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Sears review in Richardson, Texas: WARRANTY R------------RIP OFF

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#178608 Review #178608 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sears in Naples Florida..horrible place to buy anything !!

On February 14, 2010 I purchased a game table Sportcraft 3 in 1. It was a floor model and the salesman told me that it was in new condition and with all the attachments that came from factory. It was schedule to be deliver the following Saturday. I paid $ 75.00 for that delivery. The following week I waited all day for that table to arrive, about 5:00pm I called the store to confirm that was coming and was told that it was on the way. Around 7:00pm I received a call from the store telling me that they had a problem with the company that they subcontract and they would not be able to deliver the game table, to stop by the store to get credit for the delivery fee of $ 75.00. About 9:00pm I received a call from the subcontractor apologizing for the inconvenience and advised me that his truck broke down and that was the reason that he could no deliver the table and offer to do the delivery the following week free of charge. The following week the table was delivered around 7:00pm but one of the games was missing, the ping-pong table, the driver advised me that Sears did not gave him the ping-pong top. The next day I went to the store and explained to them about the credit for the delivery. The assistant manager gave me the $ 75.00 credit, once that was done I ask for the ping-pong table she told me that I had to speak directly with the salesman that she did not know anything about that, at that moment I request to speak to the floor manager. I explained to him what happened and he told me that will talk to the salesman and will call me within 1 hour and I left the store. No one ever called me from that store. The next day I call for the manager and he did not want to talk to me. Up to now no one from Sears has bother to call me to give me an explanation why they sold me a complete set and received an incomplete merchandise All I wanted was I complete game table and they delivered an incomplete set and a lot aggravations. I've continued to call the store but no one from management return my calls, they always on a meting or not to be found on the floor i really don't know who to call anymore.
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I bought a new washer and dryer. They installed it incorrectly and ruined a load of wash.

They refused to take care of it.

Avoid them at all costs. Terrible customer service!


Called Sears 4 a svc call for our washer/dryer cuz it leaks when using certain settings. Was told someone would be at our home between 7a-12p.

Got a call @ 8:45a by someone who said they didn't have the parts we needed, cuz they were told that they were to do a pm. Supposedly they were gonna call someone else to help us. Meanwhile, we waited until I asked my husband to call around 10:20a, & he was told someone was still coming. Guess what?!

No one showed up!! Meanwhile, we had a couple if parts break on our fridge. Got 3 out of 4 parts. 2nd delivery just 2day...still wrong!

Sears has gotten sooo bad. Will NEVER buy anything from then ever again.


SEARS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sears delivery in Naples is awful. I live in St.

Louis and have a condo in Naples. I purchased a bed and washer/dryer in STL and arranged for it to be delivered in Naples. We drove to Naples and expected deliver the next day after we arrived. The delivery folks called my cell at 7am and when no one answered, they cancelled the delivery for that day.

I had already received a confirmation call that the delivery would be made between 1pm-3pm. When I listened to their 7am message around 8:15, I called and was put on hold. After a very, very long hold on my cell, I hung up. I tried the Customer Service 800 number twice and was told both times that someone would contact me.

Never happened. We desperately needed the bed so I called my sales rep in St. Louis. I told her the situation, we hung up and then she called me back in 30 minutes after she spoke to the delivery manager in Naples.

They told her that is was a routing problem (not true) and that they had spoken to me and offered me $50 for my trouble (NOT TRUE!). The bed and appliances were delivered 48 hours later after numerous calls changing the delivery time.

That was the end of May and I still don't have the $50. I've never had a problem like that in STL.


We have been buying linens and such to decorate homes and the staff are always very helpful and friendly.

If there are usually comes from the top, (trying to save money) and all it ever does is cost money by losing customers.

So wake up management! Customer service is your bread and butter.

Also for those of you complaining about uneducated least they are working to earn a living. Would you rather they sit on social assistance? I find these people usually the most helpful and gracious. I find the problem lies with the higher educated management. It is they who feel they are too qualified to be bothered by your concerns and therefore never resolve the issues .


Purchased fridge from them and dooor seals would not seal after 2 years. Since they did not have the right seals to replace they needed to replace both doors.

That would not be covered under the warrentee. Sears wanted to give us a 500.00 credit or pay 1500.00 to get it fixed. Long story short the 500.00 credit we got only could be used on another appliance which was less that 500.00. We could not apply that money to a new fridge.

after we got the run around for about 2 hours after speaking with the sales person and manager of the department and then the regional manager we finally gave up.



Hmmmmm looking at the post from Sears in Longwood...... I can't begin to imagine what is wrong with this company.

How about if they start by hiring people who can write a basic sentence and perhaps go so far as to require a HS Diploma.

What a joke.... Learn the language and learn to write before you post anything.


Go straight to the top! Call the President of the company and calmly atate your case.

*** flows downhill. Sears would not want to lose consumers in this economy!!!


I swore I would never again enter a Sears store or buy anything from them again. I had one of their Fridges that *** near caught the house on fire.

It was under warranty but refused to replace it. They made me wait 2 weeks for service and just replaced parts.

When I reached customer service management, they all just hung up the phone on me.

Very poor image when I needed them to shine for me..


“There is no need for anyone to be cold, hungry, homeless or in poverty. All these things are caused by the lack of pieces of paper and electronic numbers called money circulating in the world and by the charging of interest on them. We could change that today if the desire was there” David Icke

The bankers can accumulate and manipulate businesses by accepting, or refusing, loans.

The whole house of cards, and the control of the human race, is based on the charging of interest on money. The subject of interest is crucial. There is nothing wrong with money if it is used only as a measure of exchange for goods and services. It is when you can charge interest on money, most of which doesn’t physically exist, that enormous dangers arise.

You can then make more money from manipulating pieces of paper and electronic numbers than you can from producing essential goods and services for people who need them. With the charging of interest, the money chases those who already have money and ignores those who have not. The cataclysmic social and financial divisions in the world are caused by the charging of interest on money.

Production is geared to greed, not need, and the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. Often it is not the cost of a house that prevents people from buying a home; it is because we have to buy three or four for the right to live in one!


:( :( :( :( :( *** SEARS THEY ARE CHEAP IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Bought a 6 gallon shop vaccum from Sears.

The owner’s manual shows additional attachments for the vacuum. i went to the Sears store where I purchased it to buy the attachments.

The attachments were not in stock. I was told by the salesperson that I would not be able to order the attachments though the store and that I should call the Sears 800# to order the attachments I wanted.

I called the 800# and found myself talking to a person that hardly spoke English and had no clue what I was trying to order. After giving up on trying to order by phone I went to 3 other Sears stores in attempting to buying or ordering the attachments I wanted . I was told the same thing at all 3 stores, “Order the attachments you want by calling our 800#”

No more Sears!


snears service people wouldn't be working for snears if they were smart enough to find a real job. and the call center peons are even worse, barely literate as shown by #3 above. the tech people at the call centers who tried to talk thru the field techs' problems have been replaced by cheaper parts people who simply advise on part #'s till it finally starts working, weeks and weeks later.


I quit trying to do business with SEARS 0over 20 years ago. They have absolutely no regard for customers.

Still waiting for management call back over a problem for 19 years. Appliances and especially tools are third world JUNK.


I bought a snow blower at sears a few years ago, got a letter in the mail of a recall on the unit, fire hazard, do not use till fixed, called there number, person hardly spoke english, made an appointment for them to come and fix, it was a fuel line that needed replacement, person never came, i called many times after, nothing from sears. Ended up replacing the line at my local repair shop.

Screw Sears, they are lousy to deal with anywheres.

Im here in Maine, bought it at the mall.

Poor service

I wont even go in there, and have boycotted K marts too. Owned by the same company.


This company Sears is a bad company to work for the call center in altamonte springa and Longwood Florida They don't care about you, they will write you up for the most *** stuff. Make one mistake they write you up.

When I say any thing i mean anything. People take behind peoples backs, managers don't keep stuff personal they tell every thing to every one even when it is private.

It is a really bad company. Sears is also too cheap my make the letters smaller on the computer for the big program cause they don't want to spend the money for bigger screens over all the rate for this job below 0

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Sears Manager

Craziness that customers don't see inside Sears

I am a Sears employee who was hired into management from another company. In the decades that I have worked in retail, I have never seen the insanity that I have seen in this retail operation. The mountains of paperwork that are printed and sent each day are ridiculous. The company tries to control your every task by the minute throughout the day WITHOUT mentioning once that customers are the #1 priority. Employees are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to do an enormous amount of things each day that couldn't possibly get done in the time allotted. Hourly employee payroll hours are cut drastically so management is also expected to do those tasks as well. And since management is salaried, Sears expects you to put in the hours needed to get the jobs done. With the hours I've put in in the past few months, I'm averaging just above national minimum wage. I know it takes extra hours when you hire in for management. But the expectations of higher-ups for a complete dedication to Sears while giving up family and personal time is just crazy. Oh, yes, I am looking for another job. Sears is not offering anything for me to stay. The frustration that customers have with us is the same frustration we have because our hands are tied in so many instances. What a shame. I understand from Sears employees that have been around for a long while that it never use to be like this. It use to be an enjoyable place to work and to shop but I guess when Kmart stepped in, the insanity really began. Too bad. There are many loyal employees who no longer want to stay. And there are new employees who won't stay either
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I am a recent ex employee of Sears. I worked in the Loss Prevention department as well as Jewelry, merchandise assist and also as a seasonal lead.

My husband is in the military and wass deployed to training across the state months back. My mom helped me come up with the money to bring him home for Christmas. I asked for the week after Christmas off to enjoy a little bit of time with my husband and family while he was home.

I returned to work the following week only to be told that I was being let go. Their reason. "You asked for too much time off". Also I missed 2 days prior. I had to play single mother while my husband was gone. One of those missed days was to take 2 of my very sick kids to the emergancy room at our local post hospital. Both of them were found to have an phnemonia and required antibiotics and breathing treatments. One of them had to stay over night. The other day about a week later was because I became sick. Though I only took one day sick I returned to work....sick so that I wouldn't miss any more.

Being a military wife I am completely dissapointed in the conduct of the management and orginization of the business.

Even more dissapointing? They are one of the biggest supporters 'So they claim' of the 'heroes At Home' foundation for military members and their families.

In my opinion that only applies if you don't work there.

I will never shop at Sears again in my lifetime nor pay into their false 'Heroes At Home' outlook they apeal to have but really don't.

My opinion? Work for a reputable company who pays decent and has a great deal of respect and focus on their staff. Good employees equal good business and great customer service and satisfaction...

Sears will learn this when they go out of business. Their days are numbered...


As a former high level manager I sat in on a lot of meeting were the company does not expect you to stay over five years, its in there best interest if you dont unless your a repair technician for Sears or A+E Factory service. It was never that way untill Kmart took over.

I will tell you that being paid good will not change a thing, the family and friend time you lose is not worth it.Its affects your health and nerves, and not to mention they have tied your hands on taking care of the customer, its all about making money, every meeting and conference call its money, money, money, the customer is hardly ever mentioned. That why after 25 years and the last 4 under Kmart I had to leave or in up in the nut house.


I fell the same way and the pay is not good at all but they want u to do ten jobs in one. This is why the turn over is so high on one want to work for pennys.

So. If u have good work pay them like u wolud want to be.


Thank you. In a way it is comforting to know that the Sears that I work at (I'm an hourly) isn't the only one with these major internal problems.

Oh one more thing... Pebble!!!

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Sears gave me the run around!

4/6/2010, Order lawnmower over phone to pickup at store. Rep tells me it is in stock. I price match with, get great deal on mower, rep says hes charging $370 to my credit card (otherwise it would be $492 w/o price match). I drive to store, find out they don't have it in stock and it will be delivered on the 12th. Get home, find out I was charged $492, call store, they won't help. I call online support number, they tell me I will be credited after I pick up the package. 4/12/2010, Pick up package at store, still charged $492. Call online support, they found error in how original rep handled price match, submit claim to Corporate, should hear back in 3-5 bus. days. 4/13/2010, Hear back via email, they won't help, say I need to call local store. Call local store, get transferred to Regional Call Center, they say they can't help and forward me to Online Solutions. Online Solutions can't help either, they submit claim to Corporate, should get personal call back in 24 - 48 hours. Given Claim # to call back with if I have more issues. 2 hours later, get a call back, they can't help me as it was bought online (now I'm confused) and I either have to speak with the Store Manager or call Online Solutions. I call the Online Solutions number and give the lady my Claim #. She says that this is not the Online number but it is the National Support Number. She won't help, transfers me to whatever the Online number is. Online Support guy can't help me, says I need to call National Support number (confused yet?) I tell him this wont help as they just transferred me to him!!! He has me hold (for the 3rd time with him alone) to find out he will transfer me to a Claims Manager. Finally get on the phone with a Claims Manager (lost count on how many reps I've spoken to). She says because the package already shipped, Online cannot credit me what I am owed. She tried calling local Coon Rapids, MN store and the store manager would not return a call. She needs the store manager to talk to her to work it out. I call the local Coon Rapids store, tell auto-prompt I want to speak with the Store Manager (amazingly she says "Oh, you want to speak with a Manager, one moment"...I couldn't believe that worked). I get some local rep on the phone, tell her the name of the manager I need to speak to....she says she is out, but she will connect me with Mike in Lawn and Garden who will solve my issue (FINALLY). Get on the phone with Mike, tell him my schpeal (for the 10th time at least). He says he can help, he's done this before (surprise). He will call back in 10 minutes after looking into Price match (which was already approved by the way). He calls back, wont do price match, local Home Depots don't have in stock and they are out of stock online (just my luck), even though I have a printout from last week saying they have them in stock. I decide to return the mower, fortunately I left it in the box...he says that is fine. 3 trips to/from local store, over 10 support reps dealt with over the phone....NEVER shopping at Sears again. Besides for their support reps being nice and having fast response times....they suck at getting things done and just pass the buck constantly (which is why they have fast response times). Oh, happy ending....found the same *** mower online, for Home Depot price, with no tax, and was able to use a coupon to get cheapest deal out there....Eat that Sears!!! :) Win Win for me!
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Sears Exec just called....for all my troubles they are sending me a $75 gift card to Sears.....and I now have my own customer rep to call for future problems.....they just won me back! :)

Thanks for the advice Bigone.


MY buddy in nothern Califonia had the same trouble with sears but on a fridge . He had to go to the dicector of sears and they took fast action .

Call their main bussiness office and have them give you the number to the director . If they won't give it to you then , mail a letter into the main office and out a note on it saying , To the director only . He will get in touch with you .

Then , all *** will break loose . LOL.

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Sears Coupon

Sears Installation is appalling, rude, and useless

After purchasing $5,000 of kitchen appliances we can not seem to get them installed. After 8 days the oven, dishwasher and oven hood remain boxed in the middle of our 800 sq. foot NYC apt. We have called no fewer than 6 times and spent 2+ hours on hold. No one calls us back, no one knows how to help us and no one seems to care. One agent actually told me that HE had been on the call to long and had to answer other important calls. Where is the customer here? There doesn't seem to be any one at Sears or affliliate companies who cares Can anyone provide some guidance?
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I don't know all your circumstances but I had an appliance issue, had my fill of customer no-service, went to the store and met with the Store Manager who promptly resolved the matter and kept me as a Sears customer. Good luck.

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Sears Installation

Absolutely the worst customer service-Sears Canada

I recieved a KitchenAid Frdige, Sears item 463639223, on April 10, 2010. After unpacking we saw the door handle was damaged so called customer service and asked if we need to return the fridge or could they send a new handle. I called 1-800-267-3277 and was told I had called the wrong number but that if I called parts I would recieve a new handle and it had been authorized as it was recieved damaged. Well I spent the next hour being tranfered and given new phone numbers to call. Every person insisted the next number or transfer would be the correct one. I had multiple authorizations and from different numbers and it seemed to be a bouncing game from parts to customer service and from Canada to Phillipines in both these areas. Once I was given direct number for parts in Ontario and they told me it was nothing to do with them. I then wanted to complain as I was getting no where and the gentleman to me he was where all complaints go and I could not make a further complaints. He also said there was no notes on file indicating any of this happened and there was no authorization on file but said you call parts and they send out the part if it is damaged when you recieve it. I called 1-866-712-5008 and 1-800469-4663 and had over a dozen tranfrers. I think I will just take the fridge back....something simple but is total unsolvable for some reason. I will never buy from Sears again. I tried to purchase from then 2 years ago online and the purchase got lost and things got ugly but I blamed in un immature web purchase web site. I see now there issues run much deeper. Not one of the people I talked to today wanted to help or even stay on the line to see what was happening-they just wanted to transfer me to someone else.
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It really is sad, as SEARS has been a name in our family all my life.

I have had nothing but problems with them

over many items over the last 10 years.

I will never purchase anything from SEARS again, but am stuck dealing with them on the items I do still have. Never wanted my washing machine to quit so bad.

#178096 Review #178096 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sears did'nt replace defective wine cooler after 18 months of use.

My wife buys this Cooler and it dies after 1 & 1/2 years. We call Sears Service and finally 2 weeks later the repair guy shows up. Before he has a chance to take his shoes off the guy is asking me how I am going to pay for the service call and they don't accept cheques.... Not what I was expecting to hear right from the start. After looking and fiddling with the Cooler he decides he has to take it to the shop for repair. 3 weeks later I have to call Sears to check the status and they had to get back to me. The next day they call and and say the Cooler is non repairable and they offer me $206.00 credit towards a new one. Why on earth would anyone even consider buying another Kenmore Wine cooler when the first one died after 18 months. Bottom Line, Sears would not replace it and they didn't care how good a customer we were. I tried calling a customer manager and they would not do anything for us. I hope they realize what the true cost of an unsatisfying customer really is. Alicha in customer service did not care she would not give me her last name or customer number.
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I don't work for sears..or in retail....but it sounds like your wine cooler was out of warranty...why would they replace it for free i dont understand. If you bought a car and it was out of warranty do you think if it needed service they would do it free...or replace the car? Heck no they would tel you to pound sand and you would end up buying a new car from them, leave with a smile on your face, while they call you sucker behind your back.


Just one question. How long was the warranty?


The one that shocked me was that they do not stand behind their products. I had a craftsman vacuum that gave up the ghost.

I was told that it too was unrepairable. My loss, their gain. When I took back a craftsman screwdriver that the tip had snapped off they were more than happy to replace it.

But they were amazed to learn that I wanted a fuller to replace it. Explaining that a Fuller without the guarantee was better than a Craftsman that was guaranteed to break.


... AND...

this is after we told them that our Water Softener, Refrigerator, Gas Stove, Microwave/Convection Oven AND the Wine Fridge... were all purchased from SEARS... AND... that the Water Softener and Refrigerator ALSO broke down in the past 6 months...

AND... our repair bills to-date were OVER $1,000...

still for the sake of $200 they were not interested... BOO HISS

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Sears Repair

Sears has lost my business forever.

We purchased a sears Elite front loader washer and dryer in 2008.Of course we purchased the 5 year warranty to go with it. The first day we used it I couldn't believe the noise it made, I thought it was a jet engine ready to takeoff. We called the service department on two separate occasions to have someone check it out. They assured us that the noise was normal. Really. So for two years I hated to be in my kitchen when the washer was on in the next room, hated it!! Well I recently found myself back at sears to purchase an apartment washer/dryer for an in-law unit,when I asked the appliance manager about our elite washer dryer. He told us there is definitely something wrong and call the service provider and insist the send someone. We did and sure enough, as soon as he heard the noise he said it was broken.Of course my wife had to wait from 8:00am until he showed up at 5:30pm that day.So fine, he orders the parts for repair. Schedules our repair in a week , parts show up at our house two days later, with 5 days before the repair is scheduled. Today my wife is waiting for an 8:00am to 12:00pm arrival, he doesn't show until 2:30pm. They open the washer and discover the motor is faulty,the parts that were shipped had nothing to do with the necessary repair.While they were clearing the room they handed my wife a heavy pot that was on the washer she turned to set it down but the repair guy left his tool bag on the floor , she tripped and fell down the pot landed on our kitchen table with a 1/2 inch glass top. Fortunately she wasn't injured but the glass top shattered all over the kitchen.Now the washer sounds fine. After this experience I will never ever do business with sears again, and I will discourage anyone I know from doing business with them as well
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I too have a problem with Sears. I called their repair service to fix a Refrigerator.

I told them what was wrong with the Refrigerator, what exactly was needed to repair it and the Model and part number required. Needless to say a technician showed up without the part and billed me for two service calls one for diagnosis and the other when he returned to repair with the part for the unit. Sears is a place that has lost my business.

I have informed my family NOT to give me Gift Certificates from SEARS. They will be wasting their money.


Its too bad that your glass top was shattered. But it sounds like an accident caused by human error.

At least they fixed your washer. I purchased a washer from Lowes two years ago. After several calls to the manufacturer, repeated attempts by several different repair companies. My machine still does not work right.

I wish I bought from Sears. They at least have there own service people.

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Sears Repair
1900.oo dollar lawn mower 2year warranty 5 times to my house and the thing still leaks oil! what the heck? they come out and throw some warranty water on it and say your good! so now i out? the store manager of the fort wayne in. store said we will fix it! never...
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Home reparman came out after 10 day wait. Fixed my riding mower (new carb, labor, etc.

over $400. Mower ran about 5 min.50 yards. Stopped and won't even respond to key. THEN the problems started!

Called the 800 numbers. Got the same, (english-not-first-language) responders. Could only let me start over, schedule a new appointment in another 10 days. Several attempts online,phone and in person at store nets absolutely no help.

I need a new mower but DAMNED if it will be from Sears. The repair guy was ok and prob. not his fault but no way to contact HIM. Furstrating.

No wonder people look overseas.

Then they had the NERVE to call and want me to respond to a query by phone but I couls only answer with a Number grade for each of 5 or so Is there NO WAY to talk to a real, local person, with authority? d.

#177705 Review #177705 is a subjective opinion of poster.
We had a Sears service rep come to diagnose a problem with our Sears Whirlpool Calypso washing machine on 3/30/2010. He was here for an hour, charged for two hours, and misdiagnosed the problem. We chose to make the repair ourselves, as is always a consumer option,...
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I am wondering how this worked out? Sears has misdiagnosed my faulty refrigerator as having a sensor issue vice a Freon leak to avoid a five year warranty repair.

What happened with you?

Did you write the BBB or the States Attorney General. Be sure to always video tape service calls with Sears as they will lie in a heartbeat!

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