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Dont go to Sears in Marlboro MA for anything

I have gone to Sears a few times for an oil change - no biggie, they seem to do okay, though it takes forever. Today though - I called to see if there would be much of a wait. Nope come on in, should be fine. Okay! 45 minutes later my car is still sitting, nobody has gone near it, though a few employees are milling around, doing nothing. Okay. I finally go up to one of them (skinny mean looking punky kid) and say Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me when my car would be worked on, its been almost 50 minutes and nobody has touched it. "People are busy" he says. I say, kiddingly, "well you dont look busy" He says "I am on my break. Is that okay with you?" "Oh thats okay I say" and turn to leave, I look back and he goes "Okay? Is that okay with you???". I go into the waiting room, still nobody has touched my car. I am watching Oprah on the TV, when an employee comes in, changes the channel - I said, excuse me I'm watching that. Gives me a look, continues to watch, then walks away without changing the channel back. Okay, so now Im even more irritated - as I see this kid, who has been there since I got there, go to my car, read the instructions, like 3 times, sloooowly slooowly opens the door, gets in, looks at me, smirks and goes to open the hood. That was it. I went into the service area, said to one of the many standing around - they barely turn their heads - I want to stop the work on my car now. I am leaving. Nobody says whats wrong, is anything we can do, etc - they back my car out, I am outside waiting; Mr Slow man drives out, gets out of my car, leaves the door open, and walks away. Never again will I go to this place. Rick, Tom and all of them are ridiculous - when I first got there Rick tells me my tires may not make inspection. Im there for an oil change - dont I want to buy tires? No, oil change. Want the high mileage oil? NO, just a regular oil change. Glad I left - and will never be back.
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SEARS Service Run Around

I had a service appointment set up and when I made the appointment they told me about the warranty I could buy that would cover the service call and the next year. I wasn't sure about the details and was at work reacting to a call from my family saying the refrigerator was not working. The rep assured me I could call back and get the warranty later in the evening. When I did this after work, the person on the line said no problem then charged my credit card, sent me my warranty card and then told me I had been rescheduled to FOUR days later. I talked to three other people all with the same "to bad that's the policy" attitude and a supervisor who said it was my fault for not making up my mind when they tried to sell me the warranty in the first place. I have 3 kids and a refrigerator full of food - that will all go bad by Tuesday. Bad service and or policy which ever you want to blame. I am so extremely disappointed in Sears I can't even fully express in words.
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You are not gaining anything by getting the warranty because it will be fixed and will break again.

They do not honor there lemon policy

I have the warranty and my washer has broken three times and the tech has been out twice

They still want to tell me that it will be wed before another tech comes out

My washer had a full load in and over filled of water. Good Luck

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Samsung and Sears

Got a cracked on my Samsung LED T.V. from Sears, the set is less than a year old called Sears to have them fix my set, the repairman told my wife and myself that the screen was cracked and the only way the screens crack is by owner abuse. There is no visibile cracks, dents or any other indication of abuse the crack is on the inside of the screen. I went to, they have a forum for Samsung and their T.V.s. It seems that the plasmas and the lcd screens are having the same problems with cracking screens some owners where waching their sets when the crack occured. Now being branded damaged by Sears, Sears WILL NOT cover the warranty nor will Samsung. How can I get someone to listen or respond to my sisuation
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Once again we made a purchase at Sears and got a bad product. We bought a TV

on 12/12 and had problems so we returned it. We bought another TV and had

problems as well. Since we are disabled it is difficult to go back and forth

to the store so we used are warranty for the TV repair. Our TV was made on

11/10 and we bought it on 12/16/10.

Anyway Sears ordered the main board and told me to call them when the part

came. We waited a couple of weeks and the part came last week. I called and

was told Sears would be out on 2/12/11.

The tech, Noel came out and took the back off the TV and got the delivered

part out and sat it on the counter. I looked at it and saw it was

refurbished on 3/10 and was very worn. The back had been lying in some

liquid or water. I told him he could not install a used bad part on the TV.

He called the Stack department supervisor Milton and Milton got mad at the

tech for allowing me to see the part. Noel told him I went and looked at it

and he did not show it to me. So talk about deception if I had not seen this

part that was also missing the heat guard and could possibly catch on fire

or start a fire. Here is a supervisor upset with a tech and told him to put

the part on even though I said no. My husband told him to remove that part

and call the supervisor and get a real new part. He looked at my husband and

said I had given he the OK to install it. We looked at each other and

realized it was hopeless. He left leaving two screws on the TV stand that

should be on the TV. As he was leaving he claimed there has been a new part

ordered. How do we know if this is the truth or not?

Who can we contact to resolve this? If you recall first we had tow used

washer and dryers delivered to us and had to fight to get the new ones we

had payed for. Then we bought the stove that was also delivered used and you

helped us get a real new one. Now we have a bad tv and a very used old part

that the tech tried to install that was clearly not in good shape and at

least a year older then the part we now have and did not have the heat

protector on it and could be a fire hazard. Why does this keep happening?

I have a 40 inch samsung.


There are literally hundreds and hundreds of complaints all over the internet concerning premature failures of Samsung TV sets. Now we all know which brand of TV NOT to buy in the future. If Sears had any integrity as a retailer, they would not even be selling such a shoddy quality brand of appliances.


Depending on Sears deal with Samsung they might not get reimbursed by Samsung if they send back a defective set. And until Samsung admits to and issues a memo on a cracking screen problem they probably won't honor an exchange either. Although it might pay to contact Samsung directly and see what they say. They might have enough documentation to justify an exchange.

Sears policy might be a cracked screen is customer abuse but that doesn't necessarily make it true. I would report them both to the FTC or Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency I think it is. At least the government agencies can start documenting problems so someone in the future might see benefit.

Good Luck

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I ordered a TV from local Sears. I paid for it and all I had to do was pick it up. 2 hours later I received an email saying sorry we cancelled your order due to incorrect inventory. The email recommended I reorder the TV and have it shipped to my house. However,...
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I have even worse experience. I placed an order in thanksgiving for a TV with a good price, I even paid delivery fee which is 69.99, then 2 days before the delivery, I was told the order was cancelled because they can't go through security check. Then I called my credit card company, nothing is wrong, the money has been transferred to sears several days ago. Then discover bank called sears with me standing by online for a 3 way conference call. Discover found sears' notes about cancellation is that " they checked with me and didn't go through the security, they checked with discover bank, still didn't go through security, so they cancelled the fraud order"! Discover claimed that they never got any call from sears, and they release the money immediately after I placed the order. I request sears to present the phone call record about the verification, they refused. They said sorry, but suggest me placing order again, but with the price of $400 more than my original order.

It is even funny a thing is: sears only cancelled my thanksgiving order. The order which I placed after thanksgiving with normal price is still there. If they can't verify my information, suspect it is fake, why they keep the other orders?

Sears cheat customer in a *** way. And it is their security department fake the information about me and bank, so I suspect the safety about transaction with them. I will never shop in sears anymore, and I will tell all my friends avoid them because they are cheating.

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When communicating online regarding the status of an order, I received an e-mail in return from the Sears webmaster. I had asked where was the bathrobe I ordered. The return e-mail said, "Look in the bathroom, you ***!!!" After trying to complain by phone, and...
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Don't get your car repaired at Sears

Couple months my Toyota's suspension system failed me and I was left stranded on the side of the road. Sears Auto Center repaired it quickly, and gave me a 6 month warranty. Today, 2 months into the supposed warranty, my suspension system failed again. A representative there claimed that it was the company that provides the parts' fault, and said that "the best we can do is to fix your suspension system", and pushed everything else to Sears' insurance company. To me that was very unprofessional and if you don't want to be the catalyst of a traffic jam because your suspension system failed, don't fix your car at Sears
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I recommended to people not taking their 'hunk of junk' bucket *** cars to Sears or anywhere else for the matter for repairs.

If ya actually spent the time to take care of your car your suspension system would have not failed, really how much blame can you put on someone else for self negligence? Maintenance is vital for a vehicle, don't change the oil, the engine will seize. Drive like an *** your *** will fall apart.

You say your suspension failed, being a suspension system on a vehicle has numerous moving parts what did they replace/repair? Struts? Tierods? Bushings? You probably don't even know!!!

So they offered to repair a defective part they replaced/fixed for free! What else do you want? A new car!?!?!

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Don't buy from Sears! Once a giant now a failure!

I have ended the last of the Sears using hopefuls. They just don't have the money or people to care. Let the franchise go the way of the five and dime! reuow fo oeio nfo kdlk cd c gr r gww wwefwe wefef sd ggerge fwef f hr hry wqeqeew qewe grergeg wef ef ewg r fio uhijroij asjdna q3ond nlskndl oidoia dijqmansjn. odoid isui sjcnKJSsk.. oidcosd csncansosac. i dcoid dconon aasa. oioiew coion nqoi. Who decided I needed words another example of lack of service! cubIBC OBIWC fw fv dvujiue ubvoiunds ouneofdno eoncojndvo eouoiuen eoodnd dclnovlsdvmq jnc onvodnvo dsonosdv doivod. THIS doent make me any happier!
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Sears Canada screwed us

Tried to buy a Sole F85 treadmill from Sears December 29th, 2010. We were given an original shipping date of Feb 1, 2011. My wife phoned the customer service center the morning of the 1st and was told that the treadmill was scheduled to be delivered some time that day. The treadmill hadn't arrived by 4:30 pm so my wife phoned and was told that the delivery date had been changed to Feb 4th. This upset her a bit as she had stayed home the whole day but there was little we could do; she could not get an answer as to why the treadmill hadn"˜t come. Feb 3rd we received a call from out local Sears saying that our product would be delivered the next day. My wife waited at home again, the treadmill did not arrive by the afternoon so she called the customer service center and was informed that treadmill was now supposed to be delivered on Tuesday Feb 8th. This was incredibly frustrating, we phoned the local store and the customer service center a few more times, they expressed regret but they did not seem to be able to tell us what had happened to the treadmill. We were told that it was to be delivered on Feb 8th and that it should arrive at our local Sears on the 7th. We called our local Sears on the 7th and no treadmill had arrived . We called through to the customer service center and we were told that they would place a trace on the location of the treadmill and phone us back. Never heard back so my wife phoned them at 5 pm our time. We were told that it looked like our treadmill had arrived at our local store in January but it was mislabelled with another persons name so they sent it back. They offered to order us another treadmill but they said it would be March 7th before it came in. We cancelled our order. Very frustrated with Sears: 1) The full value of the treadmill was billed to our credit card for the last 5 weeks. This means we will pay some interest for something we never received. 2) My wife stayed at home from 9-5 for two days. This was a waist of time. 3) If someone had investigated what happened to the treadmill on Feb 1st it could have saved a weeks worth of frustration. 4) We were told our reorder wouldn't arrive until March 7th you would think that if a company made a mistake that they would do everything possible to get the item to the customer as quickly as possible. Must be able to get this product from the manufacturer quicker than this. You may see this same message on other sites I'm trying to warn as many people as possible.
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Sears Delivery Service

Sears refused to cancel backordered part

Ordered parts from Sears online parts direct. It showed backordered with no estimate of fulfillment date. Canceled it online and received auto email confirming cancellation. This was followed by a note from a seemingly real person whom refused to cancel although they confirmed the part had not shipped or billed yet. I am doing everything to appeal this but only getting increasing frustration and dissatisfaction with Sears. RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE! RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE! RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE! RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE! RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE! RECOMMEND DO NOT USE SEARS IF POSSIBLE!
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Sears in Dallas, Texas - Cancelled my delivery twice without notice

Sears had a really good sale on this LG fridge that I've been keeping an eye on. I ordered it on Christmas Day with the soonest delivery date Jan 29th. That was fine since we will not move into our new house until February 5th. The week and the day before January 30th (which is what I picked for delivery time) I received two calls confirming my delivery and giving me my two hours window. January 29th we waited in an empty house for two hours, when they didn't show up I called and found out they had canceled my delivery because they were out of stock from the warehouse. When I called they keep blaming the warehouse for the shortage but no rep would admit they were wrong for not notifying me for the cancellation. Later on they reschedule my delivery to February 5th. We will be busy moving but we thought its doable. February 3rd I receive a call confirming the order but February 4th I did not receive a call for my two hour windows. Called the delivery department and found out they canceled my delivery again due to bad weather, again without notifying me. It really pissed me off how they are so unhelpful and are not willing to help you. They said I need to call again the next day to talk to the warehouse. I can't believe that they took my hard earned money already when I order the fridge and do not deliver me the merchandise as promised. They said they will send me a $70 gift card to cover the cost of shipping (that amount I only receive after a long argument of getting my shipping charge refunded, they will only comp you for $25 the "max". BS!) I won't hold my breath, I will believe it only when I receive the gift card in my hand. If they cannot deliver my fridge soon I will need to cancel the order and just buy it from someone else. Sigh....
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