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Sears in Red Wing, Minnesota - Service for a Kenmore Elite steam

I will never buy another product from Sears ever-they have the worst customer service I have ever came in contact with-First this joke of a service they have-I had to take the morning off from work to wait around for them-Not sure if they are coming from Canada or what-they gave me a timeline of 8-12-1130 called them -it takes 2 days for them to find your account-then they tell me they have a previous phone number on my account I explained to this dip that I have spoken to 2 different to update my information-Not sure she even understands english-then after I tell her I am very upset -she puts me on hold and says she called dispatch and he is on his way?? I received a call 10 minutes later-he will be here in 45 minutes-now I could of had a local repairman here this morning but no I *** work and wait around-not to mention it takes them 3 weeks or more to get you set up with a repairman! Not impressed-if they are that backlogged they should hire more people-my washer is a piece of junk as well and they will not stand behind because I didnt purchase a warranty-my washer is only a year old-I shouldnt be held hostage to purchase a warranty-they should stand behind their products!!!UGH
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cust service for sears is in India. Best way to get fast service is befriend a repairman that works for them and then go thru them to get the appointment.

They can get you an appt usually within a few days. Yes sears repair is understaffed and underpaid. They expect the repairmen to work long hours, get 100% first trip repairs and do up to 10-14 calls a day depending on where you are at. This causes the repairman once he gets to your house to work faster and for a younger repairman maybe misdiagnose it.

The stress put on a repairman is extreme. Faulty computer equipment and wrong service order info or lack of it makes the job take longer. Their repairmen can't even order electronic boards or controls without authorization from a higher source. Had one with *** burnt thru it.

The higher source told repairman to replace a different part and wouldn't authorize the board. Repairman argued and replaced the board anyway. Said he will get in trouble but he fixed the machine. If sears would let the repairmen do their job without the handcuffs then they could do a better job like they used to.

Remember that survey they call you with after the repairman leaves. well that survey only regards to the repairman that was working on your appliance. Not the company or way the call was handled by Sears. Take in mind that this repairman can be terminated if they get to many bad surveys.

If they fixed your machine give them a good survey. If they did a great job with your repair call their local personell office and tell them also. It will make that repairman more willing to come back and do a great job again should you ever need them again.

As for the warranty on your mach. call the manufacturer for a concession if it is just out of warranty.

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Will never shop again. Make sure you never have to return anything to sears without a receipt

I was returning a pair of Docker pants that I had received as a gift about 2 months ago. I didn't have the receipt so I was prepared if the store had told me they were a little cheaper than what was the original purchase price due to the fact that I didn't have a receipt. I know they give you what the last sale price was. IN all the years that I have shopped in Sears I have never seen a pair of pants for $4.99. The price tag on the pants I had was $48.00. When the store manager finally arrived it was like we were bothering him and all the cashier would keep saying is get me a gun so I can be out of my misery. According to the manager the pants in 2 months have lost almost all of there value even my car doesn't depriciate that fast. All I wanted was to swap my pair for a larger size. They didn't have the same pants that I had so I picked up something that was comparable and was told again all I could recieve was a credit for 4.99. I asked the manager you show me where in this store can buy a pair of pants for 4.99 his answer was still the same that is how much they have depreciated too. I will never shop in sears again and I have made many purchases from Sears for tools and many other products.
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You are right! Tasha needs to get a job at Sears.

She is uneducated, obviously has lots of spare time and is a low life. That pretty much covers the requirements for her to snag a job at Sears!



You need lots of help this cashier was saying this to everybody. Who the *** to say the things you were saying I have a great family you sound like you need to find someone who would like you or even want to be around a nut like you.

I am a very happy person can't say the same for you. Hey maybe you should get a job at sears.


YOU need to go straight to ***(which you will if you will kindly get a gun yourself)....*** #####! Maybe YOU should kill yourself and do everyone who knows you a huge favor.

The poster did not have a receipt. Read the post TASHA before you respond or better yet..get a gun and finish yourself off.

also, learn now to spell! Miserable is your middle name...spell it correctly!


Wow Tasha thats a little harsh it sounds like you are the one with issues. The cashier at sears wants to shoot herself because, she's a cashier at sears

I also have lost all intrest in sears for there return policies they do not stand behind there products at all

The managers are the worst and usless

The craftsman name is ***


Obviously if the cashier was thinking of suicide just from dealing with you you are a horrible person. I wonder how many other people would think of suicide just dealing with you.

Your parents and siblings probably did kill themlselves just because they are related to you by blood. Maybe the reason that you needed a larger size was because you are lazy. Too lazy to return the pants earlier. You had no receipt so your own fault.

Maybe behaving in such a manner that will not make people want to kill themlseves just dealing with you would be a good start to becoming a better person. You are obviously a miseribal person.

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Sears customer service is indescribably bad!

Our first call for a broken dishwasher (bought in Dec 2009) was June 11, 2010. Since then five servicemen have come and ordered different parts? We wait. Appointments are missed - no excuse no apology. We wait. Customer service will NOT help. They are trained to be absolutely useless. Email, registered letters, phone calls, visits to the store - NOTHING helps. And we wait for service! I will never buy an appliance at Sears again. Warn all your friends and family. After all this I expect no one from Sears to contact me, make amends or offer an apology. You are warned.
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Dear Patio,

I sincerely apologize for my late response to your post. I wanted to reach out and offer help if you still had not received resolution or satisfaction with your dishwasher. I'm sorry to hear your Sears repair experience was a frustrating and stressful one. We'd like to try to help. My name is Scott and I'm with Sears Cares Escalations within corporate. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Patio) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares


Sears used to be more reliable and reputable, but now??? They are horrible.

I wouldn't dare buy an appliance from them now.

Their automotive dept. is just as bad and they used to be really good.


Never again will we buy from Sears. In my humble opinion Sears Service is beyond HELP.

We bought a Sears Washer and a Dryer 18 months ago. Two months ago our Dryer malfunctioned (the timer stopped working, and the Dryer will not stop running).

We have had 6 appointments over the past 6.5 weeks, and the dryer is still NOT fixed.

P.S. We were charged for the service and part right off the bat.

I have spent 6 times (days) waiting for Sears Service technicians, each "wait" was 4 hours long. In addition I have spent numerous hours on the phone to no avail.

I spoke to 1(800)469-4663(Beyond USELESS).

I spoke to 1(800)479-6351 (Empathetic, but of no help).

I spoke to (973)989-7440 Very empathetic, but of no help).

They have twice mailed a (REBUILT) replacement timer. The first one was defective, the second one has yet to be installed.

I should have read this blog before June 2010. Live and learn.

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Sears screwed me bigtime

i purchased a washer and dryer at sears. only after completing the $1200 sale did the sales clerk inform me this particular model was not in stock, and my delivery date was going to be almost a month later. on the delivery day they were supposed to be here between 1:15 and 3:15. around 2:30 i get a call from sears, the girl said she had direct phone contact with the delivery driver, and informed me they were running late, and would not be to my house until 4:00. ok, no problem. she was positive of this, i asked. i even told her i was going to run a quick errand. so i leave from 3 to 3:15 and while i was gone, the delivery guys showed, and left. when they arrived they called my mothers phone as a contact, she told them she would be there in less than 5 minutes, she lives right down the same street. they didnt wait.ten minutes later we were told the driver was already too far away to return. luckily, i personally contacted the private contractor who does the sears appliance deliveries, and he worked me into the schedule the next day. this girl having phone contact with the driver was ***, she does not. the delivery guys dont even know why she called, they were not even running late. sears is a huge multi store chain, there is no good reason to have to wait a month for anything they sell. and the clerk didnt say *** about waiting for delivery until i had already paid him.when i asked about delivery he came right out with a 3 week plus wait, he had already known this and let me make the purchase before telling me, he must work on commission, apparently.and you think spending $1200 plus would get me free delivery, no no, thats $75 extra.poor treatment,poor service. never shopping there again,for anything, not even tools. as a former auto repair shop manager, i can tell you alot of craftsman tools just don't hold up as well as, say snap-on, mac, or matco. sockets break under stress while a matco one does the job no problem. ratchets have failed me a few times. and the extensions with the little tab on the end so sockets don't fall off, those have broken on me with 2 out of the 3 extensions i the shop i would go to sears once a month to exchange tools and get the free new one, and everyone else in the shop would give me the craftsman tools they had that broke,too. shop conditions are different than at home.things get rusted and stuck, stripped,etc. when youo work in a shop you need tough stuff. i had a craftman open end wrench snap right in half. i was using two wrenchs to remove a fitting, each one being forced in opposite directions holding them in my hands. i wasn't using a bench vise or anything. this wrench snapped in half and when my hand went sailing into the wrench that was in the other hand that didnt break with enough force to break my finger. that was a week of missed work.i have no need for sears. i bought shocks for my jeep cherokee. 40 bucks apeice, monroe gasmatics. 6 months later my front end shook bad. all the fluid had leaked out, both shocks were toast, and thats under normal driving, on road conditions.they wouldnt do anything as far as warranty, no refund, no new shocks, flat out *** out of luck.those shocks lasted about 4500 miles.even the smallest of shops would have done something for me.screw sears, they suck. never going back, good riddance.
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Sears Repair

Sears does not post negative reviews

I bought all new appliances from Sears (brand new home). One was a Kenmore Elite dual-fuel slide-in range/oven (223 644 183). After a week of use I used the self-clean feature. The next morning nothing worked - no bake, no convection oven, etc. I called Sears and two weeks later I am still without an oven! I posted a simple review on the Sears website and they refused to post it, saying it was "inappropriate or not related to the product". Do not trust the ratings/reviews on the Sears website - they only post the positive ones. Here is the review, word for word: I bought my oven and used it perhaps 3-4 times. Loved it. My only real complaint was that when cleaning the glass control panel, the touch-pad is so sensitive that it turns all of the buttons on and beeps at you - you have to be very careful to turn everything off after wiping down the panel. Then I used the self-clean oven feature. Turned it on at night, and the next morning I woke up to the oven light shattered. Then nothing in the oven worked - no bake, no convection, no heat at all. Given I had purchased the oven less than 2 weeks ago, I called the local Sears and they told me to call the 800 Parts & Service number (in other words, it's not their problem). I called the 800 number and they told me a local service contractor would call me within 2 business days to schedule an appointment. Two days just to get a return call?!?!? But I have a family of 4 to feed and this is a BRAND NEW APPLIANCE?!?!? So 2 days later, the service man calls and says he will come look at the appliance in a week. A WEEK?!?!? So now I have guests staying over the summer holidays, with my own family to feed, and no oven for what will amount to almost 2 WEEKS. Maybe they will fix it and I can change my review, but this is ridiculous considering the amount I paid for a brand new appliance. And you can bet that as soon as they fix it, the first thing I am going to do is set the self-clean option again to make sure it does not blow out the oven again. If you are considering this model, be sure to test the self-clean feature while still under warranty, and don't do it if you plan to have any urgent use of your oven for, say, 2 weeks. Argh!!! What happened to customer service?!?!?
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Mrs, Sir,

Thank you for this story. I wonder how much of these messages are not published... I'm a reporter. Can I speak to you directly?

Francois Sanche, Radio-Canada

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I will never shop again

On July 21, 2010, I placed an online order on for a Kenmore stove and refrigerator, and scheduled them both to be delivered on July 31. We were moving in Aug into a new house from an apt and we owned no major appliances, so delivery on that date was the greatest deciding factor when I made my purchase. On July 30, I received a computerized phone call, which then connected me to someone in India, who informed me that the stove would be on time but the fridge would not be delivered until Aug 3. I wasn't happy but I accepted it. Then, on Aug 1, I received another computerized phone call informing me that my fridge wouldn't be there until the 10th. I was furious at that point, and canceled the order facing the prospect of 2 weeks with no fridge. The rep made no attempt whatsoever to keep me as a customer by offering me a different fridge which could have been on time, a discount, free delivery, nada. They just put me on hold for 10 minutes while they canceled it. I called the corporate phone# to file a complaint, and I ended up spending 30 minutes on the phone, most of it on hold. A representative tried to "help" me by offering me a different fridge which cost over $100 more, but which also couldn't have been delivered for at least 10 days. I ended up ordering a Frigidaire from Lowes, and it was in my kitchen in less than 24 hours. When they called me to schedule my FREE delivery, it was an American human being, not a computer.
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Sears Contract Service - 10 day wait 4 fridge

Our top-of-line side-by-side Sears fridge, under service contract, died Saturday. Sears promises service call 12 days later. Who can wait 12 days for a broken fridge to be repaired? Lots of excuses, but no apology and no service call. Worried that they won't show up even after 12 days, based on previous experiences. We will never set foot in Sears again for anything. The service contracts are so shameful and dishonest. More words: waited more than 30 minutes to contact first human, who is in some foreign land barely understandable. Got transferred to US service after further wait. Then get to wait almost 2 weeks for a repairperson. Shameful, Sears.
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Sears in Mississauga, Ontario - Dishwasher Spin cycle

I bought a new dishwasher from Sears for my first new home. This was the Sears as Bramlea City Center. At the time of purchase, I was told to call a number (store provided) to confirm delivery of the washer. A week later, I called as requested to find out. The Number told me they were the delivery and I should ask the Warehouse about the pickup. They gave me a number. I called the number, they said I should call the store to confirm the delivery. I called the store - and you get the picture. This happened two days in a row. At which point, I was furious. I went over to the store. The store manager never bothered to come out. I demanded and got a full refund. I also let people know WHY I wanted a full refund. A year later I got a call from Sears telling me the dishwasher I had bought was due for a service and I should call and schedule for one! I don't even HAVE a dishwasher from Sears anymore. Unfortunately - this level of inept customer service seems to be a sears Canadian thing, as I have shopped for years at Sears in the US and nothing like this has never happened to me.
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Sears Delivery Service

Sears can't handle the delivery.

I purchased the refrigerator at It was supposed to be delivered on July 22nd 2010. Since July 21st i kept on receiving phone calls about the problems with the delivery. Sears called me every day at 9:30 am to reschedule the delivery with the following call to confirm it. 8 days in a row it was reschedule-confirm-reschedule-confirm. I had an impression that I worked with sears that how often they bothered me. As a result the last delivery was scheduled for today 7:45 am. At 7am sears called me to postpone the delivery again....... I was really pissed and cancelled the order. That was a real torture for me. I will never order anything from this company again.
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I can relate! I will never deal with Sears ANYTHING!

I have had trouble with deliveries, their high interest credit cards and some of the sales people in the local store.

I know you are aggravated. I have been there and understand.

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Sears Avalon Mall Newfoundland

I find it interesting to read all the concerns posted on this site about Sears Canada. I thought it was only at the Avalon Mall in Newfoundland that it was typical to have only two cashiers to check out the entire store...with customers 12 deep at one check out during a promotion sales day! When you look for the manager he is on vacation and the acting manager is too busy to talk. Do what I did and call the central corporate office. How can they afford to lose all this business? They need a corporate make over and new management!
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Sears Manager