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I placed an order on on Nov. 25th , and as of Jan. 3rd, I've not received it. I sent three emails (over 6 week period) to the Sears online Customer Service support center: the first reply said my order was shipped, the second reply said that the order was being processed (huh?), and the third reply said I have to wait 7-10 days on an update on my order. I also contacted Sears customer support via phone, and was told that an email was being sent to the appropriate party in order to locate my product. That was over three weeks ago. I called again on Jan. 3rd and a customer service rep told me that the original email didn't contain thorough information, and was 'disregarded'. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and the rep refused. She indicated that she would fill out a report again. Not trusting this to happen, I immediately emailed Sears customer service again. This time I received an email reply: I would receive an update on my order in 7-10 days! I'll receive an UPDATE on my order 2 MONTHS after I placed it! To top it all off, in response to my concern that the cust service rep on the phone wouldn't permit me to speak to her supervisor, the email reply said: ""I am sure the information provided helped you". That was a ridiculous statement! Of course the information provided didn't help me! That is precisely why I sent another email to Sears customer service in the first place! The absurdity of that reply confirms that this was just a rote reply made with no respect for the customer's (my) issues. Sears' customer service is truly awful. Towards the consumer, Sears lacks accountability, respect, and credibility.
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Bought a fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. They've all required servicing.

As you can read above, their service is absolutely ***. Two weeks for any appointment. Longer if you need a part. Huge service time windows and then they cancel on you (the day of) and schedule on a day you can't be at home for.

If you work regular hours this service is completely infeasible. Sears might just be the worst appliance store I have ever dealt with. Oh, the cherry on the top is that after we complained about the situation, they decided to send us a "complementary" $5 charcoal filter (has yet to show up a week after they said it would come) for spending over $5,000 with them and it all breaking. But wait, there's more, then they called back and asked if we want to buy $400 worth of extended warranties.

Haha. Unbelievable.


The installer calls me up and tells me the dishwasher I already paid for is no longer in stock. Turns out they sold the dishwasher I bought to someone else.

After wasting at least 3 hours on the phone with India, I had to wait more than a month to get the discount. Worse than that, they charged me twice and I had to waste 3 more hours to get a credit.

Sears is a dying brand. I shop online several time a week and is by far the worst e-retailer I've ever experienced.

Sears customer service is almost all in India. They read scripts and can't help you with actual issues!


I bought a dishwasher from on Nov. 24. It was scheduled to be delivered and installed within a week.

The installer calls me up and tells me the dishwasher I already paid for is no longer in stock. Turns out they sold the dishwasher I bought to someone else.

After wasting at least 3 hours on the phone with India, I had to wait more than a month to get the discount. Worse than that, they charged me twice and I had to waste 3 more hours to get a credit.

Sears is a dying brand. I shop online several time a week and is by far the worst e-retailer I've ever experienced.


I had same problem with delivery. First got email from an indian saying my order was shipped.

The another from him saying there was a delay. I checked the tracking and it was denied at the wrong address. I called customer service and got a chinese lady who said they will check into it and that it had been shipped back to the warehouse. I told them I want the delivery.

Next day I got an email saying the order is cancelled and my cc will be credited.

Jeeze I wanted those items. Never again.


This sounds like the typical Sears experience- I have swon off from ever dealing with them again. It's no surprice they are heading toward backruptcy!

Sears Response

Dear Anonymous,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for your unfortunate experience. I can only imagine the frustration you felt. My name is Zenaida and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. What I have read here today is very troubling. I know that sometimes online orders take a few hours to reflect a status, but to be told it will take days is certainly not accurate. We would like to have one of our dedicated case managers contact you in order to ensure proper resolution with your online order.

At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the order was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the following code (286287) for reference to your issue. We value your business and look forward to talking with you soon.

Zenaida M.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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Sears in Edmonton, Alberta - Kenmore is junk

Purchased Kenmore Elite appliances including a top of top of the line fridge which the ice maker broke a couple of months after the warranty expired. It cost us $400 to repair and now it broke again after owning this for 4 years. We also overpaid for water filters by 30 bucks a filter by being referred to Sears Canada's parts depot where I waited on average 30 minutes each time before being helped. A mailman saw me one time and said that I could buy the same filters elsewhere and was shocked to see how cheap it was for the identical filter without Kenmore stamped on it. Also the Elite dish washer we bought is louder than the Whirlpool dishwasher that we previously had and paid about the third of the price of this so called elite product. Also on the best setting, it barely cleans the dishes.
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I bought 5 Sears ELITE appliances 2010 lasted till 2014 all junked Don't wast your money all broke down in a few months of each other!


Sounds familiar... one month past the warranty the clothes washer breaks.

Service man attempted to fix it. I ran three loads of clothes through it and it broke again. My last kenmore washer lasted years not months.

Kenmore appliances are disposable boat anchors. I'm very disappointed.


Last year I bought 6 Sears ELITE appliances. I had not bought appliances for at least 15 years due to the fact that I have never had a problem.

Based on the previous performance, I figured I would just buy the Sears again but wanted more of the upscale features. Well 1 year and one month after the warranty expired on the ELITE appliances, a full 30% have quality problems that are "out of Warranty". I was told "you should have bought the extended warranty". The time I have spent on the phone with people who can't find my sales order and do not speak English that I can understand is totally unacceptable.

I will NEVER NEVER buy Sears again. :cry


My AMANA water filter cost more than $50.00 at Home Depot :(


Kenmore,Die Hard,Craftsman are all brand names put on a product Sears/Kmart sells, they own the brand name, they order there products from factories that make the specific product such as a dishwasher or frige and put there brand name on it.Theres nothing magical or special about it.It is the same product you can get at any other store just another brand name on it. It also comes with the same problems and faults.Its mecanical and not made to last forever as products were in the past, if they did how would these factories stay in business.

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After being on the phone with sears for more than three days-I decided to contact general assembly directly. Sears disconnected my calls three times and I had to discuss my concerns with 6 different people in one day. Still-no help. I am very appalled by the customer services. Remember when Sears seemed to care. I think it is time to get give your service to other appliance and electronic stores who are trying to establish and retain a strong customer base. Where are the replies to all these Sear's customer complaints???? Message to General Assembly:a I just wanted to contact you and inform you of the poor service I have received from your company. My first initial contact with your company was less than professional. For example, Sears scheduled installation for my elliptical machine Saturday, and the customer service representative stated "Well, we do not know if we can get a technician out there Saturday, and we do not know why Sears keeps scheduling for us." As well, general assembly contacted me and stated that a technician would be there Saturday between 12-3 pm. On Saturday, I began to become concerned @ 2:30pm- I called your customer service, and they reported that they would follow up--3:00pm-no call back. I called both sears and general assembly and both assured me that a technician was still coming Saturday. Your company called 3:40pm and reported that no one would be coming Saturday--Unbelievable, I thought--no explanation. Your company called and said that I could reschedule for Monday-I did and Sears suggested that it would be early morning. Well, it is Monday, your company is closed and still no assembly. I called Sears and they were shocked. I have never received such poor customer service in addition to unreliable service such as this. I just thought you may be concerned with the way in which your company is providing customer service. I paid $200.00 and I have no elliptical machine assembled. Sears reported that this is the only company that assembles the Nordic track and I am at a loss. Actually, at this point --I am afraid to allow a company that works in this manner in my home--it almost seems that this is a fraudulent company. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Sears Installation

Sears, Ripped me off!

I ordered a google tablet on dec 14th. Received an email that my order been sent out on Dec 16th. Waited until the 27th thinking the xmas rush was the cause of the delay and still no tablet. Called Usps to track my package. Usps stated that they would open up a investigation on my claim. a few days later i recieve an email from a company called electronic dealz stating that i would recieve my tablet by the third week of jan. WTF..I paid through sears, Now that i want to cancel i have to track down a third party to get a refund. Sears is the new word for trash. I will not look in sears direction when i drive by. I guess the name of the game for sears is to rip as many people off before going out of business. I mean i came to sears for the trusted name. Not to be swindled by a fly by night third party company located somewhere in east ***. DO NOT BUY FOR SEAR!!! I hate to see people lose their job. But i hope them mutha *** close down soon.
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Anyone out there know how to proceed with a law suit against Sears & this 3rd party seller for no refund and no goods ever received? This vendor in AZ even emailed bogus tracking numbers for shipments that he never shipped!


Vendor Contact in AZ, I for one will be forwarding his contact information (Inman)to my attorney, and will also run a full report on his company. Suggest you do the same


Interesting, I am going thru the same things with electronics order (epad)ordered online thru Sears. Interesting part is I am also dealing with a man called Inman. Although his email address shows as a sears employee I can now see he is not.

I think time for a class action lawsuit against this vendor in AZ as well as Sears.


My husband and I have had the same problems all of you have had. We were able to get Sears to refund our shipping. But after sleeples nights and a lot of digging we found the owner of the company and his information.

Name:Imran Mirza

Phone 480-782-7481 480-818-6171

Adress 2630 S Southwind Dr

Gilbert AZ 85295

Do what you wish with this info.


I ordered 2 toys on 12/24 online, received confirmation after making my payment using my credit card; the following day I received an email cancelling my order because they did not have the items; I had to contact them to refund my money because they were quick to cancell the order, but not to refund my money. Then on 12/28, I ordered the same 2 toys through the phone and this time I asked on several occasions for the representative to make sure they have the items; he confirmed they did and again I paid with my credit card and received my confirmation.

But, the following day the same story repeated itself: I received another email cancelling my order for the same old reason and this time they invited me to contact them again if I wanted to buy something in the future.

I will never buy from Sears or any of their affiliates again and I will make sure my friends and family are also discouraged from doing so. for your information Sears and Kmart were merged couple of years ago, so watch out for them too because they also did the same to me in the past.


and i made the payment with sears, but it was their third party vendor electronic dealz who was supposed to have the items.


i made my credit card purchase over the phone with a sears representative! i too am getting the runaround, i received an email on dec 17 that said my item was shipped (even though i was supposed to receive it on the 16) i knew then this was trouble!!!

after playing this game for a week, i cancelled my order and requested a refund on dec 22. it has been nothing but a game of tag ever since!!

i have filed a complaint with the BBB, and my local news company. I have even sent email to the vp of sears but of course i have not received a return call.


I gave my money to sears. I ordered through a sears sales person.

Meaning i ordered from sears. It was over the phone with a sears Rep that failed to mention a third party vendor.


But you didn't buy from Sears, you bought from a 3rd party vendor on their website.

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I purchased an MP3 Player at costing over $80 for a needy kid for Christmas who didnt even have one gift. Sears site stated that the store had 3 items available, So I paid for it online and went to the store to retreive it. Just to find out that the item was no longer in stock. They infomed me that i would get my money back in 3-5 days. Today marks day #7 and now noone even knows why I havent gotten my refund. They all are rude and was no help. DONT SHOP SEARS.COM
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They charged me $124 for parts they didn't actually have. They then sent an email telling me that they refunded my money.

10 days later, after numerous emails and phone calls, they tell me they will now Actually refund my money but will have to wait another week or so before I will actually see it back in my account. I'm still waiting. Sucks and their customer service is terrible!!

IF I ever finally receive my money from them they would have had it for almost a month to invest or do whatever they wanted with it.

What is really funny is that it only took them 2 days from the time I ordered the parts to Take The Money Out Of My Account.


In my case it did not take a day or so for them (SEARS.COM) to process my order/payment, and as of today I still havent recieved my refund. Just to be clear with you, My mother works at my bank in a head office and I've been a customer with this bank for over 8yrs, so I know how my bank processed the returns.

Even if it was due to the holiday, it has been WAY over enough time to send my money. I made another purchase to a different store just 4 days ago and they had to credit my account for a mistake they made, and the credit appeared exactly 3 days later. They were very polite and they kept there word. IF I HAD ONLY LOOKED AT THE ONLINE REVIEWS FIRST, BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BUNCH OF BAD COMMENTS AND DISSATIFIED CUSTOMERS.

Like I said, SEARS.COM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I reported them to BBB


It usually takes a day or so for Sears to process it, but its depends on how long your bank takes to process it

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Sears in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Refused a return after rep. said it was canceled

After I ordered an iPod on on December 7, 2011, a red message appeared to say it could not be returned to Sears. I immediately called the phone number on the screen and asked a Sears representative to cancel that order. She said she was able to and told me with my daughter listening on speaker that the order was canceled. A few days after that, I received the merchandise from an apartment in Seattle with no packing information. The cover of the plastic case was scratched up and I didn't open it to even see if it worked. On the package above my name and address was a note in capital letters "PLEASE READ NOTE". Apparently, whoever had this item wanted to get rid of it bad because the note was partially crossed out with a black pen. I have been trying to return the item for weeks. After numerous calls and e-mails to Sears Customer Service *(What A Joke), they finally told me it wasn't their problem and I needed to contact some fradulant company called "Discounts Direct". I can't even get this company to respond to any e-mails or phone calls. I tried to contact the Better Business Bureau about them but they claim the company does not exist. The bottom line is that Sears took my money, their representative told me the order was canceled and I was told tough luck it wasn't their problem. I know I will never buy anything from Sears again and encourage my family and friends to do likewise. It's no wonder this company is failing. I'd like to join a class action law suit to go after these clowns. MY RECOMMENDATION IS TO NEVER TRUST SEARS AND BY YOUR MERCHANSDISE ELSEWHERE. Pissed In Pittsburgh
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You are so *** are blaming a company when it obviously you that are at fault. Stop trying to get something for nothing


So when you found out it couldn't be returned, you cancelled your order? Why did you order something when you knew you were going to return it?

Something smells fishy. You were probably trying to scam them somehow and it blew up in your face.

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SEARS - Too Far Gone To Wake Up

We went to Sears on Linden Rd. Flint, MI. to return some Christmas gifts that didn't fit, and buy some that did. My wife was at the counter for over 1 hour and three different employees trying to explain to them that they had made a mistake days before - only realized now when looking at the receipt. They had her in tears by time the Manager got involved who gave her a $20 gift certificate, because of the way they had treated her. But they never returned her $16 that was their clerks mistake. I told my wife to just let them keep the $16 and there $20 gift card. Sears has too many outdated rules and employees that need to wake up and quit riding them into the ground. The sleeping Giant needs to wake up and be more like Walmart, Home Depot, and others that get the importance of their Customers.
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Sears in Richardson, Texas - What Customer Service?

I read in the paper that Sears is on the financial rocks and I don't doubt it at all. I was a customer of Sears for 50 years and remember when they valued a customer. That is no longer the case. I bought a treadmill in the Northeast Mall Store in North Richland Hills Texas. The set a time for delivery which came and went without so much as a phone call. When I compained a couple of days later they acted like I was out of my mind. I asked for my money back (credit card) and was told they wouldn't do anything until the warehouse validated that the treadmill had been returned to stock and then it would still be 30 days before the credit would be issued. There are a lot of people in the world now and many businesses think they don't have to value a customer because they can always get more --- well good luck.
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It took me about 7 hours of phone calling to get an elite Kenmore disher that was 13 months old replaced after going through 3 motors. The customer service is setup to confuse and frustrate the customer.It came to no surprise to me that they are closing stores.

They have forgotten the golden rule of treating customers fairly.

The billonaire owner and all of his holdings have completely lost touch with the market share that they had. Maybe they should try having focus groups with disgruntled customers in order to save the company, but then again it would be difficult to find a convention center large enough.

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I returned a pair of Levi's to Sears today that was a gift from my wife. I had the sales receipt which showed that a debit card was used. Before approaching the counter, I looked everywhere for my size and they did not have it nor was any help in sight. I then...
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Same thing happened to me today! 12/11/16.

Sears Asheville NC. Returned a pair of Levi's purchased 10/30/16, with all tags still attached. original receipt and bag as part of early Christmas shopping. After waiting 30+ min in line for the only 2 cashier's on the main floor, was told I had NO options...

store returns after 30 days...

She rebagged the Levi's, handed back to me and called for the next in line. Never will I shop at Sears....maybe "Trump & Putin" can make Sears Great Again

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Sears Manager

Return policy/sears sucks

Hi i had an issue myself today with sears which brought me to this page and found that sears has anywhere between 1 and 3 complaints aday which is crazy.. EVERYONE SHOULD WRITE THE ATTORNEY JENERAL OFFICE A LETTER AS WELL (BECAUSE IF THEY GET THREE COMPLAINTS AND DONT RESOLVE THE ISSUES THEY WILL FORCE THEM TO SHUT DOWN THERE BUSINESS AND JUST MAYBE THATS WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN...I bought a stove from them on December 5th 2011 and it went on sale 25% off on December 27th sears says there policy is two weeks so what i am a weel over i told them i would take store credit they still didnt want to help me with it most stores are 30 days to 90 days whats up with the two week bullcrap..sears owes me 110.00 or store credit.. Im serious write the Attorney Jeneral make Sears back up there customers..
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Sears doesn't owe you a dime. You were beyond the price matching policy. Too bad.

Where can I locate my Attorney Jeneral?


Its hard to take you seriously when you have the spelling and grammar of a first grader.


A lot of grammatical errors and words spelled wrong in this post. How am I suppose to take you seriously?


Most stores price adjustment policies are 14 days. The 30 or 90 days you spoke of are for returns, not adjustments due to a lower sale price.

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