELIVERY...

Oh my gosh... the insanity. I feel for you, we bought a fridge from Sears 2 years ago.

It was a mess, and we ended up going 5 weeks IN THE SUMMER HEAT without a refrigerator, while they sent 4 different repairmen out, ordered parts, missed appointments while I sat alone waiting for no one to show up, installed 2 new motherboards, and still couldn't fix the thing!!! I went to the store in person, made a huge stink until they brought me a CASH refund (they will rip you off with a "credit card refund"), and bought a fridge at Lowes.

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SEARS-some of the worst customer service ever!

About 2 years ago, we bought appliances from our local Sears store. Immediately, our dishwasher started malfunctioning. We had purchased the Master Protection warranty specifically for the lemon clause. We called for service and were told that we didn't need service. She told me that if it wasn't as loud as a "music concert" it didn't need fixed and it was a "normal" level of noise...AND that I would be charged $75 even though I had warranty protection on it! Long story short, over the last two years, we've had 6 motors replaced on our Frigidare dishwasher along with a few other repairs!! After 4 service calls for the same repair, we qualified for replacement of the dishwasher... EXCEPT we were given incorrect information that it was 5 repairs and not 4. This in turn, bought Sears a few more months and by the time I found out that information was wrong...we were outside of the "4 repairs in 12 months" requirement. After calling and complaining to Sears Customer Solutions, I was giving an extension on the warranty so we can still possibly get a new unit. BUT, how are we to do that when we it's such a struggle just to get a repair tech out here!!?? How do we keep dealing with Sears when they have been so incompitent and RUDE to us!?? Our oven went out next. I decided to use to make a repair appointment this time and hopefully bypass being hassled over the phone. I get an online chat rep. who just continues the ridiculous customer service. I tell her that my oven exploded while using it and sparks and smoke came flying out of it and that I needed a repair appt. She proceeded to ask me what the problem was!!!! Are you kidding?? So, I say the oven exploded..and tell her I don't know what's wrong with it, thus the repair appointment needed? I said that I wasn't sure if it was an electrical issue or what. She then tells me that maybe I should call an electrician and wondered why I was calling Sears to begin with!!! At the same appointment to fix the oven and dishwasher, they were scheduled to fix my dryer. (yes, when it rains it pours...3 appliance go out in a few days of each other!) They look at the dryer and tell me it needs a new seal and not to use it until it's replace so it doesn't damage the dryer drum. So, having 4 kids, I start taking my laundry to the Laundromat to dry them at $15 for 6 loads while I wait on my dryer part! The dryer part's the wrong part. It's a rubber seal to a dishwasher. The tech orders a new felt drum never comes...the order never went through. Another tech comes to repair the oven and dryer...only to find that the dryer part didn't get ordered/arrive. He then places a rush order on the part. That was a Saturday and the part got here the following Thursday...and it was the wrong part, again. I call the 800# and spend 30-45 minutes on hold and getting transferred only to be told that I'm wrong and it IS the right part. The tech comes to fix it on Saturday and looks at the part and says, "hmm...that's not the part we need for your dryer". At this point, I've had it. I tell him not to "re" reorder the "right" part again and that I want a refund ($63)...he apologized on behalf of Sears and gave me the refund...which I still haven't received 4 days later. I called to check on the status of my refund only to be transfered to, yet another, rude customer service person out of the Texas call center! She was ridiculous and wouldn't give me the info I was asking for. I had to ask her 4 times before she'd give it to me and only after being snapped at for "interrupting" her when I was just clearing my throat from being sick instead of coughing in her ear! After I ask her why se was being so rude to me...she said a few things and hung up on me!! This is the thanks I get for spending several thousands of dollars at Sears!!?? It is by far, the worst customer service I have EVER received. They are right up there with the terrible customer service one would expect also from Dish Network, a category I would NEVER want to be in!!! I will NEVER shop at Sears again...I WILL tell everyone I know just exactly the kind of company Sears has become! Sears used to stand for something...used to be all about good customer service and quality in their products and treatment of customers. Now it's a JOKE! How disappointing it must be to the original founders of the company who worked so hard to build a good company and a good name...just to have you all destroy it. When people wonder why Sears is going out of business...THIS IS WHY! All they need to do is read and ask around about other people's experience with Sears. So frustrating, disappointing, and unacceptable!!!
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Sears Repair