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After spending more on a protection agreement than the actual cost of a microwave, the 6 week old microwave would no longer heat. Did the listed checks in the manual before calling service.

Called service, and woman asked me if I had it in "demo mode". "What? What is demo mode?" She very haughtily said "you didn't read your manual, did you?!" " I most certainly did! There is nothing about any demo mode!" After looking up my model's user manual, she stated that "oh yours doesn't have a demo mode..." No apology for the snottiness.

Said someone would come out in 10 days (after Thanksgiving). I told her that was unacceptable for a brand new appliance. She gave me a local MD number to call. Called, got put on music hold for 15 min.

Hung up, called back, and the number would no longer ring! Found a different number to call on an old Sears bill. explained to the girl that everything worked on the microwave except it wouldn't heat. She asked if I checked the circuit breaker - it was probably that.

I said yes I did, but the turntable and keyboard would not work if the circuit had tripped. Meanwhile, she was having another side conversation with a coworker, and not listening to me. Asked me 3 times if it was a microwave or stove!! Asked me twice what was the problem with it?!

Suddenly, she said a service tech will be out to our house on Tuesday (2 days before Thanksgiving). Great! I thought I'm finally getting it fixed before the thanksgiving company. Tuesday comes, extremely nice technician (Ben - the only one in the company with great customer service skills) calls to tell me he was on the way, and just to verify " this is a preventative maintenance check, right?" NO!

It's not working!! Only 6 weeks old! He very kindly told me that he had been given incorrect information from customer service (imagine that!), and asked me to describe the problem. He very kindly said that he thought he knew what might be the problem, but didn't have the parts on his truck, so he would find a different service tech who had the parts to come out.

Called me back in 5 minutes to tell me The name of the tech who was on his way in one hour. The tech came and tried to fix it, after calling a number to get help several times. Took the entire thing apart, found it was a bad "magnatron ?" Didn't have the part, ordered it, said it would take 5 business days to arrive at my house, and scheduled me for "the earliest date" 3 weeks away!!! I'm so mad!!!

I want a new microwave, not a fixed lemon.

I will NEVER buy ANY appliance from Sears again. What a shame - you could always depend on Sears in decades past, but not anymore!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "full replacement" as the author lost $200. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sears. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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