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Sears misrepresented drill extended warranty

i have been a loyal customer for over fifty years! this is the last time i'll argue fight, complain or anything else. the battery drill reputation they have is almost unbelieveable. i was suckered into buying a fifteen dollar warranty. they now want to give me a gift card, for what? i've had three of their bad drills, and now have none, and what am i going to do with a sears gift card? maybe buy a bathing suit, or a garden hose to get soaked again. i only want my cash back, before sears and k-mart file bankruptcy. rumors are suggesting this is very close to happening. if you've noticed very few products in sears tores carry the kemore or craftsman name. DON'T GET SUCKED INTO ONE OF THOSE PURCHASE PROTECT WARRANTY'S LIKE I DID.sears has made a fool of me, and caused me great embarassment. thank you chas spencer
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I purchased a fridge witch was a lemon , now they tell me after trying, ever new part in it . They have told us a wire keeps burning off and it is not reparable, I have extended warranty. They are telling me they will do nothing for us and not putt it on the new fridge , also my food loss is my prom-ale is my own ,I have lost a coupled order of groceries. keep telling me too bad I have been hung uy on and tranced at leasd 6 times Inave there names . do not use my name thank you.
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Sears/Kmart US. going out of business stock drops

Whats going on with Sears/KmartUS Stores, all these complaints, went to the Sears store Fri. to buy a saw .the employees seemed angry,not helpful at all. Your stock Monday morning was $75.00 per share and Friday it closed at $69.72. I lost a lot of money between Monday, Friday on your stock.Between angry employees and your stock dropping ,all these complaints are you going out of business and don't care anymore. I not waiting to find out like in 2002 Kmart US filed bankruptcy and the stock dropped to .25 cents per share,I dumping it Monday morning.
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A article today reported the following news.

Sears management apologized for such a lousy performance, and announced a gigantic turnaround. This includes:

The closing of 100-120 Sears and Kmart stores to generate cash and cut costs.

Investing heavily in technology to make operations more efficient. In January, the company equipped workers with 5000 iPads and 11,000 iPad touches for better inventory tracking and learning more about customers.

Getting rid of several executives and hiring former Brookstone CEO Ron Boire as chief merchandising officer.

The spinning off of their hardware and appliance products to smaller stores.


before Sears investors all start holding hands and singing "Kumbaya", let's analyze the ramifications of these new decisions.

Usually, the worst time to sell stores is when the company is suffering. This is for two reasons: First, when a company is desperate and needs to unload stores quickly, buyers will take advantage of this and pay less than the stores are worth. And second, if the company is having trouble getting customers to go to that location, a buyer would be concerned that customers still wouldn't come after the store was sold. Perhaps there is something wrong with the store itself or its location. So Sears will find itself either selling unprofitable stores for less than market value, or selling profitable stores and thus losing profits. The company is selling profitable and unprofitable stores.

Lampert has run Sears and Kmart stores for years under the philosophy of being frugal. Having cheap products, cheap technology, cheap renovation, cheap employees and frugal customers. So now, all of a sudden, Sears is going to start drastically throwing money on improvements? Is that the magic pill that will suddenly make everything better? The market certainly appears to think so. If that's the case, why didn't Lampert start doing that years ago? One could make the case that it's a new era of retail that demands more spending. If that's correct, it could still take years for Sears to figure this out. Why would investors think that Sears will become an instant success once money is thrown at the problem?

Sears is letting go of old executives and bringing in new ones. This also costs money in severance fees, signing bonuses, as well as getting the new executives acclimated into the Sears culture.

The spinoffs could be a success because its hardware and appliance segments have done well and might do better on their own. These segments include the famous Kenmore, Craftsman, and Diehard brands that Sears owns. Sears' management believes it was sometimes inconvenient for hardware buyers to find a specific piece of hardware or appliance in Sears huge outlet stores. An addition of these specialized stores would be easier for some buyers to find what they're looking for and also sometimes be a closer distance away. Even though Sears could make $500 million in the spinoff deal, there's no guarantee and it also will take away their hardware revenues, which would downsize the company further.

Sears' share price is now back to where it was before it lost $3 billion in 2011. It's as if investors thought that Sears management was asleep for the entire year, and now all of a sudden is drinking Red Bull and is on its A game. How do we know management wasn't on its A game last year but just had a tough logistical situation? If that's the case, then they can throw hundreds of millions of dollars at the problem and just make earnings worse, not better.

Now that the stock market has reached a high, and all the good news and announced changes for Sears has been absorbed, its momentum is bound to slow down. All the smart money has already invested in the company, starting with Ed Lampert in the $30s. At this price, it's primarily the momentum traders and dumb money that's jumping on board. No analyst would rate it a buy here. I doubt even Lampert or Berkowitz, Sears biggest holders, would recommend buying it here. After a stock has been shooting up like a rocket due to momentum and a huge short squeeze, when it cools off it inevitably reverses direction. It won't go back up until the fundamentals kick in. Right now, there's hope, but Sears is far far far from proving itself.


The SLD Sears stock is raising in price due to the lack of the stock on the market to buy, nothing else. Its still not worth much, just paper, not backed by growth or revenue.


As a invester this stock is good for the short sell, buy and get out fast as it makes a few dollars,those investers who bought at 120.00 to a 100.00 a share wont see any return.Its still a junk stock. And all large rating company's still has not ungraded the stock, another sign it has no real value.


The sell off begins,the cash cow has stoped producing cash so they hope the reporting this morning will get the suckers back on board. Sears plans to spin off its outlet, hometown and hardware-store businesses, consisting of about 1,250 locations. The retailer also announced it will sell 11 stores to General Growth Properties for $270 million.

While the stock has nearly doubled this year, it’s worth putting the recent surge in perspective. Sears is still about 24% below its late-October highs, when it traded above $80. And the stock was above $120 as recently as April 2010.

So, Sears still has a long way to go before returning to the glory days. Eddie, Lou and Bruce this morning sounded like three ship captains of the Titanic selling off life boats.


Leading share holder Eddie Lampert: I Want Kenmore To Be The Apple Of Appliances, this was printed after Sears/Kmart reported a 2.4 billion dollar loss in its forth quarter. Don't he know Kenmore is nothing more than a plastic tag put on other manufachers appliances, applainces you can buy at any other applaince stores at a cheaper price.

Most of there telephone conference call this morning sounded like more empty promises, more yada yada yada. There starting the first of many sell offs.


I have been a customer of Sears for over 35 years, I have made hundreds of purchases from appliances, repair agreements and clothing.I have never had a bad experience.I read Sears going out of business,thats bull ***,I read this site and it shows 1413 complaints, do you know how many sales and transactions Sears has a year,millions,1413 complaints is nothing compared to there sales.Maybe there not a great as they once were but truthfuly who is today. There are now in the process of rediscovering thereself and are doing a good job.If you want to buy from a company that does realy care buy from Sears.


Read the post on this site Authored by Former Tech manager posted Sept 3 2008,it has all the truths why this company is going down the drain and 3 years later nothing has changed.Before the change in 2005 associates loved to come to work and service our customers,now you have to be half medicated just to make it to work.


If you are a share holder and plan to attend,sleep and eat cheap because you did not make anything off the SHLD stock.HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sears Holdings Corporation SHLD announced today that the 2012 annual meeting of stockholders will be held at the Company's headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Ill., on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

In addition, the company announced that March 8, 2012 has been fixed as the record date for determination of the stockholders of the Company entitled to notice of and to vote at the annual meeting of stockholders.


The influence behind the SLHD stock going up in price is Lampert the CEO spending $159 million dollars buying more Sears stock this week. That money would of been spent better upgrading and improving stores. Who gives a chit if the stock even reaching $1000.00 a share if it does not bring customers in to buy products.


A acticle today from a stock reporter reads as follows and I agree, there nothing to back up its gain. Remember Sears (SHLD), that company that could be in a death spiral already? Sears is now the best performing stock coming into 2012.

Something must have changed, right? No, nothing has. But when you mix a very hot market, buyout rumors, a very large short interest (58% of the float is shorted) and a low float (only around 40% of the outstanding shares trade in the open market), sometimes you get what you just saw: a 50% "straight up" move in a company with stock that should, instead, be imploding.

When a short squeeze happens in a company that's fundamentally compromised, like Sears, it doesn't last. And when it stops, the stock will do what you would expect a stock to do under this circumstance: plunge. Sears is, after this short squeeze, a $5.3 billion market capitalization, with nothing supporting such valuation - certainly not the huge loss estimates as far as the eye can see.

Indeed, Sears is a prime candidate to file for Chapter 11 during 2012.


Well some one likes that dog with fleas stock, it has gained 9 dollars in a week, wonder how much of that was purchased by Lampert?


The fat cats on Wall Street are comparing Sears/Kmart as follows. So don’t be silly and bargain-hunt in Sears stock right now. Even the yes men on Wall Street are saying no to this dog with fleas.


As predicted Lampert buys up $150 million dollars more of Sears/Kmart stock, this made the stock rise by $3.00 per share, I think the surge will be short lived.A resent article today states as follows,CIT will no longer finance some loans to Sears' suppliers who are waiting to be paid by the department store.

While Sears has been making payments on time, CIT hasn't received some financial projections it requested from the department store operator, said Jack Hendler, president of Net Worth Solutions, a merger and acquisition advisory firm.

Other factors -- those who provide loans or lines of credit to suppliers and apparel makers to tide them over until retailers make payments -- are still approving orders, he said, but are also awaiting similar information and have been cautious. "CIT decided not to wait and get their attention," Hendler said.

Several big names in the factor community had expressed concern in December over the state of Sears, saying vendors are already starting to pull back and could distance themselves further from the company if things don't change soon.

One such financier, who wished to remain anonymous, said most were waiting until fourth-quarter numbers are released to assess the situation.

"All of the factors are looking at pulling back," said another factor. "We are all watching it closely and concerned about it. It isn't dire right now, but it ultimately means they will have to file, but that's still a while to go."

"The concern is if Sears keeps reporting losses what will happen by the end of the year when debt starts coming due in 2013," Hendler said. "But Sears has enough assets at least to give the financial community comfort."

But Sears said it isn't too concerned about CIT's recent actions.

"It's important to note, that Sears Holdings has more than adequate liquidity and ample resources at our disposal which give us significant financial flexibility and equally important is to separate disappointing operating performance with liquidity," Sears spokesperson Chris Brathwaite said.


It's a sad thing a world with out Sears and Kmart, but thats what probuly going to happen.A group of us got together and were going to pool our money and buy Sears/Kmart stock while its down due to the real estate value and location of the stores.We spent the last couple of weeks looking up locations of the stores and what we found was very disappointing, a great percentage of store locations are in old run down malls and high crime areas, the real estate values don't seem to be there.I don't know what there going to do.My suggestion would to be upgrade stores, hire people that care and try and turn it around.Get rid of some of the services that don't matter,such as heat and air, your not realy in that business and it costs a lot.


Getting basic parts like a cordless battery is becoming a pain. What the heck will it be like if they can't even keep stores open.

And if you actually want to fix something forget it. I had to use Home Depot's Parts website for appliance repairs.


Please excuse a lot of mis spelled words in my statement below....LOL I did not edit


Seatrs is closing stores just like anyone else does to streamline, and rid themselves non producing stores. By doing this with 120 stores they are 150-170 million dollars richer to support the rest of their 4900 stores.

These figures are based on what I read by some analysis. Sear I believe will wurvive, but they MUST update their stores, and hire someone that knows how to by and display apperral...They should learn from Dillards and JC Penny store layouts, its not that hard. As for buying the stock I bellieve at this level its a good buy if you believe Sears will not go in bankruptcy, of which I don't. People that are bailing out now are the ones that are making the stock plummet, not lampert, and you should be encouraged if Lampert is buying more.

Why would he buy if its going out of business??? I say we should support this American made business opposed to a Walmart which supports China with most of the products they sell. Instead of the blue Crew at Sears they should maybe call themselves the Red, White, and Blue Crew and tout more American products, and get Americans to rally around them in support of America.

They do alot to in supporting good causes, and hire back their vets that go into the service. I can go on and on, but I know alot of this will fall on deaf ears, as some people are just negative...


Sears/Kmart going out of business,bah humbug.Eddie Lampert is the smartest money manager next to W. Buffet,everything that has happened at Sears/Kmart has happened because Lampert wanted it to happen,he wants the stock to drop future so he can fly in and buy the rest of the stock at bargain basement prices and go private with the company, he owns 60% of the stock now.


Sears should shut down, it's just a waist . :zzz :) :grin 8) :p :) :) :) :grin :p :zzz :zzz :) :) :)


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Sears is the worse place anyone can ever work. I worked at the Sears in Virginia area.

I worked there for a year and a half. I noticed that the company getting rich off of us because we do all the leg work and don't see anything as far as money. The people at most store at Sears don't care about the associates. The managers don't know but me and some friends was beting if they were going to shut our store because we never make the quote and then they get mad at the sales people.

I know a bunch of stuff on the management team that they don't realize like for instance a lot of them do cocaine on the job. One thing they hate is to be wrong, if you show them your making too much noise they will set you up like they did me. They had proof but paper work, anyone can forge paper if u put in the person your setting up correctly. Sears have a lot fake clothes that are dirty and damaged when they sale it.

Sears is a huge joke, I quite that job because I knew they are going to shut down and i want a better job too lol. Oh the warranty is the worse on beds and appliances.

They love to give you the huge run around to get you thinking its not in the system but really its because they are losing money for warranties. Efffff Sears, I hope they all burn in *** !!!!!


Sears is the worse place anyone can ever work. I worked at the Sears in Virginia area.

I worked there for a year and a half. I noticed that the company getting rich off of us because we do all the leg work and don't see anything as far as money. The people at most store at Sears don't care about the associates. The managers don't know but me and some friends was beting if they were going to shut our store because we never make the quote and then they get mad at the sales people.

I know a bunch of stuff on the management team that they don't realize like for instance a lot of them do cocaine on the job. One thing they hate is to be wrong, if you show them your making too much noise they will set you up like they did me. They had proof but paper work, anyone can forge paper if u put in the person your setting up correctly. Sears have a lot fake clothes that are dirty and damaged when they sale it.

Sears is a huge joke, I quite that job because I knew they are going to shut down and i want a better job too lol. Efffff Sears, I hope they all burn in *** !!!!!


Listen here "work for sears". It's only right that you have to handle ***, you work for a company that sells ***.

You should be used to it by now. Far as I'm concerned they can close every sears store, they sell ***!


Lampert, I saw on the news where your closing a 100 stores. Get your analyst back in the board room,out of the 3500 stores you need to close 300 of the most money losers.Make the remaining 3200 great.

If you have any great employees at any of them, tranfer them to other stores, realy dought you would have many our those stors would not be losing money. Also look into the repair service,I am a 21 year retired service manager of Sears. I brought up this idea a number of times but was shot down. Make the repair service techs salary instead of hourly.I was hired in from maytag service back in 1980 and at maytag we all were salary.That way you have a control of overtime wich is causing millions of dollars now.They would shoot my idea down saying the tech would all quit,this is bull,were they going to go,also if Sears gos out of business there gone anyway.

Sears is the largest employers of service techs.If they rolled this out in a positive way explaining we are saving the company, the techs would understand,they would rather have something than nothing.

You could save millions in overtime. The union states would be the worst to sell on this, if they did not like it, make those states contractor states, overtime must be saved to stay in business.


This is the real are you crazy, none of the swearing happened,afer my brother in law told me about the charge going to be added to the charge card no more was said because most of our family do not shop at Sears/Kmart anyway, the phony are you crazy who posted all the swearing sounds like one of those irate Sears or Kmart employees or supervisors who wake in the morning thinking about who they can abuse today, usaly customers or other employees.


5 Stocks Doomed to Disappear in 2012

InvestorPlace|12/23/2011, one of the 5 listed is Sears/Kmart. They need to come up with good ideas for retail and service and not *** ones like putting a fee on there credit cards. But what can you expect out of them, they have forgotten to put the customer first since 2005.


At Christmas dinner yesterday my brother law and myself started talking about Sears.He stated that he got a letter in the mail about his Sears credit card Christmas week,it state that they were going to start charging a yearly fee of $25.00 on there charge cards.Have they completely lost there minds.Sears/Kmart take all other credit cards and most do not charge a fee.My brother in law is going to call and cancell his card and use another if he buys anything from Sears/Kmart. This comapany must have went crazy,do they know the rest of the customers will do the same.It must of been one of those pencil pusher bean counters in home office who does not think past his nose who came up with this.


I just read a post on sears called couldn't believe Sears.I think Lambert needs to recruit retired Sears/Kmart associates as secret shoppers and have them report to someone in his office on there findings,good experiences or bad,this way he could *** out the bums employeed at some of the stores and the service departments, also he needs to poll customers on what they would like from a retail store and turn the down swing around and make Sears/Kmart great again.Put it in the commitment associate magazine and let the associates know there will be secret shoppers and poll takers.


A article from 12/21/11 reads 5 company stocks predited to disappear in 2012,one of these companies is Sears/Kmart.Sales at the Sears/Kmart company have dropped every single year since hedge fund manager Edward Lampert and his cronies merged the company with Kmart in 2005. Lampert began focusing on online boondoggles such as an online marketplace sales which has not succeeded.It will be a shame, Sears at one time was a glorous company.


well i was on line looking at dishwashers sat the price was 300.00 sunday the price was 400.00 on xmas week nice going sears your a great inspiration for the customer to trust :zzz


Grinder, it a new day out there when it comes to consumers.They what there products today and not tomorrow.What you posted about the employee who left from the confrontation with the customer,its happens at every store today.That should of not happened,the department manager should of stepped in and taken care of the customer.And if a customer is willing to wait for a product it better be there for them when told or you are going to get a remming and probuly lose that customer for future purchases.Get some good managers in place and this wont happen.


most sears employees are temporary and part time and half barely speak english that get paid little to nothing so they not going to care much cause they looking for another job anyway.

Hire great employees that know they can make a living by working for sears and yes that means you will have to pay them well, but you will do better than having kids run the place.

make it the premier place to work then the customers will follow.


I was one of the angry customers who left a negative review on this post a month ago.I told myself I would never go back in Sears or Kmart again. Well my wife in the spirit of christmas talked me into going christmas shopping with her.We went to a number of store including Sears and Kmart. Well top management must have read the complaints from this post because it was nothing but a great experience from Sears and Kmart, the associates were friendly and came up and actualy wanted to help customers.I was so impress with the change in attitudes We found great buys in both stores and the helpful associates made the difference.we will be back.


I have spent the last two weeks reading through the complaints on this web site.I think 80% of these complaints would not of happened if the stores and service departments had managers worth something and would stop ignoring and hideing from customers.Top management need to clean house and find good people person managers.


Sears and Kmart have good products, I think the trouble is the dead beat managers they have running the stores and the service departments, there crummy attitudes rub off on the employees.


Great idea, have the manages works through the holidays and sch a conference call to make sure there were they suppose to be. The last group of holidays we could not find any of them.




I like the idea having the managers work through the holidays,it would improve moral.The only time you can find the managers is when they wont you to.


I agree with no name 1, everything that gos wrong with Sears/Kmart and A+E Factory service they blame on the head man of the company, I think its lazy only want there pay check managers and employees.I was in a Sears resently and was at the check out island, I stood there for 15 minutes while this associate had a conversation with the customer in front of me.The conversation was about the up coming deer season.When it was finaly my turn the employee said to go to the next isle, he was going to lunch.I put the stuff I was going to buy on the counter and went to walmarts.I think head management should make all managers from Region,district and all salaried managers FROM RETAIL TO REPAIR SERVICE work Nov 23,25,and 26 and Dec 23,24, and 26 and Dec 30,31 and Jan 2 to make sure all customer problems are taken care of properly and in a timely manner AND ARE NOT LOST IN THE HOLIDAYS. I would keep doing this till things turn around. If you cant get the employees in line get the maanagers in line till they do there job.


Ignorance runs rampid at Sears/Kmart and A+E FACTORY SERVICE.They have no departments that can do anything right.They blame everything on the CEO, but I think its lazy not caring employees.They take they pay checks, they need to do there jobs,maybe its the lazy not caring managers who manage them.Maybe Lampart needs to clean house and get rid of the non doers.


Sears/Kmart/A+E Factory service is a company run by a rich man who likes playing with money and peoples lives. Dont waste yours,dont work for Sears.


Sears/Kmart/A+E Factory service is a company run by a rich man who likes playing with money and peoples lives. Dont waste yours,dont work for Sears.


Reading stock watch today, the 10 stocks listed below I read were Bruce Berkowitz and some other corporate insiders are recommending to buy. They must think we are *** and are going to follow there lead.Everyone of there recommended stocks have yeilded no gains YTD, EVERYONE IN THE -YTD.We all know Berkowitz in the second largest stock holder in {SHLD} just behind Lampard. This is dumb advise,you want to invest in stock thats showing a positive plus not minus.



Value (x1,000)


YTD Return




















































Sears Holdings Corporation SHLD Stock is one of the sector losers in price. Its shares are trading at $61.78, down 53 cents (-0.7%) from the previous close of $62.24.

Sears Holdings Corporation is a retail conglomerate with full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada. It is the holding company of Kmart Holding Corporation and Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Its three reportable segments are Kmart, Sears Domestic and Sears Canada. I don't see much change in the annoncement that Sears will sell tools and possibly the name brands such as Kenmore and Die Hard in other stores, it just seems they will close there doors quicker and become a warehouse supplier.


Update-Will wonders ever seece.Finaly after 8 months two of the four have heard from the pension department and one will start in October and the other in November.


:p I beg to differ,you got the wrong imformation, Craftman,Kenmore and Die Hard factory is at 1919 North Pole Lane. It is between Santas work shop and factory and the tooth fairy's place.


After the announcement of Sears-Kmart selling tools at Costco I spent the week researching the likely hood of this affecting there stock price. I found out there is no special factory that Sears owns which manufactuer there Craftman tools or any of there applainces.

There manufactured by a large tool company that also makes tools for others companys. Same with there Kenmore applainces, and also there Die Hard battery brand, they just stick there name brand on them. Nothing special what so ever,your just paying for a name.

I also found it seems that the professional repairman of today are siding away from Craftman and going for Kobalt hand tools and Dewalt and Porter Cable power tools. I think I will pass on ther stock


There are mixed reviews on Sears/Kmart selling ther core brands at other stores beside there own. Most of the country knows thats Sears owns the repair service A+E Factory and they are Sears repair techs in A+e uniforms and trucks and they repair appliances sold at other retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, best buy and other stores.For the customer thats wants that service,there is no incentive to buy applainces at Sears/Kmart when they can get it at other stores.

Now they are selling there Craftman tools at other retailers, this is just another reason not to visit there stores. What will be next, the Kenmore brand, I dont think that will work because most of the country knows the Kenmore brand is just a name Sears put on other appliances manufachers products and sell at a higher price. A resent article I read I agree with and reads as follows.

“Either Sears should be a retailer, leveraging their core strengths and investing in their customers while seeking new customers, or they should quit the retail business altogether and become a brand marketer,” wrote Charles P. Walsh, president of OmniQuest Resources in last week’s RetailWire discussion.


Sears stopped blooming as a flower in 2005, I agree it's a turd. Bought washer from Lowe,s and it broke after 11 months,called for service,they sent this *** company out A+E Factory service, after 2 trips out still not working properly.

Found out there owned by Sears. This explains a lot.

In my circle of friends we all avoid Sears/ Kmart. We refer to them as the take your money don't care company.


You could call a turd a flower, but it is still a turd. SHLD stock is a turd. Sears/Kmart/ A+E Factory can partner with as many stores as they want, but the bottom line is still there a turd.


Sears Holding Corp. announced on 9/1/11 it will start this week end selling there Craftman tools at Costco club stores, they already sell them at Ace hardware stores.It sounds like a good idea.They cannnot get customers to there stores so take the product to real retail stores. The announcement sent Costco store stock up but Sears SHLD stock continuous to go down. Its like that out limbo song, how low can you go. SHLDS current stock price $54.83


Down -3.72 -6.35%

Volume changed

Volume 365,834

Sep 2, 2011 3:07 p.m.

Real time quotes

Previous Day close

$ 58.55

Day low $54.80

Day high $58.45


:cry We hate to add to the problems of Sears but we need our pensions. Four of us who worked for Seaars for years cannot get our pension benefits started.

Two of us were with Sears for 30 years, another for 22 and another for 21. Two of us retired in Feb. 2011,another in Jan 2011 and one in Mar 2011.We all met on facebook.We all are having the same problem. We all put in for retirement, all were eligable, and were told the papers would be sent out and it would take up to 45 days to reach us.

We all received the papers in the 40 day range which is ridiculous. We all sent them back within the 30 days they give you. The pension center nevers writes or calls to imform you whats going on. We all had to call and were given the same imformation,It is in this department and they have 45 days to finish with it.Then after fourty five days nothing, we had to call baack to be imformed it was in another department now and they have 30 days to finish, after 30 days nothing, we all have to call back to be told it is in another department and they have so many days, after this we were all told it was in the last department, still no word.

If Sears cannot take care of there own which gave so many years to the company, of us 4 ,over 10 decades total, I can just think what kind of service the regular customers can expect. We need our pensions and will update this post when we have any changes to our plight.


Article from Seeking Alpha, Tuesday 8/30/11

One of the rationales for investing in Sears Holdings Corp.(SHLD) from the beginning of controlling shareholder Eddie Lampert’s ownership has been the real estate play. The stores themselves were supposed to have unrecognized value even if the retail business was performing poorly.

It’s time for that theory to be tested, argues Ken Kurson, financial columnist for Esquire magazine. He says the only value at Sears and Kmart, the company’s two retail chains, “is the bet against them.”

“I believe that there's an excellent chance that within a year SHLD will trade for half of what it trades for today,” Mr. Kurson wrote as the shares sat at $70 (U.S.) earlier this summer, adding that he has shorted the stock “from time to time.” (Sears Holdings closed Tuesday at $59.89.)

More bluntly, Mr. Kurson says “I also believe that within a year, Sears and Kmart will no longer exist as freestanding stores. And that will be a *** shame.”

The troubles at Sears and Kmart are well known, with declining sales and market share. (Sears Canada, which Sears Holdings also controls, has fared better).

Mr. Lampert has supported Sears’ stock price with aggressive share repurchases totaling $394 million last year and $101 million in the first quarter, Mr. Kurson notes. (I made similar points in a Globe and Mail column earlier this year.)

Says Mr. Kurson: “For six years, this tactic has worked, at least as far as the stock is concerned. With negative earnings (and thus no P/E or forward P/E), it's an impressive mirage that Sears continues to trade in the $70 range. Investors love company leaders who obsess over stock price. But customers couldn't care less.”

Befitting a men’s magazine, Mr. Kurson’s columns are testosterone-laced, often written with a tone that suggests those who fail to heed his advice lack intestinal fortitude. A prediction that the chains will cease operating is one of his more aggressive calls.

If anywhere close to true, however, the value of Sears Holdings will then be found not in two money-losing retailers, but in the liquidation value of the stores they operate in. Investors probably shouldn’t expect it to be $60 per share, the current level.


:( there is a person who work in Baltimore city store on Wabash ave. in the HR department who claims she is a christian look in the mirror cause you aint and oh look your jealously is showing.


8/18/11 Latest from The Business Journals Sears to cut 300 workers .Will close a Sears Hardware store in Grafton, along with 28 other stores, as part of an effort to save $50 million in expenses each year.

The Hoffman Estates, Ill.,-based operator of Sears and Kmart also officially announced the closure of a Kmart location in Burlington. Sears informed the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development last week of its plans to close the location, resulting in the loss of about 55 employees.

On Thursday, Sears (Nasdaq: SHLD) reported a second-quarter net loss of $146 million, or $1.37 per share, on a decline in sales. The company said it was converting 14 Sears Grand stores to the Kmart flag and closing 10 Kmart stores, three full-line stores, 12 hardware and appliance stores, two Sears Auto Centers and two The Great Indoors stores.


Sitting around after lunch today 4 of us were discussing how lucky we were to sell our Sears/Kmart stock when we did 6 months ago. Its a dog.We heard they hired a tech guru to save the company.We wonderd why they did not get Guy Russo to save them,he has put Kmart #1 in Australia.


The problem with promoting the company all American it is not true. Most of the parts of the washers,dryers,freezer,refrigerators all appliance and the power tools are made in Mexico and china.Read were most of the clothes are made when you shop at sears again.Most of the replacement parts for the appliances are made or rebuit over seas.The only why I see Sears getting ahead is to over haul there customer relation, routing departments, put the customers first.

Get out of the heating and air business. They job everything out anyway, focuse on the home appliance business and be good at that.Get out of the lawn and garden business, the high cost of parts and tech laabor and the agreements are losing money.Over haul your delivery service.

READ were most of these complaints are coming from. And most of all, go back to empowering your employees to make good decision for the customer and go back to treating employees like family and not dirt.It takes all to make a company work.


What amazes me is the fact that these PHD's that run companies like sears, can't seem to grasp why they are failing so miserably. Poor pay for great employees makes them leave for other opportunities.

The place is purposely full of minimum wage flunkies, that have no idea what to do, and no enthusiasm to do it.

Instead of inspiring to be like apple, why don't you inspire to be like Ford. American pride. Sell it. Your appliances are mostly American made, as are craftsman tools.

Advertise how people can save America by saving American jobs.

Find out who your best and brightest are in each store and do something to keep them and attract more like them. One higher compensated veteran can do the job of 3 heavily supervised flunkies!


Sears needs to go back to the basics. " Focus on the customer " sears beating it's people down and us as consumers with all the service plans and 20 questions the associates have to ask.

I heard if the associates don't get service plans,emails,credit and shop your way they are fired.

Wrong direction just focus on sells and selling to consumers. Without us to sell to what does all that other stuff do for you?


Motley Fool stock reviews put out a statement today 8/22/11 stating Sears SHLD stock has received the dreaded 1 star rating for there stock.

The CAPS investors, 30% of the 2,134 members who have rated Sears believe the stock will underperform the S&P 500 going forward. These bears include mpagnotta and fellow Fool Rich Duprey (TMFCop), who is ranked in the top 15% of our community.

Earlier this summer, mpagnotta offered a common-sense case against the stock:

As retail investors we have one major advantage: first hand experience with products. Have you been into Sears recently? The stores are completely empty not to mention its absolutely boring and *** looking.

In fact, Sears' paltry three-year average return on equity of 0.6% is substantially lower than that of rivals like Amazon (21.1%), Target (17.5%), and Wal-Mart (22%).

Rich expands on the outperform argument:

Seriously? CEO Lampert thinks Sears is like Apple and Microsoft? He hires a tech guy from Avaya and IBM to lead the company? This company has more problems than I gave it credit for.

Here's just a taste of the delusion that's taken hold at the retailer:

"Like Apple, we seek to do so by improving our operating performance, innovating, and delighting customers."

Despite all the vaunted talk about Lampert finally investing more money in his stores, he's only put in around $400 million in the past year. Wal-Mart added billions. Sure it's got more stores, but even J.C. Penney with a smaller footprint spent more updating there stores.


Sears/Kmart/A+E Factory service released its financial report for second quarter and the New York {AP} reported on 8/18/11 The weaker-than-expected results sent Sears Holdings Corp. shares down more than 8 percent to $55.23 a share as the market overall sank on investor fear about the global economy.

The quarterly loss is the second in a row for long-struggling Sears, which is led by billionaire chairman Edward Lampert, and the fourth the company has reported in its last five quarters.

Sears cut 250 jobs and closed 29 stores during the second quarter to help cut costs, though analysts say the company's perennial weakness stems from cutting costs at the expense of investing in its stores.


I see on 8/8/11 all retail stock took a dump, but Sears Holding took the worst dump on there stock, down over 12% , investers are getting wise to this losing stock.


An employee of Sears...worst company I have ever worked for. They treat their employees like ***! Can not wait till I am out of there!


Maybe Sears/Kmart and A+E Factory service could take lessons from Lowe's. Consumers shopping for a refrigerator, stove or microwave oven might want to consider this. J.D. Power and Associates named home-improvement giant Lowe's Cos. tops with appliance buyers. Lowe’s named highest in customer satisfaction among sellers of appliances, based on an annual survey of more than 4,400 consumers.

The firm's 2011 Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study sought responses from customers who purchased a laundry or kitchen appliance from a major appliance retailer within the previous 24 months. It was conducted between March and April 2011.

The study found that service remained the most important factor in determining overall customer satisfaction, and Lowe's (NYSE:) ranked highest for service for the second year in a row.


Sears is going to have some very unhappy customers in the weeks and months to come. I was participating on a bid as a sub contractor.

Sears wants to cut the people who are making the money right now.

The prices Sears wants to pay are less than I made working for them in 1985 in some cases. Sears has the contractors over a barrel, ultimately the end consumer is going to pay, with poor service and up charges Contractors forced into low paying contracts will have to cut corners, and will be looking to charge the End customer more at the home for things they used to include in a standard install


Here's some raining cold dark facts for you Sears retail,repair service / Kmart and A+E Factory service. Your business suck and we the people customers and employees are sick of you and your unfair ways.


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Moody's Investors Service said Monday it downgraded Sears Holdings Corp. SHLD to Ba3 from Ba2.

The outlook is negative.

"The downgrade of the company's corporate family rating to Ba3 reflects the continued negative trends in revenues and operating margins of Sears Holdings and its weakened business and market position" said Scott Tuhy, a Moody's vice president, in a statement. Morning Star relisted SHLD from a 5 star retail store to a 3 star retail store, not good


If you would have had the problems with Sears warranty dept as I have had you would understand the drop. with service like this they should be out of business in a year. Move your stock to maytag


If you were one of the complaints you would exactly no how realy bad it is. Now look at the complaints for Walmart over the same 4 years as Sears.

Walmarts probuly had a billion sales in that same time period with just 807 complaints, now Walmart is doing something right. Sears needs a major overhaul.


If you think about all the thousands of sale's that Sears/Kmart and A+E Factory service have in a months time, and over 4 years propuly close to a million sales, 1064 complaint's over 4 years is not many.


Change the bulbs the lights are diming on the glass empire, a lot of cracks are showing.


Have not shopped at Sears or Kmarts in 15 years. I have not missed anything.

You can get anything they offer from real retail stores and can count on fast resoulves if you have a problem.

I have bought riding mower, appliances and tools at Lowes, home depot and big screen tv and computors from Best buy. I have had not one problem.


I agree with the comments I have read, Sears/Kmart and A+E Factory service has lost control and are headed out. They why they treat customers when the customer has a problem is a disgrace.

They have out sourced most of there customer care and human resources to other countries and when you call with a problem you are luck to get someone who speaks go english. Let those other countries support them and buy your products else where.


My company jumped ship last November. The ultimate goal of ESL investments was to move all assets from Sears to K-mart and re-brand K-mart as the friendlier Walmart.

Then sell off the Sears properties at a huge profit.Seen any remodeled Sears stores lately? But commercial real estate is in the toilet and plan A went with it. Now with everything cut to the bone, customer service and product reliability are in question.

Competition continues to re-invest while Sears continues to sell off assets. The OSH spin off is the first sign that a company is throwing off assets before the ship sinks.


I'm a former Sears GM. I was with the company before the Sears/Kmart "merger" and stayed a few years after.

Being apart of the team that implemented most of the changes, I can say first hand the atmosphere amongs managers and executives changed around the company. The processes made sense on paper but weren't followed through properly. My complex with the company was I truly believed in it's core practices and customer service ethics. The problem was this wasn't the same values enlisted into each employee.

Customer service was still the core value of the company, yet the skill level of the employees went downhill. Many of the associates, who were supposed to be the experts, either wasn't being trained properly or just didn't care. As my departure with the company was becoming eminent, I was beginning to see the same lack of care from standard associates being portrayed within the management teams. With a company that was built and sustained on it's high customer service skills, they will have to rediscover new values as the face of the company.

In the next few years, Sears will sell the struggling stores because the land it's on is very valuable. There is a good amount of stores holding this company back. The more prime locations will probably stay because, believe it or not, they are still making a profit in these stores.

Sears holdings will be forced with a decision. To either keep the very struggling Sears or the more successful Kmart.


There you have it,the last two comments before mine.Two current employees, one happy the other not.Whats this tell you, its the way they are managed.Sears/ Kmart and A+E Factory service has some managers in place that should not be allowed to be a dog catcher. Thats one reason I retired,they put a outside hire in that I believe was a left over from the nazi party.

He would not listen to nobody on ideas, like to hear his own voice rattle on, and ran a distric into the ground.

Lambert needs to put the MOC surveys back in place, so the average worker can rate there supervisors and he could identify the tyrants he has put in a leadership role and get rid of them. That way he could turn his business around for the good.


I have not been with Sears for long but I can already tell that Sears could care less about its employee's and therefore it reflects in the customer service that is given. You get what you pay for and the fact that I get paid minimum wage for working my butt off day and day out...I am already looking for a new job.

I love what I do at Sears and I am a hard worker and I like it that way but I am not going to pour my heart into a company that is more concerned about credit, its rewards program and money. I am a buisness managment major so I am not clueless when it comes to a buisness but I do not proclaim to be a know it all too.

But I know in buisness if you do not take care of your employee's then they will not take care of the company and right now that is what is happening at Sears. I work there and have the option of buying into its stock...that is a move I would not make right now.


I've been with the company for over 6 years, and in the past 3 years major changes are happening.

When I started the control wasn't there and most of the store processes were abandoned starting with customer service.

Now everything is based on costumer service (business 101) and most of the processes are coming back to life.

I live in the Washington DC area and last year (2010) most of the stores went to a transformation wich ment millions of dollars for the company, but stores are looking really good. Now you can make your case.... I walked into many different retailers and ALL of them are the same no one will even say hi to you. Target, Walmart, JC Penney and many others retail employees wont even look at you, so I'm not saying Sears is different than them but I can tell you one thing big changes are happening, and I don't know if it is too late for them , but if they continue to be in business I can say it with no doubts that Sears will be here for many more years.


As of 5pm today the stock took a $4.00 dump , down to $68.00 a share.


I think the stock is based on a pirimid, the mover and shakers big wigs at the top of the pirimid are the only ones making the money. They take there money buy stock driving it up and then sell at a profit forcing it down, the losers are the average investers.

Thats my thoughts on it. Theres no growth or sales increases, the stores are looking very run down.


This is better than a soap opera, what drives this stock. Its not based on growth or sales.Can not wait to see what the hedge fund master does next.


I see today there stock gained $1.33 were every other retail store lost money. I wonder what this gain was based on.


The grand old store has fallen on hard times.There old dedicated customers as I am are dying out, they have to find a way to get the younger customers into there stores and keep them.


Friday 6/3/11 Sears stock closed out at $66.00 down $3.00 in one day.


I have been in stocks for 40 years, my broker has never advised buying Sears stock. Your best bet into days market would be to put your money in gold or silver.


Sears, Kmart and A+E factory stock was $95.00 dollars a share 60 days ago,its back down to $68.00 as of 6/2/11. The stock is not dependable. Thhe stock is over valued at $ 68.00 a share.The company has no growth, poor sales and a *** pour relationship with its customer base which is getting smaller and smaller.


15 yrs at sears make 8.45 per hr


I hope to see them go belly up My experience with them is totally negative. As an employee for 12 + yr I have seen a huge downward movement and a total crapping on the employees and customer since K-Mart took over Sears is the outer shell but K-mart is the guts and the nasty employee treatment of k-mart will undo them!


Enough is enough, 3 days ago the Sears / Kmart SHLD was 75.07 now today it lost another 2.00 closing out at 70.55. I sold it all , not fooly with it again.


Sears/Kmart SHLD stock is so unpreditable you would be better off investing in a earth worm farm on the moon. I see today it took a $3.00 dump.


I see where the New York {AP} down graded is outlook on Sears SHLD stock from a stable to a negative weak stock. Another stock rating firm stated dont walk from Sears SHLD stock but run as fast as you can. I see today they gained $2.00 to close at $67.58 up from $65.50 from the day before, I think Sears is buying there on stock back influencing the value of the stock.


On 11/17/10 Morningstar Stock News reports that Legg Mason Capitol Management INC. sold off the last of its remaining Sears SHLD stock shares its clients held which were in the millions, they called it a money loser with 0 rate of return for its investers. On 9/27/10 the stock was at $75.00 a share and closed 11/18/10 at $63.70 a share.


Sears / Kmart / A+E Factory service stock lost any gain it had for the month. It dropped $3.00 a share today.


I see on the internet today 10/18/2010 were they are posting retail sales reports and Target,Kohls,Best buy, JC Pennys, Walmart are all winners and they posted the lager stores who are failing and Sears/Kmart are listed as losers.


Since reading this I have been reserching Sears/Kmart/A+E Factory Service. I have found a lot of truth in the above statement.

25 years ago Sears was the place to shop, Walmart was just a up and coming retailer out of Arkansas, and Kmart was just a secoundary discount store. A+E Factory service was part of the out of business Montgomery Wards service department which Sears optained the name when Wards went out. 15 years ago Sears started its decline and became the place not to shop. 10 years ago 2002 Kmart filed for bankruptcy and Sears began a come back with customers with there slogan the softer side of Sears.

They put in place a moto and drilled it in everyone of there employees heads what they called the 3 Cs. Make Sears a compelling place to shop for the customers, a compelling place to work for the employees, a compelling place to invest for the stock holders, they were on a good come back. Then 6 years ago on March 24th 2005 Lambert and the out of Bankrupsy Kmart took over Sears in a merger and it seems like its been down hill since. The time the merger took place the stock was valued at 149.00 per share, on Feb 22 2010 the stock was valued at 95.66 per share, on that same date they announced they were closing another 21 stores making that a total of 56 Sears/Kmart locations in a 12 month period closing down.

Friday 10/15/10 there stock closed at 74.90 per share. With this kind of track record I would not recmmend this stock to buy or hang on to.

I would not recommend Sears/Kmart/A+E Factory service for long term employement either. When they close there doors the customers with there store warrantees or service policys will be stuck holding nothing.

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Sears is the worst company to deal with & I am PISSED OFF!!

I AM SO PISSED OFF AT SEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ordered a range back in January to replace the one we had to reorder.(That whole re order/get the credit to our mastercard was a nightmare all on its own!! It took months of ME hounding them to finally get our $1500.00 credit put back to our card) At the end of Aug early Sept I had to phone repair because our oven & stove top are not working properly(kept getting an error code)I talked to the repair rep(who is in the Phillipines) who dispatched it to the repair fellow Rick here in Abbotsford. Never heard anything from Rick so I had to call Sears repair line back again to get them to get Rick to call. He finally came out to check it on Sept 8th. He determined what he thought was the cause for the error code(althought isnt it curious no one could find the error code that was displayed on my range)They ordered the part and Rick said it was going to be in by Sept 12th and he would recieve the part by the beginning of the week and could have it in my range early the week of Sept 13. Well today is Sept 30th and still no call from Rick or Sears to let me know what is going on????? Does that surprise you??? I phoned Rick today and he said that Sears in Burnaby has the part since early Sept but couldnt give me a date when they got it & he said they scheduled it to be put in Oct 1 (which is tommorrow) but they have not sent him the part so he couldnt fix it tommorrow if he wanted to. NO one has confirmed anything with me about tommorrow. I have been without being able to use my oven since all this!!!! Back when Rick was here he said that the part would be in Burnaby by SEpt 12th and he would recieve it by the beginning of the week of the 13th.Now he gives a completely different story. This whole experience confirms to me that Sears, its employees & its contractors I've dealt with are DISHONEST,& cant be trusted to give at least the minimum customer service & satisfaction. I know full well emailing the company is absolutely USELESS!! but felt I needed to send one anyways. My family has shopped Sears for well over 40 years but I can guarentee we will never shop with Sears again!! And I will make it my mission in life now to tell people how badly Sears treats & deals with customers!! Our experience in customer service & satisfaction has been the worst we've ever experienced. From a VERY unhappy customer Mrs.Bradley
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Sears Repair

Sears is the worst!!

I scheduled an appointment with a rep over the phone a week ago to repair our broker dryer which is still covered under the warranty. We took time off from work and confirmed with them 3 times to make sure that someone would definitely be here. Then, we got a call at 2:10 the day of my appt saying no one will be coming and the next available appt is 2 days later. We have kids which means a lot of dirty clothes to wash. The weather is so humid that nothing gets dried by just hanging in the laundry room. I was irate and asked to speak to a supervisor who in turn told me there was nothing she could do for me besides rescheduling another appointment which she can't promise that someone will come out on the rescheduling date. We bought tens of thousands of dollars of appliances from Sears over the years, and this is just a terrible way to handle a business and its customers. We will never buy anything from sears ever again. And I will make sure that such terrible business practice are to be known by all my relatives, friends, coworkers, and anyone I get in contact with.
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I have had nothing but trouble with my Calypso washer from Sears.

Probably the most frustrating situation is their lack of concern for their consumers. My washing machine broke down yet again (still covered under extended warranty); the first appt I scheduled between 10am-2pm- despite numerous phone calls, a call after 5pm let me know "due to higher than normal volume" they would not make it out that day.

I was able to reschedule a week later between 8AM-12N and they came at 1pm. Parts needed to be ordered and this 2nd visit I scheduled between 8 am and 12N and they came at 4pm.

They could not give me the name of a manager to complain to, just a # for their executive offices in Illinois. I will not buy from SEARS again OR purchase any extended warranties on their products.


Same thing happened to me today!!! And they were supposed to call my cell phone because I work 1/2 hour away - come to find out they called my house phone.

So much for service. My dryer is 3 yrs old and this is my 5th service call on it!

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Sears Repair

Sears review in Toronto, Ontario: Poor service rude service and broken products

I ordered a table and waited for it's delivery and when it arrived it was broken and to top it off I had rude delivery service and they were late. I phoned customer service and complained and asked for a new table to be delivered since the one I received was broken. The person I then spoke to was rude and unsympathetic. I was then told I would have to wait for another 3 weeks for another table. So I was also charged again for another table. The next table was defective when I finally put it together. Therefore I could not use this table either. I then called Customer service again to tell them to take the table away since It was no good This table arrived with problems also. All together I now have been charged for actuallt 4 tables. I am not to impressed since I now have to wait for 7 to 10 business days to be credited for this. This is absolutely absurd and disgusting. I DONot recommend buying form Sears.
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Sears Delivery Service

Sears review in San Mateo, California: Poor product and customer service

We purchased a dishwasher from Sears 1.5 years ago so it isn't that old. Already the pump has broken and has to be replaced. Fortunately we bought the extended warranty on it. I phoned a week ago to set up a repair. It was set for yesterday between 10-2. We waited around all day for them. Well they never showed up, not a single phone call to inform us they weren't coming, and now we have to wait another week for the next appointment. I phoned numerous times yesterday and was told each time that someone was coming. As for contacting customer service, they could care less. I would not recommend buying any appliances from Sears based on this experience alone.
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Despite customer service telling me that I wouldn't be able to speak with corporate customer relations (Blue Ribbon) on the phone, I did speak with them. The person was pleasant and arranged to have a technician come out right away rather than having to wait another week.

The technician came today. He was very nice and professional. He will be replacing the pump on our dishwasher.

However, while the technician was here I asked him if the water dispenser on the refrigerator we purchased at the same time should be dispensing water so slowly. He told me that it shouldn't and that there is probably something wrong with it. So now we have to start from square one with the refrigerator. Unfortunately, I am not sure it will be covered under a warranty so we may be paying for this one.

Neither of these appliances were bottom of the line appliances. We paid good money for them and I would expect quality. Not only do I expect quality but poor customer service is unacceptable. It's bad enough that both of the appliances we purchased from them don't work properly but to have to deal with customer service that could care less is insulting. So unless you can speak with Blue Ribbon which isn't easy because customer service will tell you they only except complaints by mail, expect poor service.

I think it is clear that Sears does not expect quality products manufactured or quality customer service. I still wouldn't recommend purchasing appliances from Sears based on quality and customer service needs serious improvements.


Dear Kuiperssm,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about the pump failure on your Kenmore dishwasher. It's definitely not normal for a pump to last that relatively short period of time. I'd also like to apologize for the no call/no show of your repair department; our repair routing office dropped the ball and that is not acceptable. Sears has always strived to achieve the highest levels of customer service; we've fallen short of that in this case. I'm Scott with Sears Cares Escalations. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Kuiperssm) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Sears Cares

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Sears review in Reston, Virginia: Refused to refund money for part we bought that was recalled

we purchased a Sears Oasis washing machine 4/07...we had a problem with the main control board almost right away.Sears replaced was fine for a while then we started having alot of problems...started by itself,wouldnt run through a cycle...buzzers went off wife called to tell them about the problem and was told the washing machine was out of warranty and we needed to buy it ourselves..we did and installed it...did not help...then we found out on line that the part was under recall...we have been trying to get our money back from sears but they have given us excuse after excuse..the last was we need to call the manufacturer even though we purchased part through Sears....will never buy anything ever again at Sears..they sell *** and wont deal with problems honestly...when my wife called to order the part they didnt tell her about recall...
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I have a stove that does not have an anti-tip device that Sears will not repair without a serv chg.

I bough a Kenmore stove 4 years ago. Within a few months, the top of the stove burned underneath the glass and cannot be cleaned. I called about this, but no one came out. I wasn't persistent and forgot about it. Since then a screw fell out of the door, the whole thing feel off and broke. Also, the anti-tip device that was suppose to be attached at the time of delivery, has not been attached. I just found out about the anti-tip problem, which is very dangerous to children. I called the service dept. and they will not attach the device unless I pay a $129 service charge. They offered $50.00 off the charge, but since this is Sears' fault, I think the anti-tip device and door should be replaced free of charge. I know the warranty is out, but this stove is a hazard and should be reported to you and taken care of. I have been a good customer--so take care of me.
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J. Scott I see your taking care of Sears/Kmart complaints and I see were you also took care and awnsered a A+E Factory service complaint that a customer had.Sears got you pulling double duty. Well thank you for being one employee who can take care of customers of Sears/Kmart and A+E Factory service.


Dear Jogul30,

My name is Scott and I'm with Sears Cares Escalations. I found your post here and wanted to offer assistance. I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you've had with your range. I definitely see the cause for alarm and frustration with the anti-tip malfunction. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the range was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Jogul30) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.

Sears Cares

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Sears Repair

Sears our buyers BEST catalogue a rip off!

Sears has a new catalogue out " Sears our buyers best" catalogue dos not honour all the sales in its catalogue. I ordered 6 pairs of Dickies work pants regular price 39.99 on sale for 19.99 the person taking the order said the pants were not on sale. This catalogues start date is Sept.25 until June 17, 2011. In the catalogue on page 79 shows the pics and add 1/3 of the page I explained, his answer was that Sears made a mistake and these work pants should not have been in this catalogue, they are not on sale and only offered are at the regular price of $39.99. How can this be? Well I guess Big corperations once again can do what ever they want. Beware Consumers Sears not what you think they are.
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Seriously, they should have either mailed out a flier or something stating that the price was incorrect but if they didn't, then they should honor the price.

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