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Sears review in Nipomo, California: Check and CC

Back in 96' my husband paid off a Sears Credit Card and in 03' when we decided to buy a house they had as he owed and we had to pay it again just to get it cleared up for the purchase. Then 05' it shoed up again and this time they said it was a remainder amount of 700+ dollars...we paid it thinking we should to keep our report cleared. In 07' I wrote a check that did not clear, they sent to a collection agency then I paid the Collection Agency...amount plus bouced fee and again "today-2011" I recieved a collection agency notice wanting payment for the same check! When I called Sears because I am not going to send another payment they acted like I was rude on the phone "Bianca" in "Customer Service" talked over me even though all I wanted was the name of the original collection agency they had sent it to so that I could have my bank find my proof. Anyone else experiencing this situation?
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This sounds like an issue that needs to be taken further however the next step is to determine the time-line in credit card charges. Since you received several attempts from collectors to retrieve the owed funds from a check allegedly payed for indicates that there was an issue when they received your payment.

I recommend checking your bank statements and see if they provide any insight as to how much money was deducted from your account you used to pay for the credit card as well as determine if your have been charged twice.

The point is to gather evidence of an error on their part should they decide to take further legal action; assuming you did indeed pay off the credit card. Good luck


Sorry but you are an ***. I wouldn't have paid Sears ***.

*** a credit report. This is why they are able to pull these stunts, people like you that don't give them *** for their dishonest practices.


Hello.. I use to be a sears employee.

Maybe I can try and help you. Did you call the store or the 1 800 number on the back of your sears card?

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Sears Credit Card
Sears Garage Door Opener Installation Gone Bad
I bought 2 garage door openers from Sears in the Willowbrook Mall. I also paid for installation, thinking that a Sears Installer would do the work. Instead a guy in a minivan showed up. Right away he complained that my ceilings were too high. Ok, so he made me go to...
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Sears Appliances horrible Customer Service and worse Delivery and Quality

Recently my husband and I moved into a new home in Calgary. During the building process we deleted the standard appliances and decided to upgrade ourselves as the Home Builder costs were too high. We went to Sears 6 months prior to our posession date and purchased a Kitchen Aid Fridge and Kenmore Elite Range. We made sure to call a month prior to our confirmed possission date to schedule the delivery of our range. We moved in Nov 18 and had the range delivered Nov 19. November 20 we had a gasfitter come in and hook up the gas line and thought we were good to go. It turned out that after the gas fitter left we noticed when trying to set the time on the range that the entire control panel was useless as the start button did not work. We paid $2500 for the range after also purchasig the extended warranty so we called sears the next day and they set up a service call for us about a week later. Kind of ruined the first week in our new home as we could not cook but we were not too upset as they had scheduled our service appt quite quickly. Things got way worse the service appointment was missed and so were 2 others, finally a week before Christmas I found out that the part was backordered and no one thought to tell me that it wouldn't be in until after Christmas until I inquired myself. Instead they kept making service appointments and kept missing them with no phone call prior. I missed 2 days of work and my husband missed 1. As I was having family come into Calgary from out of town for Christmas Dinner I was quite adamit that they do something so I would have a range for Christmas (this was just over a week before Christmas) I was told they would do a full exchange and pick up the malfunctioning range and bring a new one. I was suprised this was not offered before as they had known the part was not in stock and we had paid an extra $280 warranty fee to prevent these issues. They said to call the store it was purchased and they would arrange the exchange. I called right away and after about 5 phone calls unanswered was able to get through to the store they gave me the run around and I was told to call back the next day. The next day when I called back I was told they would definitly exchange the stove "no problem" but ot until after Christmas. After further comminications between myself the store and customer service I ended up getting them to deliver a "loaner" stove the day before Christmas Eve. THey would not take the old range however and since the delivery company was not told they would have to move the old one before the new one came in they were upset and I ended up having them put the Range in our back hall as it was close to the kitchen. I thought it would be okay as it was supposed to be a temporary fix. After Christmas I called back to see when I could have the stove fixed and moved back and after another run around between the store and customer service was told that they would still do an exchange. As I could not afford to *** any more work and neither could my husband I asked they make it for a evening or weekend. They would not try anything to help us out so our appointment was made for a month later! Jan 24 pick up the loaner and Jan 25 drop off the new range and pick up the broken one. The pick up company came as scheduled on the 24th and suprise suprise the new stove and pick up of the old one was missed on the 25th. We received a call an hour after the end of the time window 10:00pm and apparently they had a flat tire and wouldnt make it. I called the store the next day and they were able to have another delivery available the next day. Funny since I had to wait a month the first time. My husband and I had plans to visit our nephew out in Strathmore but cancelled ans we really just wanted this over with. They arrived on schedule and finally 2 months after our move we had a working range. I was told at the beginining I would see some compensation but did not hear from anyone until Feb 14 after 2 complaints to customer service. They offered $200 less than the warranty cost. Telus gave us a $200 credit after one week of having our internet messed up. Sears has horrible service and should be ashamed.
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Sears needs to tap the well of folks desperately seeking employment as the customer service from store to service is appalling. There are millions of folks out there looking for jobs...I sincerely suggest you find some to replace the rude, obnoxious personal who currently provide what is jokingly referred to as customer service. I will never shop Sears again.

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Sears Delivery Service

Sears review in Charlotte, North Carolina: Washer/Dryer Installation gone wrong.

I Purchased a washer/dryer from Sears at their Charlotte, NC South Park location. I paid Sears $75 to have the W/D installed. The Contractor Sears' used to install it snapped off the spigot that turns the water off/on to the washing machine. That was one of the first things he did. He does this all day long, why would he not use caution? He said he would fix it, he had 10 more stops to do that day and he needed a part and would come back, but he never came back. We paid someone else to fix it and that cost us $130. Sears won't refund the install charge. I WILL NEVER USE SEARS AGAIN! EVER!
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Skeptic 1

Sears came out and took my working washer and dryer and replaced it with a set that they couldn't install because they didn't have all the parts and they knew it before they left the warehouse. They should have delayed this big waste of time by rescheduling the delivery for a time when they actually had what they were supposed to.


absolutely sears sucks. I'll never suckered into buying one again!

watch out people! they screw us.

I hate sears! I curse the day sears is built!


My husband bought kenmmore washer and dryer 2 years ago and had to have them come out for the 3rd time. They don't have any intention of giving us a better customer service nor giving us a new one or better one.

One of us have to take half day off to wait for them, too. I think their front loading washing machine is defective for sure. Concrete weight came broken and they ordered and came in broken again. I am going to coin laundry for 2 weeks when this happens.

I guess sears workers don't buy their own washer so they don't know how much pain this is... I will never buy sears again either.

I curse you sears! Keep screwing us and there will be no more customers who get suckered into buying your rotten washing machine nor lousy service!


I just had a similar installation experience today:

1. The guys came with black hands that left all the finger prints possible on the brand new washer and dryer and the newly painted walls - courtesy of Sears - maybe they thought it is Sears art left for free -- NO thanks!! I tried to offer them wet towels to clean their hands ...they refused as they don't need it

2. Supposed to do installation, I paid for the installation kit and they didn't even get a tape to seal the air gaps from the dryer vents. They told me to go and buy a tape and do it myself?

3. They didn't level the washer so the whole apartment vibrates during spin cycle!!

4. No cleaning at all, they didn't bring a floor covering leaving all possible marks and not even maintaining the covering I provided.

5. The testing was a joke, they didn't know how to install the drawer in the stacking kit.

6. I had to repeat myself several times for them to finally agree give me the 3-pronged cord I paid for!!

7. They ran into my neighbors stuff with no remorse.

Result: I have to re-do the correct installation myself again.

The attitude was not the best either ..

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Sears Installation
Sears review - Sold me a snowblower with a built in headlight that doesn't work
Sears review - Sold me a snowblower with a built in headlight that doesn't work
I bought snowblower model 247.886910 which has a built in headlight in the handle assembly and retails for $1099.00. I used it the first time it snowed about 5 days later and found that the headlight did not work. Upon further inspection the bulb and wiring is missing...
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That Dash Assy.with Headlight Lens may be used on other Units that have the related wiring Harness and Engine Lighting Coil,Appears that Model was not designed to illuminate.They should have used blank filler piece instead of Lens if that was the case.Check illustrated Parts in Owners Manual.If Parts not listed they are not part of that Machine

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Sears Fraud

Sears online is the worst company and piece of *** ever! They take your money and don't give you your merchandise. After over selling a washer and dryer online on a one day sale, they refused to give us our product even though they deducted the money from our account. It has been one month and I haven't seen a refund yet! I have decided to take legal action because this is unethical and a load of *** I wish I had read the reviews before I went through with the purchase, now that I am in the situation I researched the issue.
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I ordered a W/D over the phone with on the 17th and then changed my mind and called back to make another order. I was told that the order was cancelled.

I admit I did cancel and reorder a 3rd time, but each time a customer service rep told me that the cancellations were done. I finally got emails on 3/23 and 3/27 that the credits had been issued to my accounts. It's the 10th of April and despite calls to supervisors of online resolutions, Sears maintains that they have refunded to both credit cards, although I keep being told that it's being worked on. One rep said I had to "fax in my bank statements".

I have disputed the charges with my credit card (how nice AMEX was about it!). I will never do business with Sears again.


Sears as any other online retailer takes the funds as soon as the order is placed. How could you not expect that to happen?

All retailers have sale events that they plan for but never know exactly how many will be purchased so they only are able to order an anticipated amount from the manufacture. If sales exceed the amount that was ordered then Sears would not be able to fullfill your order and it would have to be cancelled. Once your order is cancelled credit would go back to your account systematically within a matter of days. If for some reason this did not go through Sears will take care of this for you right away.

I am sure all you would need to do is call them.

The only thing fraudulant here is you with all of the false allegations and incorrect facts you have. CALL SEARS!

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Sears sends us used part for tv

Once again we made a purchase at Sears and got a bad product. We bought a TV on 12/12 and had problems so we returned it. We bought another TV and had problems as well. Since we are disabled it is difficult to go back and forth to the store so we used are warranty for the TV repair. Our TV was made on 11/10 and we bought it on 12/16/10. Anyway Sears ordered the main board and told me to call them when the part came. We waited a couple of weeks and the part came last week. I called and was told Sears would be out on 2/12/11. The tech, Noel came out and took the back off the TV and got the delivered part out and sat it on the counter. I looked at it and saw it was refurbished on 3/10 and was very worn. The back had been lying in some liquid or water. I told him he could not install a used bad part on the TV. He called the Stack department supervisor Milton and Milton got mad at the tech for allowing me to see the part. Noel told him I went and looked at it and he did not show it to me. So talk about deception if I had not seen this part that was also missing the heat guard and could possibly catch on fire or start a fire. Here is a supervisor upset with a tech and told him to put the part on even though I said no. My husband told him to remove that part and call the supervisor and get a real new part. He looked at my husband and said I had given he the OK to install it. We looked at each other and realized it was hopeless. He left leaving two screws on the TV stand that should be on the TV. As he was leaving he claimed there has been a new part ordered. How do we know if this is the truth or not? first we had tow used washer and dryers delivered to us and had to fight to get the new ones we had payed for. Then we bought the stove that was also delivered used and you helped us get a real new one. Now we have a bad tv and a very used old part that the tech tried to install that was clearly not in good shape and at least a year older then the part we now have and did not have the heat protector on it and could be a fire hazard. Why does this keep happening?
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Sears Repair

Sears is the worst by far

Between customer service in India. Constant transferring to another number and department (no problem ownership) and a horrible web site Sears is the worst for appliances. Average on pricing and *** on customer support (just plain awful). I love a good deal but even on good deals I steer clear of Sears due to horrible support, ridiculous warrant prices and an annoying delivery system that is subpar at best. Lowes and Home Depot have to be rolling their way to the bank when competing against Sears and neither of these competitors drop the ball nearly as much as Sears. Just goes to show you how a hedge company can run an American legacy into the ground.
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I find it hard to think Sears could be worse than Lowe's. I will not walk into one of those stores after my last experience with buying and delivery of an appliance.

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Dont go to Sears in Marlboro MA for anything

I have gone to Sears a few times for an oil change - no biggie, they seem to do okay, though it takes forever. Today though - I called to see if there would be much of a wait. Nope come on in, should be fine. Okay! 45 minutes later my car is still sitting, nobody has gone near it, though a few employees are milling around, doing nothing. Okay. I finally go up to one of them (skinny mean looking punky kid) and say Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me when my car would be worked on, its been almost 50 minutes and nobody has touched it. "People are busy" he says. I say, kiddingly, "well you dont look busy" He says "I am on my break. Is that okay with you?" "Oh thats okay I say" and turn to leave, I look back and he goes "Okay? Is that okay with you???". I go into the waiting room, still nobody has touched my car. I am watching Oprah on the TV, when an employee comes in, changes the channel - I said, excuse me I'm watching that. Gives me a look, continues to watch, then walks away without changing the channel back. Okay, so now Im even more irritated - as I see this kid, who has been there since I got there, go to my car, read the instructions, like 3 times, sloooowly slooowly opens the door, gets in, looks at me, smirks and goes to open the hood. That was it. I went into the service area, said to one of the many standing around - they barely turn their heads - I want to stop the work on my car now. I am leaving. Nobody says whats wrong, is anything we can do, etc - they back my car out, I am outside waiting; Mr Slow man drives out, gets out of my car, leaves the door open, and walks away. Never again will I go to this place. Rick, Tom and all of them are ridiculous - when I first got there Rick tells me my tires may not make inspection. Im there for an oil change - dont I want to buy tires? No, oil change. Want the high mileage oil? NO, just a regular oil change. Glad I left - and will never be back.
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SEARS Service Run Around

I had a service appointment set up and when I made the appointment they told me about the warranty I could buy that would cover the service call and the next year. I wasn't sure about the details and was at work reacting to a call from my family saying the refrigerator was not working. The rep assured me I could call back and get the warranty later in the evening. When I did this after work, the person on the line said no problem then charged my credit card, sent me my warranty card and then told me I had been rescheduled to FOUR days later. I talked to three other people all with the same "to bad that's the policy" attitude and a supervisor who said it was my fault for not making up my mind when they tried to sell me the warranty in the first place. I have 3 kids and a refrigerator full of food - that will all go bad by Tuesday. Bad service and or policy which ever you want to blame. I am so extremely disappointed in Sears I can't even fully express in words.
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You are not gaining anything by getting the warranty because it will be fixed and will break again.

They do not honor there lemon policy

I have the warranty and my washer has broken three times and the tech has been out twice

They still want to tell me that it will be wed before another tech comes out

My washer had a full load in and over filled of water. Good Luck

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