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Sears complaints

sears has a forum check it out and post all the wonderful stories of how sears has wronged you! they love to hear the stories! they have people who work for sears on there insulting people! and if you call them out on it the love to erase consumers posts! please head on over and contribute so you can help others make a better choice than we did and not purchase anything from sears ever again! its quite fun to see them squirm when you call out their customer service for how terrible it is. See you soon!
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Hi my dear friends

Sears has outsources their business to 24/7 customer located in bangalore and the people over here are screwing you. Please be careful when you order the parts via chat as these people are purposefully selling wrong parts to achieve their target and to get some incentives. Even this was informed to the clients but i think they dont care about it so please please be very careful.


I have been in the market for a new Snapper Hi-Vac mower. I have used Snapper for many years.

Sears has the advertised on their website. The pricing seemed I called the local Snapper dealer. The particular model I want I was told, by the dealer, has a MSRP of $529. I called Snapper an confirmed this.

Sears has the price listed as $1996. But wait! Since they are such Great folks, they have slashed the price in half! All you pay is $998.

Wow what a great Sale Price. I called Sears and was told that since it was a Marketplace product, Sears has no control over the pricing. I find that concept very interesting. Where I live we called this Deception!

And the is being kind.

Where did Sears lose their ethics? What a JOKE!!!!


bought a washer/dryer from sears and got it home and didnt work.

looked at the door where i heard a clicking sound and called for repairs and told them the switch was broke and bring the part with them. they showed up a couple of days later with no part and said it would be another week for the part.

well the part came two days later and called. the tech said he would be there that afternoon between 1 and 5 ,so i took the day off for the 2nd time and noshow and no call then they said they would reschedule 3 days later. what kind of *** are these people to waste 3 days of my time.

Dont use sears you'll be sorry. never again!

Sears Response

Dear Geokir,

My name is Susan with Sears Cares Escalations team. We would like to thank you for alerting us that the Associate at our Savannah Parts Direct Store provided such poor customer service to you. We expect all of our Associates and Call Center Agents to build customer relationships and it does not seem this happened. We would like to speak to you concerning your past experience and go over the options we have to turn this into a positive one. We value your business very much. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (Geokir) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


I went to sears parts in Savannah to day. It is a different location then their main store.

I walked in with the bad part off my weedeater. The young lady behind the counter never moved off her stool. She did not even look at me. After a few seconds of waiting for her to look my way I asked if they might have this part.

The answer was no. She still has not moved. Never offered to order the part. After I made another request she said I would need to buy the whole upper part and the was one over there.

As I walk to that part of the store she told me it was to the right in a brown box. No matter which way I was facing she keep repeating "it's to the right". She still has not made a move. I find the box and it said curved section.

It's the wrong part. Her next statement was that I would need to buy a new one(weedeater). I looked around for a second then left.

The whole time she never moved, never offered to look up the part to order it and most of the time just ignored me. So I took her advice and bought a new one from another store(not sears).


Sears Service Dep't is really, "Non-Service Department. Just because you walk around with a screwdriver, doesn't mean you know what you're doing.

I've had the same man at my home (technician 0502666 from Wall Township Service Center) to service my Kenmore water softener and he's created flooding and non stop running water that could total a loss of 500 gallons. A third visit was scheduled for yesterday, August 5 in the afternoon. The same tech called at 2:30 and said he'd be here in 20 minutes. He never showed.

Wen I called at 4pm, an operator in Indonesia or somewhere other than the east coast of the US ultimately told me that he's not coming because I didn't want him. I explained that when I made the third service call 2 weeks prior that I didn't want him and why. They knew that well enough in advance but used it as a convenient excuse, forcing the representative to lie on their behalf. But that's what Sears knows best - lies and ineptness.

Is there a technician in Sears with a pair of balls that will stand up to the truth?

By the way, if buying a new washer and dryer, remember Kenmore is made by the same people as Maytag and Whirlpool. They're all the same so stay away from that big bad Sears.


Sears people lie and misrepresent everything even recorded conversations.

Sears in Roundrock TX ie; Gabriel is a prime example of a total liar.

Good luck if you ever want any customer service, delivery or repair of appliances that fail right out of the box.

Sears wil string you along for weeks on end promising everything and delivering on nothing! Complete and Total failure!!!


My concern is with my mom’s vacuum. The first time she called she was sent on a thirty-minute drive to a repair center that hasn’t done repairs for 2-3 years from what she was told by the workers there. After finally getting the correct address she has taken the vacuum to have the power cord replaced twice and was told it was done both times only to find out not only does it have the same damaged cord but now the light on the vacuum no longer works. She has given up on trying getting it repaired and for fear of what might happen from using the vacuum with a damaged cord. She now uses an old spare she had laying around the house.

Another more recent incident involves my mom’s air conditioner. It suddenly started leaking water. When the repairman came out she was told it couldn’t be repaired under the service contract because the leak was caused by rust. The service contracts states that repairs are okay when things break by normal wear and tear which is this case. The rust occurring in the air conditioner is where the condensation flows through the unit to get outside the house. If there’s rust, it’s negligence on the Sears behalf for the type of metal used. Sears is putting the rust clause above the “normal wear and tear” clause to avoid repairing the air conditioning unit. We have made numerous calls and waited for hours getting transferred to different sections only to be put on hold or hung up on. When we did get a chance to speak with someone we were given all types of excuses as to why they wouldn’t repair it but the rust is what they settled on. My parents have paid thousands of dollars into their service agreement over the past 40 years and this is the best service Sears has to offer?

We’re still not sure if the heating part of the unit is damaged due to the water leakage. I guess that will be my next post. In the meantime, beware of the Sears Service Agreement.


on delivery of my refrigerator.....the a few marks on my floor, damage my counter top a dent in the refrigerator. the refrigerator is missing a shelf.

They said they would deliver a new refrigerator but wouldn't put in only take the other one out.

If I do get a real person on the phone they give me the run around. I'm not happy with my service from sears.


I wish I saw this post before...They still are not applying customer service to their websites or FB pages!


We have an extended warranty on our water heater. The heater stopped working- Sears made us wait 5 days for a repair- this was 3 weeks ago- the heater went out again a few days ago- again they said no repair for 6 days as they were too busy installing air conditioners.

Many hours, calls, different depts. later- they stated they would replace the heater - we paid the permit- they stated they would call with installation date- no call as of 2 days later- hours on the phone trying to pin them down - no call back.

We will never buy from Sears again. This is ridiculous.


Date of AC Purchase from Sears: May 29, 2008

Repair date calls-

2010 April 12

2010 June 16

2011 June 24

2011 July 22

2011 August 17

2012 July 2012

Every call was a complaint the unit was not working correctly.

2010 April 12th

First call the service technician was too big to go under the house. He gave my husband the tools and the directions to do his job.

2010 June 16

Called complaining that the unit did not work correctly and asked to send a different service technician who would actually do the job my warranty was to cover. Received call back from technician explaining why he wasn’t able to get under house and postponed the maintenance date so he could get someone who could get under the house.

2011 June 24

The repair team came to the house looked over the equipment and didn’t have the right tools to complete the job.

2011 July 22

Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly returned and claimed they serviced it.

2011 August 17

Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly, they cancelled the service call after informing me that I would be charged for the visit even though my AC was still not working properly.

2012 July 17

Called again complaining of AC unit not working properly returned and claimed they serviced it.

2013 July 08

Warranty is expired and the unit is not working! After all of the calls and complaints I have made my warranty was not honored unless having a service tech drive into my driveway is all the warranty covers!

I am extremely upset that my hard earned money has been wasted and my constant complaints for maintenance and repair were handled inadequately. Since 2010 our power bills have been 300.00 during summer months and we are paying 200.00 a month on the line of credit we opened to purchase the unit and warranty.

I am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER! I plan posting this everywhere to warn all future consumers before they make the same mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Wofford :(


Ordered a shed for delivery on 6/28/13 and the existing shed would be hauled away. double and tripled checked with the operator if the shed had to be disassembled.

No Mam! shed was delivered, and after inspection the floor had a whole in the bottom. Could not return because the drivers took off and did not take the shed because it was not disassembled. after two hours with customer service I was told I would receive a $100.00 gift card for damage and shed would be picked up on 7/3/2013 after shed was disassembled.

we took off work disassembled shed and the drivers left once again without the shed. I was on hold with several people even the corporate complaint center who transferred me with no explanation to the delivery center. called back and was told all nails must be removed. went through story with the 30th sears rep and was assured the shed will now be picked up on Friday.

we shall see... still have not received gift card for damage.

I highly recommend Home depot or Lowe's b/4 becoming totally frustrated with this bunch.


Purchased a fridge on 5-31-2013. Delivery scheduled for 6-17-2013.

Confirmed delivery time day before delivery so took the day off of work only to be call the morning of 6-17 to say they pushed it off the shipping dock and would have to order another one.

Rescheduled for 7-3-2013 delivery so took another day off of work only to be called 3 hours before delivery that they don't have a truck available today.

Two lost work days, no fridge for the fourth and a complete runaround from customer service.

Horrible experience but thanks for teaching me the Sears sucks lesson.


I was called by Sears to extend the "Service Agreement" on my outdoor Grill that I have had for 6 years. I extended the "Service Agreement " for 2 years, they took my money, I scheduled a tech visit.

The grill had not been serviced for 3 or so years. The tech cancelled twice on the appointments and finally arrived when I was gone but my adult daughter was home. The tech refused to service43 the grill and just wrote up the grill as neglected. I called in to complain and recant his report, Sear took the info from me but said well, since he wrote it your agreement is terminated and we will refund a partial amount.

I offered to send pictures because the tech was wrong and in my opinion did not want top do his job. They declined and then I demanded 100% refund because they did not fulfill the maintenance on my grill. They refused. MY I would not and will not ever buy anything from Sears again and now I see why Sears is dying.

It is not because we do not want to shop their, it is because they have deteriorated so much in their customer service that I can no longer trust them. They do not obviously care though about what I think. Well, that is okay, as I told them the tech was so wrong that my grill still works fine and the minor fixes were not anything that should have cost them so much as my discontinued purchases from them will cost them.

If they do not refund all my money, I will file an official complaint with the Attorney General and the BBB.






Print your receipts at the register or be screwed!

In September of 2012, I went to Sears and purchases a demo model of a Sears "Professional" hammer drill. I was drilling holes in concrete and I needed a hammer drill, they had a heavy model that was being discontinued, and offered a good deal on the very last of the model. Because their discounted price included the case, and this one had no case or paperwork, they agreed to take another $5 off of the price for me, and told me I could print the manual out online if I needed it.

When the cashier asked me if I wanted a printed receipt, I said no, it would be fine if one was e-mailed to me, as long as the warranty proof would be in the system. She said yes, all the purchase information was in the system so I wouldn't need to bring in a paper receipt, anyway.

I used the drill a total of 6 times: Once to drill into a basement floor to build a wall in a finished basement, once to put 8 concrete screws into the ground to attach a "gazebo" tent to the ground, twice to attach shutters to a brick wall, once to attach braces to a concrete porch, and once to drill weep holes into a concrete basement wall.

I used concrete bits each time I did this - dedicated concrete bits for a hammer drill.

When I was using the drill the 5th time, to install braces for a porch rail, the dial that turned the drill between low and high speed quit working. It would pop out of low speed into neutral if I didn't hold it.

When I used it the 6th time, the trigger mechanism burned up. Now, if you plug the drill in, it comes on. Because of the speed selector not working in low gear, I could only use it in high speed, and now it turns if it is plugged in. The switch speeds it up, but you cannot disengage it. So much for "professional."

I took the drill back to the Sears I bought it from. The girl who unlocked the cable holding the demo model I purchased helped me. She said there was no record of me ever buying that item. Because I opted to have them email my receipt, I didn't have a printed receipt. The very thing I was worried about has happened - I have no proof I purchased it and Sears has, much too conveniently for my tastes, somehow lost the record.

Ironically, there are several other things I bought from Sears that also do not show up on my purchasing record. I bought shoes for both my children, and they are not on my record of in-store and online purchases. So somehow, the system is faulty. Do not rely on it. Get a paper receipt and keep it.

This is just part of a string of disasters I've had, all with the exact same store or online. It is no wonder that Sears is in financial difficulty.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in car parts from a couple different auto parts places. When I bring one of those in, the cashier at either place can tell exactly when and where I bought it, even if it came from a store in a different state. I've made about 7 purchases from Sears in the last decade, all in the last 14-15 months, and all from the same exact store, and half of the items don't show up on the record.

The manager told me he would refund the lowers sale price in store credit, giving me $40 and some change on a drill they had on the shelf for over $100 with a 2-year warranty.

First, it is very poor that they sell an item labeled as professional and it doesn't even give me 5 hours of service.

But it is unforgivable that they tell me I don't need the receipt, and then somehow cannot find the purchase in their computer. Why not? Did the cashier pocket the money? The manager even checked purchases of that drill over a several month period and said he showed two purchases, and that he had made one of the purchases himself, the other was to someone different.

So now, because I relied on Sears, I have a couple choices: Accept $40 to use only in the store that screwed me, keep a worthless drill, or take it apart and try to fix it myself.

But my blood pressure goes up just thinking about it. If the manager compared his inventory to what shows up as sold, he would have to see a discrepancy. If they can't do that, this is a very poor system indeed.

I do believe it is the last straw. I swore I'd never deal with them because of a whole host of issues last summer, but they apologized and even sent me a gift card to use for my trouble. But they wouldn't have to do this if it wasn't for their poor customer service and the problems they face. Why does nobody care about the fact that this drill was sold and it is not in the record? What about inventory? If their system worked, they would show that they have at least one of these "professional" drills left. Since they don't, then something is wrong.

I would love for someone to explain how the store keeps inventory, and where the record went. In the meantime, remember the phrase "Buyer Beware" - don't count on Sears to have a record of your purchase, even if every Craftsman purchase you make is at the same store.

Then this also brings up other questions: Did I get the ShopMyWay points I should have for the purchase, or the Craftsman Club points? Who knows, as I can't find any record of where my points have come from or where they've gone.

It sure seems like Sears is destined to go under. Last year I bought a circular saw, a miter saw, this drill, and several other things from them because they acted like the problems I had last year might have been a fluke, so I was willing to give them a second chance. That was a bad move. Despite the fancy name and description, I'd have been better off going to Harbor Freight and buying a cheapo that I knew was a cheapo, instead of a cheapo labeled as a "professional" tool.


Sears Refrigerator Repair Log

“Diary of a Disaster”

Sorry this is so long, but it takes this much to document this lengthy saga.

Mon., April 22 – Initial Call #1, ~20 mins. (Contact #1)

I made an initial call to Sears Repair (1-800-4MY-HOME) to schedule a refrigerator repair for my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator which was not cooling properly, that I had purchased “about” 5 years ago. I did not know the exact date of purchase at the time of my call, but I did know that the refrigerator came with a 1 year general warranty and a 5 year “sealed cooling system” warranty.

During the call I was offered a Sears Service Agreement for $274 that would cover any repairs and give me a one-year warranty. I started to get my credit card out to buy this SSA, but then I discussed the existing 5-year warranty with the customer service rep, and asked whether they had information about whether it was still in effect. They put me on hold while they researched it. While on hold, I looked at my refrigerator manufacturing placard inside the unit, which stated a manufacture date of 03-08. I also looked in the matching freezer (a separate unit) which I bought at the same time, and it had a manufacture date of 05-08. I knew that both appliances, along with several others I had purchased (dishwasher, cooktop, ovens, garbage disposal) were all delivered at the same time. Considering the date of the freezer unit’s manufacture was in May of 2008, I knew the appliances were delivered just under 5 years ago and should be covered by the 5-year warranty.

When the customer service rep. returned, she informed me that the appliances were all purchased on March 5, 2008, and that they had a delivery date in their system of March 20, 2008, and that the refrigerator would not be covered under warranty. When I informed her of the manufacturing date of the matching freezer being in May, and therefore could not have been delivered in March, she said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor. While on hold again, I looked at the backside of the refrigerator unit (which I had initially pulled out to see if maybe there were dirty coils that were preventing the unit from cooling properly – there weren’t), and discovered that there was a label indicating the initial charging of the cooling system was done on April 8, 2008. This proved that the unit was still in the factory in early April 2008, and there was no way it was delivered on March 20, 2008. In fact, I recalled that at the time of purchase there were two delays: one of the items that I ordered was on back order, and my kitchen remodel was not quite completed and the cabinets were not installed yet, so I wanted to delay delivery. March 20 may have been an initial scheduled delivery date in their system, but no delivery took place then.

When the supervisor came on the phone, I explained all this to him, and he said the unit should be covered under warranty. We set a repair appointment of April 25.

Afterwards I looked at my old credit card statements and confirmed that the purchase date was indeed March 5, 2008.

Wed., April 24 – Call from Sears #1 (Contact #2)

Robo-call from Sears indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Thurs, April 25 – Repair Appointment #1 (Contact #3)

I received a call in the morning from the repair technician indicating he was on the way and he wanted to confirm that I knew about the $65 service charge for him to come look at the unit. I informed him that I had been told that the unit would be covered under the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. He told me that he was not aware that this was a warranty repair. I explained the details to him and he said the best course of action would be for him to come out and diagnose the unit. It may be something simple and inexpensive to fix, such as an electrical relay or something., and that we could figure out the warranty issue after his diagnosis. I agreed for him to come out.

He diagnosed the unit as having a complete cooling system failure, and that the cost would be about $1300! I was initially shocked at the cost, since I bought the whole refrigerator for about $850 ($999 retail price less sale discount and rebates). I again reiterated that I had been told it would be covered under the warranty. He contacted his manager to explain the situation, then told me the manager indicated it would not be covered under the warranty, unless I could provide a delivery receipt with a delivery date later than the date they had in their computer system of March 20.

I clearly was not happy, but I asked about the alternative that was initially offered to me: to buy the Service Agreement for $274. I was then told that this was not possible as I had declined it during my initial repair call. I said the only reason I declined it was that I was told that it would be covered under the warranty, why would I buy the SSA?

The tech thought maybe I should consider just buying a new refrigerator. I quickly looked online, and discovered that my model is no longer offered (of course). And the new replacement model is taller and has a different handle, and now retails for $1879. (How does a refrigerator double in price in 5 years?) This is a problem since I have separate matched refrigerator and freezer units with a trim kit that wraps around both units making it look like one. The new refrigerator wouldn’t fit with the old freezer and trim. I would have to buy two new units and new trim at a retail price of $4,258.

He said my best course of action would be to pay for the parts needed (compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger and drier) and the initial service call at a total cost of about $870. It would take about a week to get the parts. Then, in the meantime, I should look to see if I could find a delivery receipt, and contact Sears One Source Customer Solutions at 1-800-479-5899 to figure out the warranty issue. I agreed and paid the $870 for the parts order & service call. The next repair appointment was set for May 2. The repair man leaves, leaving the shelves and drawers and back of the refrigerator and gaskets and screws all over the place. I have to put it all together again so I’m not walking across parts for the next week.

I looked through all my old records but was unable to find a delivery receipt for the appliances. I decided maybe the Sears store where I purchased the appliances (Tyrone Square Mall) may have a copy of the delivery receipt, or perhaps their delivery warehouse might have one.

Tues, April 30 – Call #2 from Sears & Call #2 to Sears, ~10 mins. (Contacts #4 & 5)

I received a robo-call from Sears indicating that it was urgent that I call them back to reschedule my repair appointment. Mystified, I called Sears and got a man who spoke very broken English, with a very strong Hispanic accent. I could not for the life of me understand what he was saying, until after the fourth or fifth attempt at repeating himself, I finally understood the word “re-free-ya-ray-dor.” Eventually I made out that they had to reschedule the appointment to May 7. I asked why? He said “Parts”. I told him I received the parts (they were shipped directly to my house, although I wasn’t told this in advance, so it was a surprise when they arrived). He said OK, then we can reschedule for May 3. I asked why we needed to reschedule at all. He said OK, we can keep the original appt. date of May 2. Weird.

Wed., May 1 – Visit to Sears & Call (#3) to One Source, 1hr. 30 mins. (Contacts #6 & 7)

I went to Sears and asked to speak with the store manager. She said they only keep records for 6 months to a year. There was nothing she could do except escort me to the appliances section of the store and hand me over to a sales associate and told him to call Sears One Source and hand me the phone. But first I had to wait about 10 minutes until he was finished with some other customers.

I spoke with a woman at Sears One Source named “Chris” (or “Kris”), and explained the situation to her, telling her everything that had happened thus far. Her response was that basically there was nothing she could do. She looked at the notes in my record and was unable to confirm who the supervisor was that I spoke with initially who stated that the repair should be covered under warranty. I asked again if I could buy the Service Agreement for $274, and she said no, it may have been possible earlier, but since the tech had already diagnosed the problem it was too late. I told her that at each step of this process I followed the suggestions of the Sears representative, and that it caused me to be in a worse situation:

(1) was told by the initial supervisor that it was under warranty – therefore did not buy the SSA.

(2) Was told by the service tech that he should first come out and diagnose the problem, and then deal with One Source to discuss the warranty issue – therefore unable to buy the SSA.

After spending 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone with her, including over 30 minutes on hold while she spoke with a supervisor. While it did seem she was trying to understand my plight, she seemed frustrated by what her supervisor was telling her during the several holds I was put on. I asked to speak with the supervisor. Russ (Employee ID #251746 – by now I was learning that I needed to keep track of the people I was speaking with) came on the phone and was a complete ***! It felt as if he were reading pre-written scripts from a book. There was absolutely no empathy or any understanding by him. He didn’t want to hear my side of the story or any of the facts, and did not want to help me in any way. I knew there was no use in talking with him.

Wed., May 1 – Reschedule Call (#3) from Sears & Call #4 to Sears, 10 mins. (Contacts #8 & 9)

I received another robo-call from Sears indicating it was urgent that I call to reschedule my repair appointment. Bewildered again, I called Sears and this time got a woman who again spoke very broken English, but this time with an Asian accent. She asked whether I received 5 parts. I said I don’t know; I had received three packages, but I didn’t open them up to see how many parts were inside. She repeated I should have 5 parts. Again I told her I had 3 boxes, but I was at work and so could not check the boxes. In addition, perhaps more parts had been delivered that day. She said OK. I said I wanted to make sure the tech is still on for tomorrow’s appt. She said yes and even gave me an appointment window of 8am – 12pm.

Thurs, May 2 – Call #5 to One Source, 1 hr. 40 mins., and Repair Appointment #2 (Contacts #10 & 11)

On the morning of the scheduled repair appointment, I called Sears One Source Customer Solutions again, hoping to get someone more polite and understanding than Russ the ***, and hoping to get the situation resolved before the repair was complete. After spending about 30 minutes explaining everything again to another customer service rep, I was put through to another supervisor Linda (Employee ID #60822).

I spent about an hour on the phone with Linda, including many holds, but she seemed very empathetic and understanding of my situation and seemed to want to help. The complete antithesis of Russ the ***. During our conversation, I reiterated the facts about the manufacturing placards and the charging label on the refrigerator, and that I had found on my computer calendar a Sears Appliance Delivery appointment on May 27, 2008. She said they really needed the delivery receipt, and that she would contact the delivery warehouse and have them pull the delivery manifests in that date range. (This indicated that I had twice been told a lie earlier when I was told that they only kept delivery receipts for 1 year.)

She also confirmed with me that it was current policy to honor warranties based on the purchase date, not on the delivery date; but that at the time of my purchase, the policy was to honor the warranty based on delivery date, and so that is what they would do in my case. But they needed to confirm what the delivery date was. I felt confident that when they found the delivery receipt it would show that the delivery was in fact some time in May (or possibly later).

By this time it was about 9:30am and I was wondering where the repair people were, as they had said it would be a 2-man job that took about 3 hours and so would be scheduled as the very first appt. for the day at about 8:00am. When I inquired about this, Linda looked in the records and informed me that no repair was taking place today. I asked why not? She said they hadn’t gotten confirmation that the parts had arrived. I told her about my two conversations the previous two days, and she said she saw those calls in my record but the “Asian” (for lack of a better name) girl did not enter the confirmation in the computer and set the appt.

Linda tried to see if they could still come out the same day, but it was too late, and in fact the next appointment was not available until May 7. I was quite upset, but Linda did seem to be doing her best, and there was nothing I could really do. We set the appointment for May 7.

In the meantime, she would contact the warehouse and have them pull the delivery manifests.

Tues, May 7 – Call from Sears #4, Repair Appointment #3 & Call to Sears #6 & 7, 24 mins. (Contacts #12, 13, 14 & 15)

On the morning of May 10 at 7:47am, I get a robo-call from Sears indicating that I am first on the appointment schedule and that the repair technician is on his way. Woo-hoo!

At 8:43am, I get a voice mail from Sears dispatch that the tech called in sick and I would have to reschedule the appointment. I am absolutely livid. I immediately call Sears back, but don’t get the dispatch department, I get the general customer service department, with its robo-menu. Evidently it can’t understand screaming English. So I call back, and try to calm my voice until I get a real person. This is not easy.

When a real person does answer, they unfortunately receive my wrath. But poor Rebecca doesn’t know anything about my previous issues, its really not her fault, so I calm down, explain the situation and see if she can send another tech today, which of course, they can’t. Next available appointment: Fri, May 10. Isn’t there anything sooner? No, but I can add you to our “Sooner Service” list, and if there’s a cancellation by someone else, they will try to get me in. (Yeah, like anyone in their right mind would cancel one of these impossible to get appointments, not to mention mine is a 2-man, 3 hour job – not so easy to squeeze that one in.) She offers me a $25 gift card for my inconvenience. I tell her to stick the gift card – there is no way in *** I am ever stepping foot in another Sears store. I ask to speak to Linda, to update her on the latest issues and to see if she has received the delivery receipt. I am told she will call me back shortly. NOT!

Wed., May 8 – Call from Sears #5 and Call to Sears #8 & 9, 7 mins. (Contacts #16, 17 & 18)

Linda calls me and leaves a voice mail apologizing for not getting back with me and indicating Rebecca left her a message to get back with me, but Linda wasn’t in and left my information for Mariah (another manager) to get back with me but they were “busy”. She did inform me that the warehouse was unable to confirm the delivery date of March 20 (their claimed date), but they were continuing to look for other days thereafter. She specifically requested that they look for May 29th .

May 29th is the wrong date. My records show May 27th. I call her back at the number she called me from: (512) 248-7700, hoping to get her direct line, but it is a general number. I try the automated system to get “Linda”, but am unsuccessful. I call back again, and get someone else, to whom I have to repeat the entire story again, be put on hold, etc., just to make sure they’re looking for the correct date.

Thurs, May 9 – Call from Sears #6 (Contact #19)

Robo-call from Sears indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Fri, May 10 – Call from Sears #7 & Repair Appointment #4 (Contacts #20 & 21)

8:16am – Robo-call from Sears indicating repair tech is on the way.

The repair tech arrives. (Hoo-ray!) I pull some items off the bottom shelves, including the drawers and bottom shelves themselves, but there are still some items on the top shelf. The repair man pulls out the fridge and gets behind it and tilts the back of the fridge up. At which point several bottles of beer on the top shelf start swaying. One tips over and smashes to smithereens on the stone floor. The tech is apologetic, but does not attempt to clean anything up. I now have to clean up broken glass and beer from the floor. You would think any responsible tech would know to (a) empty the fridge, (b) make sure its empty before tilting the backside up, (c) make sure the fridge door is closed before tilting it up.

Then, he informs me that the wrong parts were delivered. The parts company sent two evaporators and no condenser. He shows me that the correct parts were, in fact, ordered. He orders new parts and sets a new appointment for May 16.

I explain to him the whole story, and he is actually very nice and understanding. I show him the manufacturing placards and the charging label and he takes pictures to show his supervisor. He is of the opinion that it should be covered under warranty.

By this point, I am over being angry. It has turned into a comedy of errors, except that it is not at all funny. Sears is clearly the Keystone Kops of service companies. I am disappointed, disgusted and resigned. If this were any appliance other than Kenmore Elite, I would have gone to another repair company.

Wed, May 15 – Call from Sears #8 (Contact #22)

Robo-call indicating my appointment is tomorrow.

Thurs, May 16 – Call to Sears #10, 6 mins. (Contact #23)

I call Sears in an attempt to speak with Linda at another number she has given me: 1-800-479-6351, option 4. This turns out to be the “Home Improvement” option for Roofing, Windows and Doors. I ask the person to leave a message for Linda to call me back. Doesn’t happen.

Thurs, May 16 – Repair Appointment #5 (Contact #24)

Two repair techs show up and repair the fridge. An hour into the repair I hear the refrigerator firing up (I’m in another room), but its making a terrible rattling sound. I figure they’re not done yet. But as time goes on towards 2 ½ hours, they have managed to diminish the rattling somewhat but not completely.

They tell me the compressor is bad. It’s working and cooling, but it will continue to make the rattling sound whenever the cooling cycle comes on and off. You have got to be kidding me! My bedroom is directly behind the wall where the refrigerator is located, and the rattling racket is sure to keep me up nights. The techs order another compressor and set another appointment in a week: May 23. At least I have a refrigerator again after 3½ weeks.

I ask how long will it take to replace the compressor next time so I know if I put food in the fridge it will stay cold while they fix it again. They assure me it won’t take long and it’s OK to fill it with food again. As they are leaving, I notice little black specks all over the kitchen – on the countertops, on the floors, on furniture, everywhere. I ask what it is, and the repair tech responds: “Oh that’s probably a little soot from the acetylene torch. It’s harmless. You just need to wipe it clean.” Ummm? I need to wipe it clean? How about you cleaning up after your mess? But what should I expect. He didn’t clean up the broken beer bottle, how could I expect him to clean up torch soot?

By the afternoon, the fridge is a chilly 32 degrees and I have to turn it down to 2 to keep it from getting too cold. Awesome! A trip to the grocery store means a full fridge.

Fri, May 17 – Call to Sears #11, 34 mins. (Contact #25)

I call Linda again to let her know about the bad compressor and check on the delivery receipts. It takes a while to explain everything to the first customer service rep and that I really need to talk to Linda. After about 15 minutes she finally agrees: “Maybe you should just talk to Linda.” Uh… yeah.. that’s what I’ve been trying to say for the last 15 minutes. Linda informs me they have been unable to locate the delivery manifests, and that they are essential for them to honor the warranty. Again I explain it like this:

You have a delivery date on your computer of March 20.

I have a delivery date on my computer of May 27.

You cannot find a delivery manifest for your date.

You cannot find a delivery manifest for my date.

I understand that a delivery manifest would be the best evidence we could find, but since we can’t, let’s look at the other physical evidence.

All appliances were delivered at the same time. (She confirms this.)

The freezer was manufactured in May 2008, therefore there is one piece of hard evidence that the appliances could not have been delivered prior to May 2008.

The refrigerator has a cooling system charge date of April 8, 2008, so it was still in the factory on that date.

It takes time for the unit to be shipped from whichever country it was manufactured in (probably Mexico, but could be Korea, or Japan or elsewhere – it definitely was not manufactured in the US according to the repair tech) and to clear customs and be delivered to a distribution center and delivered to my house. It probably takes at least 2 weeks, which would be April 22 at the very earliest. Yet another indisputable fact that the refrigerator could not possibly have been delivered to my house until late April 2008 at the earliest.

She said she will continue to have the warehouse look for the delivery manifest, but that they have to have it to honor the warranty. She promises to call on Monday. NOT!

Sun, May 19

After working in the yard for a few hours, I go to the fridge to get a cold beer. Except it’s not very cold. I look at the thermometer I put in there: 58 degrees. You have got to be kidding me – AGAIN!!!! After thinking about it, I realized the butter was a little soft this morning, too. I try turning the fridge colder to 7 (the highest setting). The fan comes on, but no compressor.

I turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back on. The compressor is trying to come on but groans and its rattle sounds like it’s in slow motion. After a few seconds it gives up. It’s toast. I am disgusted – AGAIN!!! Too disgusted to even call Sears.

I try to salvage some of the food and put it in a cooler, but some I have to throw out – AGAIN!!!

Mon., May 20 – Call to Sears #12, 4 mins. (Contact #26)

I call Sears One Source Customer Solutions again – love that name: One Source to get your solution -- except I’ve had 26 points of contact with them so far and still no solution. Maybe they should rename it: “Thank you for calling Sears 26 Contacts and No Solutions. How may we not help you today?” I tell the Customer Service Rep about my story (again, but abbreviated) and add that the refrigerator was rattling but now doesn’t work at all, and that I have received the new compressor. Is there any way to get a tech out some time before Thursday, May 23? Not really, but we can add you to our “Sooner Service” list. Great.

I ask her to get a message to Linda reminding her that she promised to call today. Except she doesn’t.

Wed., May 22 – Call from Sears #9 (Contact #27)

Robo-call indicating my appointment tomorrow.

Thurs., May 23 – Call to Sears #13, 14 mins, and Call from Sears #10, 34 mins. (Contacts #28 & 29)

I call Sears One Source near 9:30am concerned that I have not received a call notifying me of the time window of today’s repair, as I usually have in the past. The Cust. Svc. Rep. says she will find out what time and puts me on hold. 10 minutes later – yes TEN MINUTES on hold to give me a time (have I told you about the annoying repeating music they have on hold. I’ve heard enough of it to fill an entire album with the same 3 bars of music) – she comes back and tells me 10:30. I ask why does it take 10 minutes to find that out. She said their systems were down and she had to switch to a different system. Whatever.

I ask to speak to Linda and, of course, I have to repeat my story yet again, and finally she says she will get a message to Linda to call me.

Lo and behold, Linda calls within the hour. She regrets to inform me that they have been unable to locate the delivery manifest, and that at this time they will be unable to honor the warranty. I again try to tell her of all the physical evidence that shows that the warranty should still be in effect. She replies that they have exhausted all possible solutions, that they need the delivery manifest, and they will not honor the warranty.

I tell her I will explore many more possible solutions on my own, including getting a lawyer. She is understanding, but firm.

She asks if I want her to follow up with me at a later date, indicating she is ready to close the file on this one. I tell her she’ll probably be hearing from me again.

Thurs., May 23 – Repair Appointment #6 (Contact #30)

A new repair tech appears this time, and he replaces the compressor and finds & fixes a small leak in the cooling system. I tell him my story and show him the charging label with the April 2008 date. He doesn’t understand why they’re not honoring the warranty. In his opinion, this definitely should be covered under warranty. When he asks for another $371 for the labor, he already assumes I don’t want to pay. He is absolutely correct. He notes it on his computer and goes on his way.

So that is the story up to today, May 23. My refrigerator is finally working and is a chilly 32 degrees. We’ll see how long it lasts.

A few statistics so far to get my refrigerator fixed by Sears:

Total amount of time for repair: 31 days

Points of contact with Sears: 30

Repair Appointments: 6

Calls made by me to Sears: 13

Calls made by Sears to me by a robot: 8

Calls made by Sears to me by a human: 2

Personal Visits to Sears: 1

Total time spent on the phone with Sears: about 360 minutes (6 hours)

Total time spent on hold listening to the same annoying repetitive music: interminable

Days taken off work for repairs: 6 unpaid days

Food spoiled the second time: $200

Additional cost to eat out more since we were without a refrigerator for one month: approx. $600

Cost to repair a $850 refrigerator: approx. $1300.

Age of refrigerator: 4 years, 10 months, 25 days

Sears willingness to honor a 5 year warranty: Nada

Sears willingness to do the right thing: Nada

Chances of my ever buying anything again from Sears: 0%

I am thoroughly and completely disgusted with such an inept company.





Just wait until the liner cracks in your Kenmore Elite. NOT covered. It's "Cosmetic."


This is the complaint that I sent to Sears on their site at I will never purchase from them again.

I purchased a refrigerator on Friday, 05/10/13.

I was verbally told that there would be a charge for delivery and another charge to haul away my old refrigerator. When the receipt printed there was no charge for delivery, etc. I brought that to the customer service guy and he said it was in the computer to be delivered on Monday evening on 05/13/13. On Monday evening, I called the store to make sure I was scheduled for delivery since it was getting so late.

I was told they picked up the refrigerator. Again I questioned them about the delivery charge and was told the same as I was told on Friday. I waited until after dark and still not delivery. I called the store again on Tuesday, 05/14/13.

I was told they would check on it and get back to me. I got tired of waiting because my time had been wasted. I called the store again and told them I wanted to cancel the order and go elsewhere to purchase a refrigerator. I was finally told that the reason it was not delivered was because the delivery had not been paid for.

I still cancelled the order and will not ever make a purchase from Sears. I have had problems years ago with Sears and thought I would give them another chance, but it will never happen again.


I never purchase anything from "Sears".Sears, Sucks Big Time.


I bought Craftsman self-propelled lawn mower on April 21st, 2013 from Sears in Richmond Hrights, OH. Filled oil as per instructions, cut my lawn for less than a couple of hours.

Noticed a blue smoke coming out periodically.Tried to cut grass yesterday, but could not start the engine. I decided to return it, took it back to the store. The store manager told me that I cannot return it because there was no oil, the engine was "bone dry" and that I had to change oil after the first 5 hours. When I told him that the engine worked less than 2 hours he changed the story: on a hot day (in April!) I may need to change oil in 2 hours!

Now he needed to service the engine and I'm responsible for any damages to it.

Whoever is going to buy Craftsman lawn mowers - be aware of poor quality of their product.

Especially if you buy them at Sears. You may not be able to return a defective product even if you complied with Sears return policy.


You obviously OVER-filled the mower with oil. Just because the new mower comes with a bottle of oil, that doesn't mean you needed to dump in the ENTIRE thing.

Didn't you listen to the associate that told you to watch the dip stick marks, and not go beyond them? What you did then was DUMP the oil out and take it in; feigning innocence...

The associate was grasping at implausible straws when they incorrectly gave you the story about changing the oil. It was your actions (over-filling the mower initiallt) that caused this mess...OWN it!


All you whiners on this thread who have little to no patience, demand undivided attention, think everything should be seamless, and live in some alternate universe need to take a step back and ask yourself this question: "should I somehow share the blame and take responsibility for the mess I'm in?" Undoubtedly, you'll reciprocate with a resounding heck-no! but think about it...if you stayed calm, assessed the difficulty you were facing, stated your issue clearly, examined your own culpability, and were willing to work together to solve the issue; you'd help make a miserable situation better for both you and the poor ($6.00 an hour + commission) sap associate.

Think about what I said before you come on this thread and blast Sears (which admittedly has serious personnel issues, based upon an unworkable farm-system mentality of promoting barely capable managerial minions) or any other vendor. Did YOU contribute to your own personal ***, or are you just another "me-firster" blaming, complaining miserable slice of human-kind?


I purchased a mattress and box spring March 2011. Six weeks after I purchased, it began to sag. Called Sears several times and wasted 2 hours just to be transferred all over. I gave up. This year, 2013, after the back pain was unbearable for both me and my husband, I called Sears again. I finally got the right department and they scheduled someone to come out. My mattress was approved for replacement (no one called me, I had to call to find out myself) and I was told I had XXX.XX credit.

After 6 phone calls and 8 hours later, I finally replaced my mattress.

I want to say their customer service department stinks and I would never EVER shop at Sears again. Every representative had a different amount of money for my credit, some were flexible on the price while other were not and your “team” is not accommodating at all. I spent well earned money for an object, it was defective yet I have to put out more money for THEIR defective merchandise.

NEVER buy anything from Sears. They are thieves.


warning!!!! don't shop at the Sears in Freehold NJ ever!!!

Very rude manager. Had to cancel my order after it was delivered because the installers didnt know how. This was a very simple hook up of an electric cooktop. spoke to several salesmen and the store manager Robert Burke was awful.

he said he couldn't have the power to rush another installment date. thats ***!!! I am sure he had the authority he just didnt want to. Very poor customer service on his part and he should be fired.

Even some salesmen that heard my whole story agreed that he is not very nice and should not be there. So heads of Sears - you lost a very good customer today and you will lose lots more if things dont change there. Wake up!

there are lots of people that are willing to work who would have done something rather than losing a good sale.


What a joke


I purchased a queen mattress and box spring from sears,BIG MISTAKE,the delivery co showed up today after I had taken the day off from work to accept delivery,the driver told me to keep my old box spring as Sears did not send new one,my old box spring was a full size,driver told me he located box spring in truck,brought it into my house and it was clearly a full size they had taken my old set outside.the driver made a weak try to get the mattress upstairs and claimed it would not fit,I have another queen set upstairs so I know it would fit,I told them to take queen mattress and full box spring back,they left leaving my old set in the driveway.when I contacted Sears they told me that i could re-order mattress set and that they would send me a $50 gift card,$50 for the loss of a days pay is hardly compensation.I will never shop at sears again and have shredded my sears credit card.I can't wait to see sears corp. fold.PLEASE boycott Sears and try to shop locally.


Againest my better judgement when we remodeled our kitchen we purchased KENMORE appliances. Due to size limitations we had very few choices regarding a refrigerator so we settled.

Our new oven has the handle fall off. The microwave light is in the wrong place and I could go on and on. Sears is your typical large company. Arrogant and could care less about their customers.

My original appliances were better than anything I purchased from Sears. I would have been better to keep what I had. Enjoy your $$$$ Sears but you will never get another dime from me. When your company is broke and your CEO's get their golden parachutes maybe they will feel good about all the people they have screwed over the years.

REMEMBER you reap what you sow and on the premise you have alot to reap. ENJOY it as much as you seem to enjoy screwing your customers.


Purchaed 4 major appliances. The 1st day the range got delivered it did not work.

Now the dryer is on its 3rd delivery because it is not heating. Amazing!!! Customer service is rude and they do not want to help. I asked for a gift card for sears for the inconvenience of waiting at home all these days for replacement and the girl laughs and says we don't do that.

Customer service is not good at all. They don't want to help in fact when I call it's likecim a bother.


I put stuff on layaway with Sears all the time and every time there is a problem. One broken TV, a stainless steel toaster that was white and was not available in stainless but was sold as a set so after forking over an extra 45.00 for a 89.00 toaster I was told you are the 3 person to have this problem as the cashier pointed to the pile of returned toasters.

Comforter set bag ripped open and dirty from storage. Washer and dryer both died already. Front loaders suck went back to old school top loader.

Latest issue my camera paid off on Jan 8th and it's the 22nd and they can't find out why I don't have it..system error..we see it's paid but I don't know why it isn't shipping. Im on vacation right now with no darn .I'm done I liked the layaway convenience but it is a pain and im with them.

Sears Response

Dear bnalducci:

My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We are a single point of contact for escalated issues which means that we handle issues start to finish with one dedicated case manager. Please accept our sincere apologies for the poor customer service you received. This is not the type of service that you deserve or the type of service that Sears has long been known for. We would like to speak with you regarding this situation and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager to help resolve this issue. Please send the following information – contact number, screen name (bnalducci), phone number used at time of purchase to and a dedicated case manager will contact you. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

Susan. Sears needs a shipment of educated individuals to appropriately handle all of the unhappy consumers of Sears.

Sears is nothing short of shotty and can not wait until I see the sign that says closing on your stores. Sears should be ashamed of themselves!


I purchased something from at the beginning of December. I accidentally purchased the wrong size, so I immediately re-ordered the correct thing.

Although, said they had to send me the original order as well because it was in process (even though I had only hit "purchase" two minutes prior. Whatever! I refused the wrong item on 12/10; they received it 12/17. I still have not received my refund.

I have spoken to them many times about it, including a Loser Manager, Leighton, who did absolutely nothing!

I received an email saying it was processed, but it has not been. SEARS SUCKS!!!

Sears Response
@Sears Response

Dear Shelly,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties you are experiencing receiving the refund due to you for the online order you placed in the incorrect size. I understand your frustration with having to refuse this delivery in order to get the refund due to you. My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We would like to look into your online order issue and offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager who can help resolve this refund situation. Please send the following information – contact number, screen name (Shelly), phone number used at time of purchase to and a dedicated case manager will contact you. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


I bought a front load washer from Sears....the machine is a POS. Does not get my clothes the tech out...he said it is the nature of the beast.

Found out today that within 90 days they would have replaced the machine ...yah right.

And why didn't they tell me that when I had the tech out complaining about the machine within the 90 days.....I will not buy anymore products from Sears...they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course when I bought the machine the *** selling it, who probably has never washed a load of clothes in his entire life, told me this was the best machine going. I wish they would have told me this when I bought the *** thing.


I ordered a pair of boots and when I got them there was one boot in the box. I called Sears and was told that they would send a replacement pair along with a return shipping label.

Neither happened.

I made several calls to get a return label so I could get my money back and nothing. This is so frustrating I just want the one she out of my house and my money back


I ordered boots 3 pairs of boots for Christmas on Dec. 4th.

I received 2 of them,but never received the 3rd. I emailed several times before Christmas wondering why my boots were not here yet. No help! I emailed several times after Christmas and they send me the same email asking what shape the package came it.

I didn't get the package you idiots! I asked for a refund and still no response.

It is not like the boots are even out of stock according to online. They just don't care enough to take the time to make their customers happy.


Ordered a Craftsman product on Dec 12 as a Christmas gift. On Dec 19 I inquired online about delivery and found out product was out of stock and not available until Jan 10.

After much haggling, got the rep to cancel the order. Was told refund in 3-5 days. No refund at that time so I called. Was told order was cancelled but refund not processed so it will be expedited and in my account in 3-5 days.

No refund so called again. 5 calls yesterday. Was told order not cancelled. I had talked to wrong department.

Was hung up on. Was told 3 different stories. Ask for supervisor. Got transferred to another rep who pretended to be a supervisor.

Asked for transfer again. Was on hold for 30 minutes. Supervisor kept changing the story. Finally said I would get refund in 10 days and when I asked for his supervisor, he refused.

Never once spoke to anyone who spoke English as a primary language.

Every rep had their mic turned down to minimum volume and I had to ask them to turn it up so I could hear them which they did for 1 minute and then back down. This company is in the toilet and we just need to flush them away.


Don't order from I got e-mail that my product will arrive 12/13.

12/14 I called customer services and she told me that the products not even ship. I have an argument with her regarding the service which she keep repeating if I want to cancel the order.

And after I hang up, I got a phone call with blocked number using bad language. I still knows it was you,

Worst customer services ever.


We bought a threadmill from Sears and for the past 5 months we are back and forth with the appointments to fix it. We can even replace it since it is past 90 days.


Will never buy anything from Sears.


Sears treadmills made by Icon Health & Fitness for the most part including Proform and Nordic Track. Nordic Track is useless for service. There's a reason they went bankrupt in the 90s. Icon is starting to outsource more as well. Keep after them especially if you bought a service contract. Also be aware treadmills are highly susceptable to the smallest of power surges-even with a surge protect even a power outage a few seconds long can mess the electronics up. They also could've undersold you. Many retail treadmills have a weight limit around 225 pounds.

Good Luck

Also on the Sears website beaware if you post there they have your ip address so you are sacrificing anonymity.


I just had my 7th repair appt. on a Sears washer within 4 mnths (keep in mind that they give you a 4 hour window for repair so that's 28 hours of my life).

They have replaced 6 parts and another one was ordered today. They REFUSE to replace the unit even though I bought the 3 year warranty and "no lemon" guaranty. Sears clearly does not take care of their customers. I haven't been able to get through a load of laundry without it shutting down or error codes in 4 months and they simply don't care.

The hoops they make you jump through to get a replacement are absolutely ridiculous....more like abuse.

I would recommend purchasing through another company that takes better care of their customers. No wonder there is a website called:


I was watching Chanel 7 news this evening (11/13/2012) and discovered another very poor example where a trusted company that I purchased most of my tools for the past 40 years is opting to purchase tools from China verses from the USA.

I am so is appointed that I take an oath to never purchase another product from Sears again.

I am truly disappointed in Sears lack of commitment to purchase from US manufacturers.


Awful, awful, awful customer service. Promises given, not delivered on, rude customer service. Will not purchase anything from Sears again.









I have a home warranty through American Home Shield. I was set up with an appointment for a technician to come fix my broken dishwasher yesterday between 1&5 PM.

I received a phone call at 1:20 PM saying that the technician was unable to make it. She rescheduled me for today between 8&9AM. She guarenteed that I was the first appointment of the day. I was ready and waiting at 7:45AM this morning.

I received an automated phone call at 8:05 confirming that they were coming. When they did not arrive by 10:00AM, I started to make some phone calls. I was passed on to three different people. The third person said that the technician tried phoning me because the GPS said that my address is wrong.

I was sitting here with the phone at my side, and that did not happen! He is a liar. The address that they have on file was correct, and he did not call me! I was told that someone would call me to set up another time.

They didn't. I called back 15 minutes later. I spoke with Betty. She seemed nice.

She got the dispatcher on the phone, and a three way conversation took place. I gave directions and a description of my house. I was told that she could get a technician out this afternoon between 1&5PM. When 4:00PM came and went I called Sears Repair number again!

She(I think her name was Kristine) listened to my story, and told me that she was placing me on hold while she checked to see where the technician was. She never got back on the line, and transferred me without my knowing it to American Home Shield. Passing the buck again! The American Home Shield lady got Sears back on the line, and the woman from Sears told me that I was not on the schedule for this afternoon.

This is an example of bad customer service by everyone, except for Betty that I talked to today! I will never use Sears as my place to shop for or get repairs for my appliances!

This may be one of the reasons why Sears is doing poorly, and will probably go under! Employees that don't care!


Sears, Spotsylvania Mall, Virginia

Bought a garage door opener. When Sears came to install it they wanted another $65 for the perforated metal angle. This metal can be bought at Home Depot for $10.

The salesman never told us about this additional cost. The installer left staples all over my garage. I'm pissed.


sears in hermitage pa is a god *** joke. got new shocks and struts.

when i went to pick my truck up they told me a linking pin broke. i said ok let me know when one comes in. i received 7 calls in a month saying it came in and they actually did not come in. so after 5 weeks they came in, 6000 miles later.

and the final thing that maed me go off and post this was my gf had my oil changed for me at sears, and when i tried to change it my self they tightened the bolt so hard that i could not loosen it with out the wrench just sliding around and stripping the bolt. wtf




Do not shop at the sears in Boerne Texas!!!! I had a defective garage door opener and went to exchange it within 90 days and the store refused to exchange it because the manager did not want to pay a restocking fee.

He said it was Corporate's problem to fix despite him selling me the product and me seeking to exchange it within 90 days. Corporate Sears had to pay for three separate technicians to fix it and give me a gift card for my trouble. I feel bad that corporate has to pay more than the cost of the garage door opener because of this store's philosophy of customer service. Apparently the Boerne, Texas Sears does not believe in customer satisfaction or if corporate has to bleed money on what should have been a simple exchange.

If Sears goes bankrupt it is because of stores like the Boerne location. I love Sears, but this location will make me think twice before buying another Sears product.


Do not shop at the sears in Boerne Texas!!!! I had a defective garage door opener and went to exchange it within 90 days and the store refused to exchange it because the manager did not want to pay a restocking fee.

He said it was Corporate's problem to fix despite him selling me the product and me seeking to exchange it within 90 days. Corporate Sears had to pay for three separate technicians to fix it and give me a gift card for my trouble. I feel bad that corporate has to pay more than the cost of the garage door opener because of this store's philosophy of customer service. Apparently the Boerne, Texas Sears does not believe in customer satisfaction or if corporate has to bleed money on what should have been a simple exchange.

If Sears goes bankrupt it is because of stores like the Boerne location. I love Sears, but this location will make me think twice before buying another Sears product.


DO NOT BUY Sear's TIRES!!!!!

I bought 4 tires from sears 1yr and 2 months ago. They kept adding extra for this and extra for that and I paid over a $1000 for 4 tires, not the best upgrade tires either-middle of the road, thinking I had some type of warranty-WRONG!!!!!

After 14mo, my front tire began to crack and I was told it needed to replace it immediately because it could explode.

It is definitely a defect in the tire. So, after all the extras I paid, I was told I didn't purchase the roadhazard warranty. What the *** did I purchase for over $1000? At first he tried to say I must have hit the curb or run over something.

But my brother came back with if that were the case, there would be a dent in the rim. Oh, yeah the guy said. Oh well, it' isn't covered. That's ***.

$1000 in tires that don't even last 2 yrs-30,000 miles.

Never again will I purchase anything from Sear's. They should just shut them all down.


I purchased a refrigerator on Aug 4 2012 and paid for delivery and removal. Tuesday Sears delivery called twice to confirm delivery window 4:45-6:45.

On Wed they showed up at 1:30. Luckily my son was there. The delivery people removed the existing fridge by cutting the water supply line for the icemaker and told my son that they weren't allowed to hitch up plastic lines and thet we could buy another for $20. I have called various departments throughout Sears and each person I talked to promised I would hear back within 24 to 48 hours.

Its been a week and nothing yet. What a way to run a business.

They wonder why they went bankrupt. GOODBYE SEARS!!!








SEARS ruined my son's birthday!!!!!i ordered a pool over the phone on the 17th of July,2012 through SEARS and today is the 31st of July still did not get it,i have talked to a case worker her name is DEE left various voice mail messages NEVER called me son turned 3 last Saturday but did not get his gift 'A POOL'

so here is the story: i called to check on my order because nobody sent me no an email with the details about my order.i have talked to sears customer service the lady told me its out of our hand and have to deal with a third party witch is QUALITY ADVENTURE,i bought it from sears i need to deal with sears don't send me somewhere now its a case,the case worker called me and apologized but her too never called me back(she said she would)now I've been calling since yesterday the 30th of July.called some guy in corporate and told me that he cant do anything about it.

1-nobody emailed me or called me about my pool not coming on time

2- i called and god treated like...........

3-nobody did anything about it

3-ruined my son's birthday gift

4-still waiting its been 2 weeks now and still not here

5-QUALITY ADVENTURE LLC they don't care about no customers and nobody as ALEX from QUALITY ADVENTURE LLC told me: you can cancel if you want,angry customers usually do that.

now tell me sears is not the worst ever!!!wallmart don't do that,they care about their costumers and they always satisfy their customers,TJX,khols,jcpenny,bergners,macys..!!!even dollar general don't do that!!none of these treat their costumers like sears ***!!!!

but i learned my lesson NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN!!!and I'm spreading the word... :( :cry


Our fridge went on the blink so going by their past reputation, my mother decided we should go to Sears. We found a fridge that we liked, a Kenmore, paid for it, and scheduled delivery.

But when we got home we saw that there was no information about what we had bought on the "sales slip," only the amount we had spent. We made several calls to the store associate (who insulted us) and finally talked to the store manager. He said that Sears was under no obligation to supply a description, brand name, model number, or serial number. For all we know, we purchased an elephant.

I will be calling the NY State Retail Association tomorrow, b/c I'm certain that their failure to provide what we have requested is illegal.

Let's see what is delivered on Monday. I hope it's what we paid for.


Sears has the worst customer service EVER. Called the home delivery department 800-995-2831 - they told me to call 800-732-7747 - who then told me I needed to call Sears Online.

45 minutes later, I was told there was no way to reverse a delivery charge - for a Riding Lawnmower I HAVE NOT RECEIVED. Talk about the run around.

I will not shop at SEARS ever again - they are losing at least 6 figures worth of sales for at $69 charge. UNREAL.


I went to sears to buy an air conditioner and they wanted all my information. Well after I gave them my number I decided that they didn't need my address also.

So when I wouldn't give my address they told me I could not buy the air conditioner. I guess they are more interested in where you live and not sell you merchandise.


I bought a mattress then waited 1 1/2 weeks for delivery. Took the day off work, and was called an hour after it was suppose to be delivered, only to be told that they weren't coming to deliver it and that I'd have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks for delivery.

When I called the SEARS folks to complain I was told, "Well, do you want to take a $50 gift card or what?" I decided to do the "or what": I cancelled my order & my credit card with them, and have chosen never to shop there again. SEARS: Sorry Excuse for American Retail and Services!


I purchased a top of the line Samsung dryer six months ago. The sales representative sold me on the warranty.

Supposedly if my dryer broke their prompt sales representatives would be promptly there to fix it. Sure enought 2 months after I bought the dryer it broke and someone came to fix it, but I had to wait for 1.5 wks to get someone there. That was my first experience so I thought that I would let it go. Now, 6 months after the purchse of the product the dryer breaks again and I make an appointment for someone to come out and report.

Once again I had to wait 1.5 wks for someone to come. My husband and I work full time so I had someone come stay at the house to open the door because they couldn't get anyone out in the morning. Then, 5 minutes before my window started the repair department calls me and tells me that the repair man had his truck break down and couldn't make it. The next available appoitment was another 1.5wks away.

I was livid. I asked them to do whatever they could to get someone at my house sooner. I was transferred to customer care, but no one was able to do a thing.

NEVER buy Sears Warranty EVER. They have terrible customer service.


Our air conditioner went out on a Monday night. My husband was out of town so I had to call him to come home.

When he came home, he realized our A/C took a dump. So he talked to several ppl and contacted different businesses and upon referrals, we chose Sears Home Service. He went to the local store on Tuesday and two associates argued about which one of them would help him. He finally was able to get a brochure to contact Sears Home Services.

He contacted them and was told that someone would return his call within two hours to set up an appointment for an in home estimate. Needless to say that did not happen. He called back later in the day and the operator said that the salesman would call him within two hours. Still no call.

Finally the next afternoon (which was Wednesday) the salesman called and said he would be there around noon. The salesman finally showed up approximately at 1:30 and was there for 3 hours. He was awesome. He assured my husband for a quick installation and my husband felt better about the entire fiasco.

The salesman said that we would get a call from the production department by the next day. Well.......that didn\'t happen either. My husband called the salesman back twice that day and still no one called. We did not get a call for scheduling until Saturday morning.

They said that we would be installed on Monday, June 25th between 8:30 and 9:00 am. My husband recieved a call from the production manager after the appointment time wanting to reschedule due to rain. After speaking with her, she said she would see what she could do and call him back. No call back!!

So, I tried calling and she was on the phone so I left a message with the receptionist for her to return my call. No call back. One hour later, I called and did not tell them who I was and low and behold, she answered. I got the run around and she could not answer any question I gave her.

She then said that she would see what she could do and call me back. I told her that I wanted a call back because she does not know how to return calls (I explained to her that I knew she has avoided us). Well, no call back from her...instead, she had the sales manager call me back and he was condescending and arrogant. He gave me the \"I know you\'re a woman and you don\'t know anything\" attitude.

The excuse they gave us was that moisture would set in our unit and they did not want that to happen however, they were scheduling the unit to be installed on Tuesday regardless of rain. Where did that make sense? And I informed him that the companies reputation did not set well with me. It is now 1:00 p.m.

and we do not have our A/C installed and we have talked to everyone in the production department. As of this afternoon, we have left voicemail with the production manager stating that the weather has cleared up and that a crew can be sent out since it isn\'t raining. We also contacted the salesman again and are awaiting his call. My husband has emailed the customer service department.

I have called every number I could find to get some assistance and everyone refers me or transfers me back to that department. Even one customer representative tried to call that department with me on hold and stated to me that no one in that department will answer the phone.I have never been given such a run around in my life nor a bunch that could not give me a straight and honest answer. No matter what happens, we WILL NEVER buy from Sears again. If they are like this now, how are they going to be when we have to call in to get our service.

And the worst part is that its past 3 days and we cannot cancel the contract!!

We will await an answer and see if it takes 5 more days to have this installed. :( :(


:( John Lewis

12543 Scenic Dr

Rogers, Arkansas 72756

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sears Home Services

10405 E 55th PL

Tulsa, Ok 74146

Customer Service Dept.

It has been over two weeks now and a refund has not been sent as agreed. Since I paid Over two hundred dollars for having this water heater repaired and at the beginning was told that it was a burned out thermostat and again supposedly this same thermostat again burned out which I again was told needed replaced and sometimes you get bad thermostats. The time of replacement was not the full truth received from your repairman. Upon the third call for service and the same thing happened again and the repairman said that he did not wish to replace it again as there has to be something else wrong and he felt that the tank needed to be replaced. He never stated once that this tank caught on fire and the only way I did learn of this fire was when your service repairman stated that he was certain that the main office would not allow a third replacement and that I would have to get another water heater. Still when he told me this I said wait I have a ninety day warranty service call and you state that it is the thermostat but now you refuse to replace it only because there appears to be another problem because you thought you seen water maybe knocking out the thermostat and that you could not really tell because of so called insulation covering the tank. I was quoted over four hundred plus dollars with a credit of what I paid for the first till now repairs if I allowed the Sears store to do the replacement as well as a plumber that you normally hire would replace the tank as this service repairman does not install the pipes or water heaters. When I told him that I could get a tank half the price of sears he said then I would not get a refund if I allowed another company to do the job.

In fact your service repairman refused to replace the thermostat this last time because he had lied to me as a dumb old man and that I would never know he had miss-wired the thermostat which almost caused a fire and could have burned my home down with my grand kids as well as the rest of the family living here. Your service repairman never stated that the tank as well as all the wires had caught fire and burned all the wires out that he had replaced and replaced incorrectly. He only lied to me and continued on with this lie in hope that I would never discover it. I never would have either if I had your service department remove as well as install a new unit from your store. The only thing that made me change my mind was the price of the tank from a local area store on tanks. Once I was refused another thermostat as from the so called beginning cause is when I became suspicious of your repairman.

Once I had a new water heater installed was I told that the wiring was installed incorrectly and that is why the unit caught on fire and that I was lucky that the whole house did not catch on fire. Your service repairman said nothing what so ever as to any fire plus there was no such insulation on top of the water heater as your serviceman stated he could not tell if water was coming from the top of the tank as most units over time would do.

I was also told that as far as the service people installing my new water heater could not locate any water from the tank what so ever. They were surprised when I told them that the last serviceman never told me that the tank wiring caught on fire and the real reason that the tank needed replacement.

I am waiting not only for agreed refund but also full refund on new tank since it was not the thermostat but your repairman’s not connecting it correctly or with the wrong item. Since you have not kept your agreement or your word as to refunding as agreed I will take this into a legal court of law for almost causing my home to be burned down with family in it. My total costs for the new tank as well as insulation was $380.87 plus your so called repairs and parts were 139.52 and parts $43.18 and $26.18 for a sum total of $589.75 and the plumbers fee’s of $250.00 for the new tank and pulling the old one out. $975.00 is the full price stolen from me because of your service. I will allow thirty days before filing action for this amount to be refunded then include damages as well as legal fee’s it costs me to get this straightened out.

If you feel there was no wrong done then we will settle this for much more I am sure in a court of law. Have any questions please feel free to call me at (479) 372-5147 at any time as I am retired and normally home most of the time.

Also your service repairman was told my name is John Lewis and not Yo Landa Reyes that was the owner of this property before I was. I bought this property off of them over nine years ago and also called your service department to correct this change. Again my name is John Lewis and I own 12543 Scenic Dr., Rogers, Arkansas 72756. Plus yes the deed as well is in my name of John Wallace Lewis and the property is paid for in full.

Why you people refuse to change the names in your record is beyond me just because the last owners had you install your water heater is real lazy work not wanting to keep good bookkeeping for future customers.

John Lewis


P.O. Box 755

12543 Scenic Dr.

Rogers, Arkansas 72756

(479) 372-5147


I had service on my washer purchased through Sears. I had to wait 2 weeks for the refurbished parts to come in.

Tech came out Tues and put parts in. Washer is still not working. I can't get service until June 12. They offered me $25 per week for laundry up to $100.

Thanks I have 5 people in my house. Now the washer has leaked all on the floor and continues to run even when turned off. My husband had to disconnect it. I called Sears and got no where.

They act like they are reading from a script. I will not purchase another thing from Sears. I just want my washer back. I have spent hours on the phone with these people and got no where.

No customer service at all. Certainly no Resolution from the Resolution dept.


I Purchased new kitchen appliances at Sears, all Kenmore Elite, what a mistake. I did purchase the extended service contracts which are an entirely different headache.

The fridge after two years was replaced under the service contract and I understand sometimes that a product will have defects however I am still having issues with my dish washer. If the thing wasn't over $800 I would have already gone to Lowes to replace it. Sears customer service is horrible, they have been to my house on the dish washer once for a check-up, once to repair a switch, once to replace a board. They give you a 9 hour window as to when they will be there, if you ask them to narrow it down they can't, upon a repair not working, and it being reported, you get to wait a week for someone to come out, when you complain you have been without the appliance for 3 weeks you not only get attitude but told you're being unreasonable.

I filed a formal complaint with Sears not that it will do any good last week, I'm interested to see what response I get. Oh and after the complaint of three weeks without my appliance and a 9 hour repair window I'm told thank you for being a valued customer, seriously?

If I were a valued customer I don't think I'd be going three weeks without an appliance. They did offer to have the tech call me 30 minutes prior to arrival at my house however I don't have a job that I can just leave at anytime like apparently Sears must allow their employees to do to meet repair people.


I Purchased new kitchen appliances at Sears, all Kenmore Elite, what a mistake. I did purchase the extended service contracts which are an entirely different headache.

The fridge after two years was replaced under the service contract and I understand sometimes that a product will have defects however I am still having issues with my dish washer. If the thing wasn't over $800 I would have already gone to Lowes to replace it. Sears customer service is horrible, they have been to my house on the dish washer once for a check-up, once to repair a switch, once to replace a board. They give you a 9 hour window as to when they will be there, if you ask them to narrow it down they can't, upon a repair not working, and it being reported, you get to wait a week for someone to come out, when you complain you have been without the appliance for 3 weeks you not only get attitude but told you're being unreasonable.

I filed a formal complaint with Sears not that it will do any good last week, I'm interested to see what response I get. Oh and after the complaint of three weeks without my appliance and a 9 hour repair window I'm told thank you for being a valued customer, seriously?

If I were a valued customer I don't think I'd be going three weeks without an appliance. They did offer to have the tech call me 30 minutes prior to arrival at my house however I don't have a job that I can just leave at anytime like apparently Sears must allow their employees to do to meet repair people.


Sears in hicksville , center...what a joke. Had four brand new Goodyear whfuelmax tires installed.

$717.00. Pretty much one of the better tires. After five days one tire got a bubble. Sears refused to replace it.

Refused to keep a customer happy. A bubble in a tire after five days...something wrong with the tire. Common sense. They messed up my alignment.

Didn't balance the tires properly. Get your tires elsewhere. Friend had same problem, the Goodyear store replaced the.tire no questions asked. Remember firestone?

Something not right and they willing to gamble with customers safety rather than address the problem as a classic American icon store should. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS AUTO CENTER....THEY CLUELESS


serious , i spent an hour on that rant get a ledgible security code


Purchased a Sears garage door opener had it installed by Sears, the guy installed it wrong causing my garage door break (bend). contacted Sears Blue ribbon Service !!

What a joke !! Kept saying they would rectify the problem and pay for a new door never did. Now we are in Small Claims court. Take them to court !!

don't let them ***.. Sears is absolutely the worst.

Avoid Sears at all cost.. go to lowes or Home Depot at least they stand behind what they sell !!!

Sears Response

Dear Joe Hitchcock:

Please accept our apologies for the multiple repair attempts on your television. I'm not sure how to adequately convey sincerity to you but you should know that we are here to help with this and any other Sears related issue you may be having or have had. My name is Susan and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and we would like to look into this issue for you and offer our assistance to help resolve it if you are still having problems. At the very least we would like to speak with you regarding your experience.

At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the television was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (Joe Hitchcock) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


Have a Sears rewards card. It had $10.00 on it, Sears ripped me off because I had not spent it in a year.

It now has 56 cents on it!

Home Depot Here I come.

Also don't ever buy electronics from Sears, Took a month and 5 visits from repair to fix the TV. I finally got a $100 gift certificate on that one.


Here lies the run off of society of entitled spoiled brats who are so fat and lazy they need to be air lifted into a sears to shop. They are miserable with their wives, husbands and crotch fruit and they take it out here.

How disgusting!!!!! Get a life!


Bought lawn mower in 3/29/2010 in Jacksonville Texas. moved to Athens Tx and took lawn mower to Sears here.

The 1st time on 2/21/2011 oil in carberator, returned on 3/11/2011

.Took again on 5/30/2011 returned on 6/21/2011 and now have returned it again on 3/12/2012 .

all with the same problem.The mower has been in the shop more than we have been able to use it.We have bought sears before with no problems.we expect to be treated fairly and get a new lawn mower. :(


Anyone who buys an appliance from Sears had better hope they never need to use the home repair service. After taking off 2 days from work to be available for a repairman (who failed to show up), I was told they would request that I be the first on the list for today, and I should see the repairman from 8am-12pm.

He showed up at 3:20pm and for a repair that took ten minutes. Needless to say I'm ready to punch somebody in the face!


Sears delivered a refrigerator to a neighbor across the street. But the delivery truck blocked my driveway and blocked access to sanitation dept.

who was on the way to pick up recycling. When I politely informed driver of that fact, instead of apologizing and moving the truck, he instead was confrontational, never moved the truck, insisted he did nothing wrong, and then told me that I was saying these things to him only because he was Hispanic. What a *** ***. I really should have called the police because it is against the law to block someone's driveway, but I did not.

When they removed the old refrigerator from the neighbor, upon loading it from the hand truck into the truck, dropped it on the street in front of my driveway. If the fridge had broken I would have had broken, sharp metal pieces on my street to give me and everyone else flat tires.

Upon going online to Sears and seeing the extremely high disapproval rating (over 90%) for Sears and Sears deliveries, I now see why.

When I need my next appliance, I will NOT be ordering from Sears.


I have not been able to contact anyone about my account. No one seems to want to give me a telephone number to billing.

My email address is:


Had a horrible experience with a recent delivery of a refrigerator from Sears. All my dealings with the store and salesman were great.

Sears Home Delivery is terrible. They are unable to deliver when they say they will, their reps/employees are completing lacking in customer service skills, and they cannot track their deliveries. Really, how hard is is to say what you will do and then do that? If you say you will deliver a fridge on Saturday between 3 and 5 pm, why is that so difficult?

And then, when it is finally delivered on the following Tuesday, why do you call on Wednesday to schedule the pick up of a fridge?

It's absolutely ridiculous! I will never purchase another major appliance from them again!


If you want the worst customer service in the world shop at the Sears store in Keokuk Iowa and the owner of that store will treat you as if you are *** while making himself look uneducated and very unprofessional. Why to go sears for letting someone like that represent your company.


Never use Sears home services. They replaced my refridgerator with the wrong model and wanted to charge me a restocking fee (half the cost of the unit) to take it back.

They also could not hook up the water line. Two guys that delivers refridgerators for a living couldn't figure it out and my wife and daughter did it themselves. Now it has beed two months waiting for our washing mashine to be fixed. NEVER buy a samsung by the way....

I have a living room full of parts and no tech ti come install them.

2 Months of delays, cancellations, wrong parts and here we are off to the public laundry once again. No wonder they are going out of business.


I will never shop at Sears again. I bought a freezer, and paid $930.90 cash which included $69.99 for delivery.

The salesman took the money, purchased a gift card without my knowledge and ordered the freezer online. Now I can't get it delivered and I can't get a refund.

They offered me another gift card, but my cash is gone. Sears steals!!


i was give in a coformation on flower price they phone me back and change their price why give a number if you respect it


I had a 3 year old Kenmore Elite dryer that after 6 weeks of poor service visits, two tech no shows, incorrect ordering of parts, hours on the phone and numerous hangups was deemed unfixable. It took sears another for 4 weeks to complete the necessary paperwork for us to get our credit through the Service Smart Agreement that we were due.

10 weeks with no dryer and more stress than I have ever had before I finally have my new dryer.

hopefully it will last longer than 3 years! I will NEVER purchase anything from sears again.


I have two separate complaints regarding SEARS

The first involved the auto center. I was told I needed to replace my left front wheel hub and bearings.

A cost of over $300. I took it to my dealership. They found nothing wrong with my car!!! This is the first time I took it for a second opinion.

Now I wonder how many other jobs I have had them do that was unnecessary. Several thousand dollars worth of Sears repairs made to my car and truck over the past couple of years.

The second problem was involving a television for this Christmas, 2011. It did not arrive when promised and when I finally received it, it was severely damaged with a cracked screen. I am still waiting on a refund/credit to my card.

It has been almost a month since I was charged and I am still paying interest. I am done with SEARS.

Even the oil changes will be done somewhere else. Too bad!


After being on the phone with sears for more than three days-I decided to contact general assembly directly. Sears disconnected my calls three times and I had to discuss my concerns with 6 different people in one day. Still-no help. I am very appalled by the customer services. Remember when Sears seemed to care. I think it is time to get give your service to other appliance and electronic stores who are trying to establish and retain a strong customer base. Where are the replies to all these Sear's customer complaints????

Message to General Assembly:a

I just wanted to contact you and inform you of the poor service I have received from your company. My first initial contact with your company was less than professional. For example, Sears scheduled installation for my elliptical machine Saturday, and the customer service representative stated "Well, we do not know if we can get a technician out there Saturday, and we do not know why Sears keeps scheduling for us." As well, general assembly contacted me and stated that a technician would be there Saturday between 12-3 pm. On Saturday, I began to become concerned @ 2:30pm- I called your customer service, and they reported that they would follow up--3:00pm-no call back. I called both sears and general assembly and both assured me that a technician was still coming Saturday. Your company called 3:40pm and reported that no one would be coming Saturday--Unbelievable, I thought--no explanation. Your company called and said that I could reschedule for Monday-I did and Sears suggested that it would be early morning. Well, it is Monday, your company is closed and still no assembly. I called Sears and they were shocked.

I have never received such poor customer service in addition to unreliable service such as this. I just thought you may be concerned with the way in which your company is providing customer service. I paid $200.00 and I have no elliptical machine assembled. Sears reported that this is the only company that assembles the Nordic track and I am at a loss. Actually, at this point --I am afraid to allow a company that works in this manner in my home--it almost seems that this is a fraudulent company.

I look forward to hearing from you.


We ordered and paid for a 2500.00frig.was suppose to get delivery three weeks after we ordered .we were all home myself my husband and one of my sons and a dog with good hearing.well the next thing we know there's a note on the door that they had come and gone.had a supervisor hang up on my husband,a driver that lies and now they say cant deliver for two more days.we are fifteen minutes from sears.great products worse customer service in the business.wal mart is better .never buy from sears they take your money and keep the product.they suck.


We ordered and paid for a 2500.00frig.was suppose to get delivery three weeks after we ordered .we were all home myself my husband and one of my sons and a dog with good hearing.well the next thing we know there's a note on the door that they had come and gone.had a supervisor hang up on my husband,a driver that lies and now they say cant deliver for two more days.we are fifteen minutes from sears.great products worse customer service in the business.wal mart is better .never buy from sears they take your money and keep the product.they suck.


bought a hot water heater and after installing on 12/20/11,it did not work.called Sears service and 2 techs(parts changers) came out and ordered everything that could be replaced and said that the parts should come Fri. 12/23/11, and when they do we will be back Fri.

to install them. The parts came 11:30am Fri.12/23/11 I called Sears and tried to get them to come out as they had promised and was told the soonest would be Tues.12/27/11. I has been 4 days without hot water,now they expect my family to go without hot water for another 4 days thru CHRISTMAS! I was furious but all I got was the same runaround, "sorry but tues.

is the soonest." Sears just does not care! I had to call a local heating co.

to replace the parts @ $120 but a least we have hot water, thanks Sears you suck!! Jim


Ordered a bunch of clothes from Sears, instead of them sending it in one box they broke it into 4 shipments, all the shipments came but not everything I ordered came, on the packaging list it lists what is contained in the box and one shirt was missing even though it said it was in the box, I called sears to have someone that hardly spoke english tell me they have to issue a investigation and will put a trace on the package, I told her that they can track it but it will track right to my house, it didn't get lost or damaged, it just never got put in the box, it will take 8 days to resolve it they tell me, alot of good that does when we are 7 days from christmas. I realize these people have their little scripts they have to follow, but come on, when I asked to talk to her supervisor she said that was not possible that they would tell me the same thing, well I am done with sears, and all there holdings. All they would of had to do is send me the shirt I ordered, but they had to be creeps about it.


Just read Glenn's comment. I had a similar problem.

Brought car in Meriden Ct store for tires and alignment. Mechanic put wrong valve stems on car, broke hub car center cap, and aligned car with steering wheel crooked. I was in and out in 30 minutes. He had car on alignment rack for 5 minutes.

How can you align a car that fast? He obviously did not align it, or is too *** to know how. Had work done on Thursday. Brought it back Friday for corrections, but the same guy screwed it up again.

Sure they must work certain days so do not go there Thursdays and Fridays or you will get same ***! They should send him back for training or something!


Went to sears in Meriden CT for workon my car. I had a noise in the front and $1200 dollars later I left with 3 noises!!!

I went back to complain and they tried to sell me more parts. What a bunch of crooks. Finally took the car to a certified repair shop and they fixed the original noise for $94. It was only a bad rubber bushing.

I guess it's my fault for not taking it to a certified place right off the bat. After researching Sears and calling their corporate offices, they are a commission shop so they hire illiterate, no talent people for minimum wage. No wonder they got the bill to $1200!!!!

Nunch of back yard no skill bums. I will never go there again.


I put some items in my cart (on sale) and when I went to purchase them (still on sale)2 days later and the price changed. This has happened twice this week.

I even had my friend to put the same items in her cart and the same thing happened. I called customer service and all the sears lady said was, Whatever my computer screen tells me is what it is...I said look at your home page of It states and extra 15% off. Which it was 2 days ago in my cart and now its not.

It plainly says no code needed. The Sears lady said, "I dont know what to tell you." Im thinking "wow, for customer service when they cant figure out how to give you the sale price THEY have advertised.....I was thinking craftsman for my husbands new 40 x 60 building.

But it will be Lowes-Kobalt for him now!!!! Maybe someday Sears can get back to where they use to be.


I have a 3 year old Kenmore fridge that a Sears serviceman just checked out and told me it was shot and needed replaced. This is on top of a Kenmore dishwasher that went belly up a couple of years ago that was also about 3 years old.

Nobody in the organization seems to care about these *** products. I will not buy another Sears product............


I just type a comment and it was deleted about my washer and dryer that i have had problems with sense i puchased them in DEC3,2010 a whole year and im still having problems with them. iwrote a whole page about Sears there rude service guys and there customer service department.

and when i put the code in it said wrong code. it was the correct code. Sears is a rip off. they will bend you over and then have some kind of exuse.

every one needs to stop shopping there.not everyone post there coments.

and i have heard some bad stories. iwill be back and post the *** they have put me thru and continue to put me still waiting to replace my washer they promised me ,and its been over a year.


Purchased a new washer dryer from sears for delivery/installation by sears on 12/1/11.

We smelled gas after the install, and on 12/5/11 it got so bad We called sears installation 800-732-7747

Spoke to Francisco M #351434; he instructed us to call the gas company and to have the gas service to our home shut off. We did this and the gas company dispatched a technician who turned off the gas. Your representative Francisco told us that a representative from installation team would call us back to arrange to send someone out. I asked to talk to a supervisor, by was told there are none available, and someone would call me back.

No one has called back.

The Gas company technician inspected the appliance and piping/connections with a gas detection device and found that some piping was improperly installed. Additionally, he noted that the vent for the appliance was improperly installed and had fallen off. He left us a written report stating these findings.

Morning of 12/6/11 we called sears installation 800-732-7747 to follow up, talked to Tiffany 251398, Xavier 82015 both refused to let me speak to a supervisor, both said someone would call us back. No one has called back.

About 2pm we again called installation 800-732-7747 and talked to Crystal (delivery dept 82013) She tells us that the supervisor who should call us back is in another unit, so she can’t provide information as to why they won’t call back. We again explained to her that the gas service is off at sears direction, and that we are located in Wisconsin, it is nearing freezing, and the water pipes in the home are subject to freeze. I asked when we could expect action and she says 24 to 72 hours, that is procedure.

She issued us Claim number 116864

So what I understand is, sears is willing to let tens of thousands of dollars of collateral damage occur, rather than responding to the problem.

Are there any adults in Sears we can talk to??


I have problems with both Kitchenaid and Sears. Sears has three different organizations involved...

delivery, installation, and repair. only repair is actually their employees and the techs are *** who show up and order the wrong parts, then install parts even though they are cosmetically damaged and the customer doesn't want them to. delivery is sorta the best of the three. they don't show up on time but they do show up and are moderately pleasant.

installation - now there's a big problem. they are contractors who, depending on which one, could be rude and obnoxious, not show up on time, etc. I have had the displeasure of having a refrigerator show up defective and have to be swapped out. Also a cooktop show up scratched and have them send me 2 additional cooktops, both scratched.

Also an oven scratched and they shipped a scratched one to replace it with. in between that the experience with the repair person (I was going to do them a favor and say send only the part I need not the whole oven. Big mistake.) Scratched merchandise of course is a problem with Kitchenaid, but Sear's bad treatment of their customers is the subject here.

STAY AWAY and buy elsewhere. And for the next few months until Kitchenaid figures out quality control, choose non Whirlpool brands.


I've read other peoples delivery complaints but at least they got a call from Sears, we did not. We bought a fridge and stove on Nov.19 and were given a firm date of Dec 1st for delivery, which was two weeks later.

They could not guarantee a time, just wait between noon and 5pm. I waited all afternoon and no delivery and no call. Seems the store can't do anything about it as the "new" delivery date is Dec 8th. I phoned the complaint number and was told "sorry" and we will be compensated.

I asked in what way and she said she could not tell me until I took delvery of the order. Well what if I'm not satisfied with the compensation? I can't go buy new appliances once these are installed, but we do have a week to shop elsewhere before cancelling the Sears opder.

I told her that and of course she appologized which seems to be all she can do. The number is 1-800-664-1888.


I received a call tonight at 8:50 pm and was told that my Account was over due! I tried to tell the man calling that I have the money for my account drafted out of my checking account each month.

He hung up with me. So I call them back (caller ID #) and a Lady came on the phone and asked how could she help me, I told her I received a call stating I was late on my account, and told her the guy hung up. She said she would help me. When I explained to her, she did not say anything and hung up on me.

CALLED BACK! Get this guy telling me this call is being recorded, told him I was recording him also. He said when they draft out of a custmers cking account, it only goes on for 1 year. I told him that no one said anything about this when I set it up.

He said they did not receive my payment for Nov. and that I was 2 months behind..I told him we were still in Nov. and he said their cycle has me oweing for Dec. also.

Said it was set up for the 18th of each month.

I told him that I was not going to pay their $25 late fee. He said for me to pay 148.15 now and he would take it off of my acct. Well at this time, I was totally Pissed off. He said for that would bring up my account, and I could give them the info for my Bank account and they would start drafting in Jan.

2012. I as him let me talk to your supervisor, he said they did not have one. I ask from where are you calling from he said the collony, and where is that, he said the Phillipins. I told him to have someone call me that are in the USA because he was not going to get any info from me.

and Hung up.

Tomorrow Im going to call the Corp. office and get this streight, or will turn over to my Lawer for Him to take over.


In December 2010 I bought a Sole treadmill at Sears in Hickory, North Carolina on a Friday with free home delivery and paid for it. The following Monday I got an email from Sears saying my order had been canceled because they couldn't find my address.

I have lived at the same address 36 years and Sears has delivered to my address previously. I live 15 minutes from the local Sears store and the treadmill was in stock at the store. I called Sears customer service and a rude person a few hundred miles from me told me that the order was canceled and there was nothing they or I could do. I asked to speak to my local store manager and that request was denied.

Sears did refund my money. I then went to another retailer across the street from Sears and bought the same Sole treadmill at the same price with free delivery and it was delivered the next day. The other retailer had never delivered to my address previously. The retailer that delivered the treadmill did something Sears employees did not do, they picked up the phone and called and said, "how do we get to your house".

I guess calling was too much of a bother to Sears. Apparently a $1600.00 sale is small change to the Hickory Sears store. Sears delivery might go to some other retailer and buy a GPS, apparently Sears either doesn't sell GPS devices or the ones they sell don't work for Sears delivery employees. GPS devices are very useful.

Recently I read an article online saying Sears/Kmart would be one of the national businesses that would be out of business within 10 years.

The primary reason bad customer service. I certainly am living proof of Sears bad customer service. Do I still shop at Sears?

Now what do you think? :grin


Bought a washer machine because ours just broke down. Sales rep tells me it will be delivered this Sunday.

Get a phone call Thanksgiving morning saying it will be delivered Sunday. Get a call today (Friday) saying nope.. Possible be delivered in two weeks. This came after I scheduled time off from work to be there when they arrive.

I could of had this machine in the house if a went with other businesses that sell that same item. Why should I buy anything else from Sears ?


:( I bought a 64 inch plasma tv from sears just to get it home to find out that the tv is mangled. i called my local sears that i bought it from and they told me i broke it while trasporting it.

the box has no dents!!!!! long story short they told me to shove a $2000 tv up my you know were.


I have been a loyal customer of Sears for more than 30 years (I'm now 50+). I even still use a Craftsman table saw my father bought with his newspaper delivery money when he was 12!

And I am very sad to hear about the current financial straights Sears is in, and to contemplate a future without one of my favorite stores/brands. But you seriously damage my loyalty when I get fliers like the recent one touting Thanksgiving day "Doorbuster" specials with disclaimers like this: "Limited to warehouse quantities. No rainchecks. Not available in all stores.

In-store purchase only. Not available on" This is what I get for 30+ years of loyal support? The opportunity to drive to my nearest Sears at 4:00 a.m. to buy the Samsung 51" plasma 1080p 600Hz HDTV for $649.99 only to find out the store never had any or only had one and it's already gone?

I would make that drive if I could be sure to get the TV I want at the advertised price. And I would probably buy some other stuff while I'm there. But this kind of mean-spirited, bait-and-fool marketing technique makes me want to never spend another dime at Sears. You may think it's a good ploy to get shoppers in the store, but I bet you loose more customers than you gain with this nonsense--and it shows in your failing business plan and market share.

You win in the current market by rewarding loyalty--by making customers feel they are special--not by treating them like they're dupes to be manipulated and mistreated. Your Doorbusters would be more appropriately called Loyaltybusters or maybe even Customerbusters. And I don't expect this missive to make one bit of difference, because I don't matter to Sears.

But at least I tried to help a brand that matters to me. Truly sad.


Sears, junk appliances .1% service 99.9%. Outsource or nonexistent service.

I bought a Maytag dishwasher 11 months ago it quit working. Called for service and was told it would be 10 days before they can send a tech. The Tech showed up did not have any parts. He ordered them and had then shipped to my address and said when I received them to call for another appointment, I did and was told it would be another 20 days.

I have to tell you, I've been a customer of Sears for 40 years and up until this last 10 years or so there appliances were good and so was the service. Service or quality of products no longer exist at sears. I tried to call and see if I could get an earlier appointment because Thanksgiving is coming and I'm not looking forward to doing these dishes by hand. I was connected with somebody in the Philippines whom I could not understand and they could not understand me.

Sears has gone global on a huge scale and they could care less about their customers.

I will never buy another Sears product as long as I live and I hope their demise comes soon. Not only do their products suck , so does her service.


:( Their credit card customer service is run by idiots. I recently changed my bank account that I was making my payments with.

Two of my three accounts the payment went through fine but the third one was reverted back to the original account.

But of course this is not Sears fault at all that their website screwed up. I spoke to tech support and went through the steps to fix that but that does not fix the fact that the bank is charging me overdraft fees because Sears took the payment from the wrong account.

Anne E

Sear Pissed OFF Consumer Letter

I called Sear's services to repair our Whirlpool Refrigerator freezer purchased on October 9, 2009. This is not an old refrigerator. I purchased a deluxe home warranty that lasts until 2014. I made an appointment by calling Sear's repair on October 30, 2011 and made an appointment for a Sear's Repairman to come out. They recommended purchasing dry ice to keep the contents cold, which I did. My first appointment was for Tuesday the was then changed to Thursday the 3rd. Each change was generated by a voice message not a live human. No one ever came, and no repairman ever called, and $130.00 worth of dry ice later I have no refrigerator and no live contact with a human repairman. I spoke to a live person at Sear's Repair on November 3rd at 5:30, and they said no one could come out until the 9th. I asked why I hadn't heard from a repairman or Sears and they said "Sorry, but all repairman had gone home." I said call one because I'm still waiting, or send one first thing in the morning. They can't do that. I would have to take the first available appointment which is the 9th. I then used some choice language and hung up. I then used their internet service and got another appointment. Today is the 9th, There has been no call from Sears so I called at 3:30 to check and see if they were coming. I was assured they would be here. It is now 6:08 and as I have already learned all Sear repairman go home at 5:00.

I am being factual in this letter, and it does not reflect how disgusted, irate, pissed off, and totally angry I am with Sear's, it's worthless warranty that I paid $469.00 dollars for, and my now useless refrigerator, and my out of pocket expense of $150.00 for dry ice....not to mention loss of food, time, and my good humor.

I would not recommend buying an appliance ever at sears. I do not believe there are any Sear's Repairman. I especially would not recommend buying a warranty because it is a useless waste of money, and a meaningless piece of paper. You be better off putting the money into a fund for your next appliance, or saving it so you can call Rescue Appliance a fair wonderful repair service I have used repeatedly in the past for servicing my last refrigerator. Rescue Appliance have honest, dependable, live people, who show up on time, have phones and call if they will be late, and have a live woman who is always there to make appointments and answer your questions. What a concept! I would call them but it would void my Warranty with Sears. HELP! I HATE Sears. They did not call tonight, and I doubt if they will call tomorrow. DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS!!!


Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno

Very Unhappy X Sears Customer

PS: They didn't call, no one showed up, and today November 10th I again spoke with Sarah in Texas (I'm in California) and she is trying to schedule an appointment. I then talked to Eric in Texas and I have an appointment for Tuesday between 8 and 12 because I already know no one shows up between 11 and 5. I actually believe the Warranty is a very worthless piece of paper that cost over $400.00, and I no longer believe there is an actual Sear repairman or service left alive in this United States of America. Rest in Peace Sears and Roebuck.


The following is the first of two emails I sent to sears complaint dept yesterday:

Dear Sears, please cancel my order for this leaf shredder. I have to tell you that I am very disappointed in Sears at this time and feel like you did a “bait & switch” with me. Upon further research of the product I purchased, I learned it is not manufactured by Ponder Rosa Assembly but rather by Chicago Electric and generally retails for around $100.00. The real model number for this item is 66133. Your web page shows this product as being reduced from $279.00 to $180.00. I sincerely believe at this time, this product never did retail for $279.00. I understand acting as a middle retailer for others you may need to increase the prices a bit, but I find this matter is beyond this and close to fraud. If I am unable to reverse this purchase, I really think I need to alert the Iowa Attorney General about this practice.

I then received another worthless response and I followed with my second letter:

Dear Sears, I find your response insulting and unsatisfactory. The hyperlink provided in the shipping notice did not work to contact Ponder Rosa Assembly. I attempted to Google this entity but was not able to find a site for them. Sears use to be a trust worthy retailer who stood behind what they sold. I now know this is no longer the standard. Sears simply acts as a middle for other sellers cashing in using their name and web page to lure people who remember the Sears of the past. Please know, because of this experience, I will no longer trust Sears in further purchases and will look for retailers who do not just allow their name to be used and actually sell the products.

I had other issues with Sears regarding pourly manufactured appliances and had been reluctant to purchase from them, but I needed a *** mulcher and when I googled this, Sears kept coming up. I guess live and learn. I learned stay away from Sears.


I too am very disappointed with Sears. I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator in August.

The fridge was in the clearance section but I was told it was brand new and that the previous purchaser decided against the purchase and returned it. In fact all of the packing material was till on the unit. When I received the fridge, the icemaker didn't work. I called Sears and 6 service calls, at least 12 hours on the phone, 8 hours of missed work, 3 new icemakers, 1 main circuit board, and two damaged freezer doors later I still didn't have ice.

Half way through the process I tried to exchange the fridge for an identical unit, I was told I would have to pay an additional $400 to get the same brand new fridge I had. As my 90 day return period was nearing the end, I called Sears to have them take it back. They came and got the fridge.

4 days later I called about my refund and was told it will take 7-10 days to get my refund and that if it didn't show up I would need to go to the store and have a sales person submit a help ticket. This is why I Sears has lost my business, along with anyone else I can persuade.


I called Sears about a garage door opener and I needed it installed asap. I asked the sales man if it could be installed the next day after purchase and he assured me yes.

I then asked him to call the installer to double check as I needed it done the next day after purchase so he said he would call them and ask, then call me back. When he called me back he again assured me they had told him as long as the purchase was made before 3 p.m in would be installed the Next Day. The next morning I drove to the Sears store and proceeded to buy the opener and then again asking this new sales person if he would also call to make sure installation would be done the next day. He had a woman employee call and I was told by her (after all the above and driving to the store) NO it takes 72 business hours before they will install.

PEOPLE BEWARE SEARS LIES to get you into the store !!!!!!! I asked to speak to a manager to give him the name of his employee and when I was pointed to him, he was the same person who had waited on me but was now ignoring me like I wasn't there. At the same time a strange man I didn't know was talking on his cell phone telling someone how bad this Sears Store was pertaining to his experience and I also noted an elderly couple when I had been entering the Sears store having a problem at the check out and the elderly woman saying but who is going to beleive me and the same man (the supposed manager)proceeded to ignor them until they finally left????????????? Like I did.

What has happened to customer Care and Service Sears?

You don't want or need business ??? because these examples will work if this is your new and changed goals !!!!! I know that from the 3 issues I experienced, We won't be back !!!! These 3 issues happened at the Deerbrook Mall in Humble, Texas in the Hardware Dept.

11-3-2011 before noon. I was personally one of the issues and witnessed the other two.


. .


Was fired from Sears for laughing at someone elses joke. Seriously, I'm glad I'm gone, I left with a smile on my face.

Sears discriminates and doesn't like employees with back bones. All of you disgruntled customers have every right to be mad bc Sears is over priced and all they care about is money.


Sears service bundles functional failures so they can claim that you have not had 4 functional failures within one year, the requirement to justify replacement under the LEMON Rule. Forget the fact that a lawn mower is not used 12 months a year, mowing season in my area begins in May and ends in Sep. Excuses and delays have had my mower less than functional for 3 months of this mowing season and they wanted over $600 to extend my warranty for the next year!






I bought a garage door opener from Sears and when I opened the box to install it found that the opener was not new and was broke. Also some of the parts were not for that opener.

When I took it back to Sears was told that they would not replace or refund anything because it was not new even though it was just purchaced a couple hours before. They finally called security to excort me out of the store because I informed other customers about my problem and how rude I was being treated.


Purchased a flat-pack bed side table on a SEARS website, and used my SEARS charge card to pay for it. Received the item by UPS shipping several days later.

In between the time I ordered it, and received it--I found something I liked better. I contacted the number listed on the invoice to make arrangements to return the item--only to be told that they DID NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON FURNITURE, and if I wished to make a return, I had to contact SEARS directly. I then called SEARS, to be told that becuase this item was shipped through a 3rd party vendor, THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT THE RETURN EITHER! I smell something fishy here--like a classic bait and switch routine, whereby the consumer is not aware of the fact that the furniture is coming through a 3rd party vendor (I was never told this on the phone when I placed my order) so now I am stuck with an expensive piece of furniture I do not want, but I am being forced to pay for.

Is this somehow not illegal? I am very unhappy with this situation, and as a result, will be cancelling my card, and ending my relationship this company.

SEARS--you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If you host the product on your site, and you accept YOUR CHARGE CARD to pay for it, then you should be responsible for accepting the return of it!!

Sears Response

Dear Doug in Rochester, NY:

We are sorry to hear about the problems that you are experiencing with Sears service and your refrigerator. We can only imagine the frustration this has caused you and your family. It is our goal to get your appliances to run properly (or in this case to smell appropriately) when servicing and to exceed your expectations. This clearly has not been done for you and we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

My name is Susan and I work for the Social Media Support Team. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Doug in Rochester, NY) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Susan R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


New refrigerator and the ICE maker has produced BAD TASTING ICE ever since I plugged it in. After 2 service calls they say they can't do anything it is in the plastic in the refrigerator.

Your only choice is to put charcol inside your freezer to abzorb the taste/smell. What a band aid bunch of ***. And there resolution hot line is worthless.

NEVER AGAIN will I purchase from SEARS and I tell all my friends and familiy not to. BAD BUSINESS


This is for anyone who shops at Sears and has had a bad Experience with the lousy Customer Service at Sears. It may not hurt them much but the publicity would really send a message.

If everyone got together on line and had a return to Sears day any and all products that failed in which Sears did not honor and got the run around by their Customer Service.

We notify the media that this is going to take place and then take the products into the store on the day set and give them to Sears in front of the Media and then give the story to the Media. I bet that would get their attention.

What do you think Sears? Would you like that?


My Comment is about the Lousy Customer Service with Sears and one of the Vendors who supplies them Tools, WORX.

Sears is a dealer of WORX and has been for quite a while. I went to Sears last year to look at the WORX Tool Line. I like what I saw and they were having a sale on-line so I bought a Combo kit but did not buy the Extended Warranty. (actually do not think it was offered) and the tools had a 1 year full warranty and I figured if something fails it is usually in the first few months.

The Batteries failed. Would not hold a charge at all. I called Sears and was directed to a web-site. I found a site that says enter your Serial Numbers to see if you qualify for replacement batteries. If I did qualify I get an e-mail with a coupon code to enter into a box on the battery page and hit submit and then I get confirmation and a new battery(s) would be on the way. The site sent me the coupon e-mail for both batteries and then promptly kicked me out of the site when I tried to enter them in the box. I thought well that is not good but maybe I entered something wrong. I tried again and then was warned that my serial numbers were no longer valid.

Calls to the Consumer line were never answered. I have called all this past weekend. I called Parts (another number) and they told me it was not their problem and that I would have to keep trying to call the Customer Line.

I called Sears back and they said they could not help me. Call WORX they said. Both companies, bad Customer Service. Neither takes responsibility for the lousy product and the run around by both is ridiculous. I find Sears and WORX both to be in conflict with their Pride in Tools and Products they sell. They have no pride. Take the Consumers money, give them a lousy product and then do not support. I am going post to any blog that will allow me to and any Better Business Bureau I can this information and complain. If I do it long enough and if other Consumers do it long enough then perhaps Sears and WORX will get the message. I have lost all respect for both Companies and will boycott them.I hope and wish others would do the same. Hit these companies where it hurts in the profits and maybe something will happen. Because now most companies do not care about Customer Service. It is all about money.


There was a special sale online at of a patio set. I received a confirmed order, they charged my credit card (a hold) and then the next day I got an email saying my order was canceled because the item was "no longer available".

However, it was in stock online at a much higher price, so obviously it was available, they just didn't want to honor the sale prices. Some customers called and did get the price honored, but even escalating this to and their executive Sears staff did not get satisfaction. It simply depends on who you talk to, some customers got the order, some did not. Bait and switch has been a lawsuit against Sears for years.

My chain of emails and escalating up the chain of command resulted in them offering me 5% off any patio set of my choice. SO insulting. I can get that deal on a coupon code. It is clear discrimination when they choose to honor a confirmed order for SOME customers and not others.

I'll be posting a complaint on all online resources so people stay away from dealing with Sears/Kmart in any transaction. Horrible customer service.


The manager at Sears in North Brunswick NJ parts did not honor the 90 day warranty and then when I asked him about this he swore at me. I had to call the police into the store and they told me to write a letter and call as Bill the supervisor was completely out of line.


about all i can say is that i will NEVER recommend anyone to shop at sears.. since they went chinese on parts etc one cannot get any help.

i ordered parts for a planer on 1/30 according to the web site all parts were in stock... well today i learn they are all on back order .. this after complaining because the parts didnt come in as promised..

anyhow this will be posted on every site i visit.. i am sick of junk built craftman tools .. used to be good but not since they are no longer made in usa..

i am about ready to just trash the planer and get a new one from someone more dependable

burnt my card some 5 years ago.. never to purchase another craftman product



All morons.needed a battery....sold me the wrong one then took over 1/2 hour to get money back.......had to run upstairs to get more money...incompetent...never again


Had repair issue with my Kenmore front load washer. Contacted customer service and inquired about the service package for 129.99.

Informed customer service that issue was with bellow behind door and also I removed washer from pedestal because of damage to levelers and was troubleshooting for the leak, before realizing, problem was with bellow. I was informed that technician will repair gasket and reinstall pedestal for the 129.99 fee plus parts. I verified with customer service rep 3 times about tech repairing gasket and pedestal and was told 3 times that all will be corrected. Well, when tech came Friday, he informed us that he does not work on the pedestal and did not have levelers anyway.

I informed him that the info relayed to me from customer service said that the tech would install. Long story short he left without installing pedestal or front cover of machine. I contacted customer service and as usual dealt with long wait time, disconnections and workers passing the buck and computerized machines. I was transferred multiple times and additional wait times.

I spent 1 1/2 hours of my time trying to resolve issue. It's as if no one wants to help just pass the buck. I even dealt with same issue when trying again on Sunday to resolve issue. To sum it up, I was told that techs don’t install/work on pedestal under the service plan and sorry I was told the wrong info.

I don't have a problem with that however, I would never had ordered the service plan and would of installed gasket/bellow myself, but thought for 129.99 why not have tech do both to save me time. So, is it my fault that I was relayed wrong info, as it seems customer service wants you to believe? Is this how you treat customers? After re-doing my kitchen I bought all my appliances from Sears, and had same issues with customer service.

My 13 yr old daughter even commented that we seem to always have issues with Sears. I don’t even want to comment on my kitchen purchase right know. All I want to know is how is Sears going to resolve my issue. So far, for 129.99 I still have parts all over and no resolution, except, and oh well, sorry that you were told wrong info.

I have been hearing on multiple occasions and even have co-workers commenting that they will never shop at Sears again. Now I see why, after my last two dealings with this corporation.

My family and I will definitely go to competition. All I am looking for is a resolution


I went to your Haywood Mall store to purchase two 42 inch TV's. When my wife and I found two that we liked she went to find a sales person to assist us.

There was no one else shopping in the area so he came right over. After looking at two discontinued models we deiced we would get purchase them provided he could locate the remotes. He went to look for them and when he didn't return after about 5 minutes we went looking for him and noticed that he was ringing up someone, Well we waited for him to finish to which he did but instead of coming back to help us he started showing the customer he just rang up a TV and started talking about football. Well as *** as it sounds my wife and I waited around about 10 more minutes hopping that the salesman would finish and come back to help us.

We finally smarted up and left as did the person he had been talking to. And guess what that person didn't buy a TV and he lost our sale as well. I realize it was only going to be an $1100.00 sale but Sears customer service will end up putting them out of business. I did try to talk to the store manager but she is on vacation so I got the appliance manager (it was either him or the shoe department manager) I let him know what happened and he offered to go and look for the remotes but I deiced to buy the TV's somewhere else.

I wanted to let the district manager know but Sears will not tell you who the area manager is, nor will they let you leave him or her a message and if you get pushy with them they will hang up on you. Good luck Sears


I have never had worse customer service experience than with Sears (well, American Express is neck in neck for the win), but I ordered a washer and dryer on Dec. 2 that was to be delivered Dec.

17. That never happened (found out by calling THEM); then was supposed to deliver on Dec. 20, same thing happened; again on Dec. 22 so I cancelled.

But they charged my credit card almost a month ago and after literally hours on the phone, dropped calls, long holds, etc. I finally got someone to send me an email that my credit will be done in 3 or more days (they've had my money since Dec. 2). Lowes took my order over the phone and delivered it in less than 24 hours - excellent experience (LOWES)!

I need new dishwasher and fridge within a year and WILL NEVER shop for those! Warning - SEARS is horrible!


To date the worst customer service I have ever experienced from any retailer. Customer service has no clue to what is going on.

I have a feeling they are there to only take phone calls and hang up and forget about it. Oh, then they send you surveys to see how they're doing! I ordered online at the end of November. Order was promised to ship in 3 to 4 days.

Today is the 23rd of December and still no order. Will I ever shop Sears again? NO, NEVER.

Will I recommend Sears to anyone? NO, NEVER :(


I was in your Independance mall, Kingston, Ma store today. I received a hedge trimmer as a gift from my son a while ago, he shipped it to me from Alabama.

When I recieved it I already had one and I decided to keep untill I needed it. Well, when my trimmer died, I took out the one that my son had sent me and it worked for about 10 minutes then it made a noise and it would not cut anymore. I brought it into the Sears store, in Kingston, after searching for a employee to help me, the employee said that he could not take it back,without a reciept, that the model was one that they no longer sold at this store I then asked him to get his manager. An associate named Jim came over, he stated that he was the manager.

I told him of my problem and he stated that he could not take it back that the model was no longer available. I have always purchased my tools and landscaping epuipment at Sears, because you have always stood behind your products when ever there was an issue. I asked him if he could call your home office and he told me to call them myself. I have worked in customer service in middle management for 30 years and I would never risk losing a good customer over roughly $40 to $50.

The product was still in it's original packaging, and it is exclusively a Sears item. Last year I purchased a tractor, 2 carts for the tractor, and a battery charger, this was all within a 2 week period.

I have used you auto mechanics for some minor work on 2 of my vehicles. I am seriously considering gathering up all my Sears products and returning them to you.

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Sears review in Los Angeles, California: Sear bad service

I purchased a dishwasher from Sears. It was a disaster from start to finish. Here's what happened. 1. They said they would put it in a full twelve days from purchase. This seemed excessive but I said OK. They then called and said that there would be an extra delay. I balked. They kept at the 12 days. 2. I paid $150 for hookup and old washer take away plus parts. When the delivery guy got here he said I needed another $105 worth of parts. Why didn't they tell me this. I balked again. Finally, they relented. 3. The delivery people gave me a four hour window for delivery they arrived after 5 1/2 hours! 4. There was supposed to be a $150 rebate for hookup. The delivery people were supposed to have it. They didn't. I was on the phone for two hours with Sears being bounced from person to person. I never was able to get it resolved until after another 1 hour arguing. 5. God only knows if I will ever get the $150 rebate! I will never buy anything from Sears again!
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Sears Response

Anonymous #167851

Hi, my name is Christine and I am with the Sears Social Media Support team. I saw your post here and would like to reach out to you and offer assistance. I can understand how overwhelming the chain of events was with your dishwasher purchase. I apologize for the confusion and the failure to meet your expectations with delivery and installation. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss options to satisfy you as a customer and restore your faith in our company. At your convenience please contact our office via email at to open the lines of communication with you and discuss your experience. In the email please provide the best contact phone number or the number to which the dishwasher was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your screen name (Anonymous #167851) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we are anxious to hear from you.

Thank you,

Christine R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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Sears review in Winchester, Kentucky: PROFORM 580XP-AWFUL;TERRIBLE

Bought a Proform 580XP Treadmill from Sears on March 21, 2009 because I thought it was a good deal. Started using this year because of New Year's resolution and I finally finished by basement to have enough room for it. Have used it no more than 5 times. Moved it and now the console will not even power on. Called the wonderful SEARS company and it will only cost $96 for them to "look" at it (not applied to the cost of repair). Call ICON and they said it should only be 1 of 3 problems, ranging in cost from $50 to $329. I actually thought we bought the extended warranty and it is our fault we didn't, but I thought it would last for more than 5-10 hours. Guess we will end of trashing a $750 machine and get a BOWFLEX machine! If anyone has any ideas or similar problems, please post.
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Sears Craftman Crainsaws poorly built

I own 2 craftman chainsaws, the first one cylindar & piston,burned out. I found out from forums that this was a common problem with sears chain saws. Here is a quote about the problem "Air leaks cause the mixture to become too lean fuel wise,which causes overspeeding, and the fuel mix also helps cool things, as well as being the only source of lubrication, all of these factors make this extremely critical in the life of any 2 cycle engine. Sears would not fix the problem because my chainsaw was out of warrenty by 2 months. On my other saw the chain bar adjustment gear cracked, so that tention on the chain will not hold. The thinkness of the medal of the adjestment gears is less that 1/8 inch thick:which is much too thin. Sears would not replace the the Chain Bar it was out of warrenty
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I was at Sears looking at HDTVs. There was one that caught my eye though, it was the old Panasonic TC-LZ85 on clearance, the old 2008 model. But I heard it was great for gaming. I come there and notice the price and the tag on it, says that it is TC-L37S1 marked down...
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The manager for appliances is the same as the TV's. Either he was an assistant manager or he lied to you.

#167667 Review #167667 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Sears promised to come repair my oven today, didn't show up and then rescheduled for a week later.

Sears scheduled a repair visit to examine our oven for Wed. Jan. 13, confirmed it over the phone. We waited all afternoon, the time that we were told but the repairman never showed up and when I called to ask why (at 5:01 pm) was told I wasn't on the schedule and it had to be rescheduled for a week later. That means more waiting around and living without an oven. I don't know why they confirmed it when I called. What is more, you have to purchase a warranty before they even show up. I truly hate Sears
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Sears Repair

Sears hoffman estates steven credit collection attorney illinois

The sears store missed my credit card points and mileage credit for buing a lawnmower and using my discover card with frequent flyer mileage for trips on delta and american airlines. I got over 10,000 extra bonus points for stays at the marriott resorts in north carolina and at the time share in hawaii and never used the rollover extra credits for exchanging our condo in wilkes-barre pa which has room for 4 people and should be traded for a similar unit in a marriott resort and give us extra points for buying on line and got charged a fee of $25.00 for the voucher.
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Sears review in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: They were dishonest

Ive always thought of Sears as an Icon But I will make it my mission to inform everyone in WhiteHall about the bad dishonest service I got from that WhiteHall store The day after I went to another Auto store to get my inspection They concluded I will need brakes soon but I had at least until next inspection was do Louis Rossanese 240 Sixth St WhiteHall PA 610-704-3708 They were tring to tell me that I needed brakes to pass inspection after they had my car taken apart . They thought I would just say OK fix them Like most people would do. But I knew better again, I knew I just had brakes put on inJuly of 09
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Sears online--ripped me off.

I ordered a bed frame on-line. When I received it, I only got a headboard and footboard. I reviewed my order, and it was indeed, an entire frame that I had ordered. After hours talking to various inept people, Sears claimed that the ad was incorrect and that it would cost an additional $200 for the rest of the bed, that I already ordered and paid for! They refused to refund my money, so I have a headboard and footboard in the garage now. I ended up ordering another bed from Overstock for a great price, and it was delivered for $2.95 shipping fee, in just a few days. It is also a much, much nicer bed than the *** that Sears sold me. Interestingly enough, I had boycotted Sears for about eight years due to another issue with them related to a washer and dryer, but decided to give them a go with the bed order since eight years had passed. What a mistake. Another boycott is in process, and this will be longer, I promise!
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They said that it was an "advertising error" but would not stand by their ad. They admitted that it showed and described an entire bed, and that I had paid the entire amount in full.

But they dug in their heels and refused to sell what was advertised and paid for. They insisted I pay an additional (large) sum of money.

I've never experienced such blatantly unethical, if not criminal, behavior by a retailer. It was like dealing with extortionists.


your post has been featured on

why did they refuse to give you a refund?

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Sears review in San Carlos, California: Pro form 390E damaged part

I purchased this item from sears east ridge it was an item that was return for damaged part, then it was resold to me unknowingly. I tried to have the part replaced after three different phone # I finally got some service, all was fine and all I had to do was go to sears and show my recipe and all information stating that I could pickup a new one and they would send a truck to pickup and old one. I got there I was tossed from one person to the other, no one knows nothing even the manager. No one bothered to see if there was any information on the computer about my problem. THEY Lost all my business.
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Why didnt you take it back to the store and return it like the previous person did?

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