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Sears in Stamford, Connecticut - Poor customer service for washing machine

The Sears service dept from the Rockville, MD area will not service my elderly mother's washing machine for 3 wks. The machine is less than 2 years old and she has a service contact. The machine is full of water and sheets and will not drain. She called on 12/8/11 to schedule an appointment. She was told a service person would be there on 12/15/11 but they didn't show up. They wanted to reschedule for 12/24/11 but she wasn't going to be home due to the holiday.It's now rescheduled for 12/24/11.
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Sears Response

Dear Anonymous282597,

We're indeed sorry to hear your washer is causing some trouble and our service has let you down. It's definitely not easy being without a washer. We'd like to look into this for you and offer our assistance and would like to talk to you about this situation and see what we can do to make it right. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated by this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Anonymous282597) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Robert B.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


Had similar, not as bad -- experience with the same outfit: Sears service, under contract, washing machine -- took 2 weeks to show up, and were VERY late.

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K-Mart/Sears false Christmas Shipping Advertising

It states on their website if you purchase item(s) by the 21st of Dec 2011 you will get your item(s) by December 24th 2011 and if you purchase more than 49 dollars you can have it shipped for free - I attempted to purchase apparel totaling 70 dollars and wanted the free ground shipping and they stated they couldn't promise delivery - could be 22nd thru the 26th. The 26th is after Christmas - hello. So I did not place the order - beware - CHECK THE FINE PRINT !!!!! I can't believe that a company can get away with that - That's false advertising - Amazing
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Sears Website


Sears warranty is useless. We bought an extended warranty for over $1000 on all of our appliances. We've had problems with our dishwasher for 5 months now. 4 service calls, 5 parts replaced, and they REFUSE to replace the piece of ***. It is unfixable, yet they say they cannot replace it because they do not have the "authorization" to replace it. When asked who does, they all point to someone else, and yet they all say the same thing. I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD EVERYWHERE I CAN ABOUT HOW AWFUL THIS COMPANY IS.
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bought a redo clothes washer at Sears outlet, Voorhees, NJ. Installed and found half of wash functions don't work.

Also, the rinse cycle is worthless. I've called, e-mailed and shouted from the rooftops only to be promised that it would be corrected by the next phone call. I have never received the next phone call!! Been promised the call many a just never happens.

Unfortunetly, K-mart took over Sears, not the other way around. cheap begets cheap. I'm stuck paying for a worthless hunk of metal. I've already replaced the washer.

I'll probably sell the old washer for scrap. Cause it's ***.


agreed , bought a hot water heater and it did not work, sears service guys came out and tried to diagnose but were "parts changers". they ordered everything that could be replaced and when i called to have them come back out and fix the service dept.

could only get someone out 5 days later,so I had another local co.

do the repair at $120 out of own pocket, Sears sucks! Jim

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Sears Will Not Price Match

Update by user Jan 11, 2012

I finally did speak to someone from Sears. Solution was that there is fine prints in the price matching policy Sears has.

Basically an item which you as to match can\'t be on sale. I said why wouldn\'t I go down the Road and save lots of money at Target or Best Buy and he had no answer.

As to warranty, he said Sears is a retailer and has no control over product such as craftsman warranty. Deal with them I was told. When I said that Sears with their quantity buying ability, they should insist that warranty rules be placed on all products which would be sold at Sears.

That\'s a good idea I was told.

Basic line, Sears will take your money and let you hang. They did pay me $50.00 gift certificate for my troubles.

Too bad I have to spend it at Sears. Many other stores sell the same products as Sears, I suggest people use those.

Update by user Jan 06, 2012

I finally got a call from Sears Corporate Office. They said that Sears price matches regular prices but not sale prices.

I said I bought 2 items at Best Buy each $20 less than Sears. I asked \"wouldn\'t you do the same\", the answer was yes. I was told to read the very fine print about price matching. Before anyone buys anything from Sears, do a google search for the item in your area.

I drove 2 minutes away to save $20 dollars. But in the end this is Sears policy and surely that why they are closing stores. Sears is not competitive with others.

Always check before buying from Sears. I did and saved a lot of money.

Update by user Dec 20, 2011

I digested a Sears ad in the newspaper 12/20/11. Totally read their small print guidelines about matching prices.

I gave them all the information they needed and more, but they refused to match prices as they advertise. It would be ok if they did not match prices, but to advertise they would and then neglect on that...isn\'t that a violation of some laws?

Sears was on a list of the top 10 troubled companies to watch out for in 2012. I think we all understand why.

Original review posted by user Dec 18, 2011

Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Wifi Disk player advertized at Sears at $139.99. I checked on-line for store pickup in zip 14226. At Target and Best Buy the identical Sony on sale for store pickup at $119.99. All stores within 1/2 mile of each other. I ordered in my cart at all 3 stores ready for store pickup. Before checking out, I had a gift cert for Sears so I wished to buy at Sears. I went online and chatted to their live customer service rep. I asked for a price match and gave her the sites where I found the exact same product all online with store pickup all within 1/2 miles of each other. She said she would process the price match but then came back that Sears would not match because these were sale items at Target and Best Buy. It was a sale item at Sears also. She stated sorry this was Sears policy not to match sale items. I said thank you and please pass on to whoever at Sears, that I will go to Target or Best Buy to get the exact item. Is there anyone who would not. Sears policy follow it! Sears again must use the smallest font available in its price guarantee. I did show beyond any doubt and Sears Rep did verify this that the item using the exact terms could be purchased a a lower price elsewhere but Sears would not match this. Note that had the same with a 2 day shipping for $110.00 and others for somewhat lower. I did not ask for that price to be matched. Sears again is not a consumer friendly place of business. Why would anyone shop their is unknown. Sears in 2 previously complaints stated that someone would call me about the issues. 5 weeks later only e-mail stating they would call but no one has. Shop places other that Sears! They do not live up to any expectations. My experiences are proof to that. Today's no price match was expected. This is what Sears is.
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Never Again Sears

Just got a roof put on by a Sears sub-contractor. Word of warning. If you do the same, be sure to inspect the work very carefully prior to giving them the money. After closer inspection, I discovered the flashing work to be amatuerish and downright pitiful. After talking to the sub-contractor and several Sears representatives, it became very apparent that I was screwed. They realized that they were not talking to a person totally void of roofing knowledge and began the "That's the best we can do" game. My advice, get a local contractor and don't even bother with Sears. They would not even submit to a meeting at my house to view the poor workmanship. There was an independent inspector came by but somehow I feel that is just for show. Do not trust Sears!!!!!
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Sears Craftsman Lawn Tractor

I purchased a LT 2000 Craftsman in October 2009, similar to this model. The tractor leaked oil from the engine shaft in 1 week onto my garage concrete floor, not a good sign. It was returned immediately to the store where I purchased it. I was pleasantly surprised to get a replacement model delivered promptly to my home no questions asked. Well two weeks ago the engine on the replacement tractor made an unusual tapping noise and stalled. Now it will not restart. I called Sears service, explained the problem and was told out of warranty and the recourse is for me to pay for the service call and repair. What a poor quality product that fails within 60 days of the warranty period. Imagine your car engine failed so soon after the warranty. Would you buy another from the same manufacturer ever again? Anyway I am stuck and will have the service call for a fee to diagnose the engine problem and estimate the repair cost. The LT 2000 has been maintained in accordance with the Craftsman manual I received with the tractor. Unfortunately it is not anything like the trustworthy well built quality we knew from Sears and Craftsman. I doubt I will spend money on another Craftsman product. The quality just isn't there and that is very unfortunate for the future of Sears/Craftsman. Two LT 2000 failures at my cost in two years!
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Sears cancelled my order and charged me anyway

i placed an order online, to be picked up at the store. According to the website, the items were in stock and available. The order was cancelled, but the STILL charged my Visa card - $366.00! Called the number on the email -- the email said "your order was cancelled and you were NOT charged." LIES. They told me it would take 7-10 business days to credit my account. I told them not acceptable -- this is my kids christmas money. 4 calls later, I spoke to a manager at corporate, who supposedly faxed a cancellation to my bank. Now i have to wait (and hope) that they did in fact do this. NEVER ever going to do any kind of business with Sears or Kmart.
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Did you ever receive your money back? Same thing happened to me and they are still holding my money hostage. I hate that place.

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Sears Website
About 15 years ago I purchased a Craftsman industrial pro series top and bottom tool box. This tool box was the top of the line model and the most expensive. Along with the top of price came the lifetime repair or replace warranty. After several years of professional...
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It is Sad to see what this company has turned into. The same management that brought Kmart down now is bringing Sears down.

I still work there but I see everyday how this good for nothing executives in Hoffman are destrying this company while making 100 of thousands of dollars. It sucks. Take the tool box to Sears and demand a replacement on the Craftman Warranty. Alos call the 800 customer service number.

Do not call corporate they are all *** over there.

Sit in the Store until you get your way. The managers at Sears dont like confrontation and wll give their daughters to a very angry customer

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Sears Replacement

Sears in Washington, District Of Columbia - Customer Service Sucks

On Oct 2nd I orders 2 tablets for my brother and sister for Christmas. I finally get an email on Dec 7th saying my items shipped. The tracking # I was provided for UPS was invalid. I tried a few more times but it still didn't work. The tablets are actually coming from a third party company called electronic I emailed support about both Sears and electronic dealz to provide tracking info. I got an automated message saying it should deliver between Dec 12th - 19th since I ordered between Nov 21st- Dec 9th. The 19th is Monday which is 1 days away. I tried calling that company but an automated message says due to the high call volume we are only.responding to emails. Which is a lie since I only get. Automated response from doing that too. I called Sears support team since I used there site to order and the rep told me that she can give me the 3rd parties phone # and email addresses. I told her the email address and phone # that I have for them which was the same. She said she would email them as well. I told her she will not get a response from them only an automated message like I did. She said there is nothing else she could do. I asked her for her name and the call centers city state so i can keep all of this information. Because if I don't have my stuff by Christmas I am contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREUE. she said she can't I asked for a manager. She said he is going to fall u the same thing. I said I don't care. The manager Patrick advised me that all they can do is send an email and given them 3-5 days to respond. And is they don't they will send another email. When they don't respond to that then they will take control. There is only 5 business days left until Christmas that could take till after Christmas to get this resolved. This is the worst customer service ever. How can you work with another company and have no other way of contacting them. DO NOT ORDER ONLINE. SEARS & ELWCTRONICDEALZ.COM ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! O and I asked for a refund and he said no be couldn't give me one. I asked him to get me to someone who can and he said he is the highest person. Which is. Lie because I work at a call center myself and know there is always someone higher. Never again will I deal with them.
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I am right now going through the same problem with sears and GMG Wholesale Inc, another 3rd party. I have even posted to Sears - Cares page on facebook with them saying they will help and contact me, they have yet to do anything.


I am having the same problem and I am not waiting to turn them in to the BBB. They told me the same thing about my money.

They had no problem taking it though.

I am begining to wonder if electronic dealz is even still in business! I will NEVER order from electronic dealz again and I am telling everyone I know that!!


Electronic Dealz reply above is bogus. I have several emails from them stating that orders placed between Nov 21-Dec 9 will be delivered between Dec 12-19.

Now, they are saying that if your order was placed prior to Dec 6, you will receive it before Christmas! This has nothing to do with Sears having an error with their system and dates. Maybe your company should have anticipated a small delay in shipping, and not advised customers of an arrival time frame, when in fact, you can't deliver. When I tried calling the customer service hotline, did I get an answer...NO.

I got another generic email saying "we are too busy shipping orders.

We can't reply to all emails and phone calls. I intend to utilize ALL media outlets(news,BBB,facebook,etc) to let the public know about this bogus company!


Sheila20109 - its not possible you placed the order Oct 2nd and as of 19th DECEMBER have not received item. Please correct you error.

We are behind but not that far behind.

Everyone who has ordered up to December 6th will receive it before Christmas. There was an error in the Sears system which showed items being shipped out before ship by date.


I feel your pain. I also ordered a tablet from the Sears site.

I checked the shipping dates prior to ordering, and thought my product would be here in plenty of time. I was given the original arrival date of Dec12-15. When that time frame came and went, I emailed. I got a generic reply within a couple minutes which covered everything from shipping to return products.

It also gave me a new arrival time frame of Dec 13-19. I finally received tracking info on the 18th, however when checking the shipping site, my number couldn't be found. Finally today, my tracking number shows up on the shippers site, but it only says that they have received electronic shipping info received.

It's 5 days until Christmas, and I guess I need to explain to my 9 year old that Santa skipped her this year. We dont have the money to replace this.

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#282169 Review #282169 is a subjective opinion of poster. customer service is horrible!

I placed an order for a camera, and received my shipping email. 2 days later I received an email saying my camera had been returned. Upon calling, I was told that it was damaged on the way to UPS and a new one would be delivered by the same date. When I called again because now I had a credit on my account, I was told that the camera was never reordered for me. 1 week before Christmas and I have no gift. So, I had to reorder it myself at the increased price because the sale is off. And, pay $22 for expedited shipping. I had also placed an order for Christmas mugs the following day. Today I received my package, and it was the wrong product. Customer service suggested I go to a Sears store and return it. Not very helpful since it is only carried online. When I talked to a supervisor, her suggestion was to reorder it myself to get the product I originally wanted. Again, 1 week before Christmas and I am down my second gift. I have now reordered the products, and paid almost $50 in extra charges to have them. Sears customer service has not done anything to help me, but take more money.
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