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I should have known right away when I called Sears to have my refrigerator fixed that I was in trouble.

Me: "Hi, I'm calling to see if a technician can come out and take a look at my refrigerator."

Sears Rep: "Certainly, Ma'm. What seems to be the problem?"

Me: "Well, it's much too cold. My milk is freezing."

Sears Rep: "And would your milk be in the refrigeration or freezer part of the unit?"

(Long pause)

Me: "Refrigerator?"

(Apparently, there are some people out there that are unintentionally freezing their milk. Go figure.)

Sears Rep: "Right. Well, we can send out a technician on Thursday, April 26th to help."

April 26th: Tech. #1 diagnoses damper issue. Reschedule for part isn't on truck and parts dept. closes in 10 minutes.

April 27th: Tech #2 comes and replaces new board & damper control.

May 1st: Tech #3 comes and replaces thermosister.

May 3rd: Tech #4 comes when parts dept is closed. Reschedules for Sat. (Says he is determined to find problem.)

May 5th: Tech #4 tests thermosister and says it's bad and replaces it with new, functioning one.

May 9th: Tech #5 replaces damper control. Calls the other techs a bunch of morons.

May 10th: Been over 30 hours now and my refrigerator is finally working properly again. (Sigh.)

Sears: "Wherever You Bought it...We'll Repair it. EVENTUALLY." (F@#$!!!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I have had worst experience with Sears service for repair of Kenmore refrigerator. It has been a month since I placed first service call and refrigerator is still not fixed.

First time the service man simply did not show up on the day of appointment. No apology from sears for missed appointment while I missed a day of work to keep the appointment. Called again, this time service man came after a week and diagnosed with confidence that compressor was bad. He ordered the parts and made appointment for next week.

Next week a new technician shows up who diagnosed a leak in the condenser unit and said compressor was not an issue, however it needs to be replaced since leak in system caused its contamination. Now he ordered the parts and set up appointment for next week. When I called to complaint sears, the person on the phone told me they are doing the best they can, I should have bought the service contract with them. Why would anyone buy a service contract for their incompetent and poor service?


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