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I have finally received the final piece of furniture that I purchased last November 2013 from Sears. I have had a horrible experience with Sears and now with Megan who was so very nice to me until the furniture was received and now has proved as nasty as the others I have dealt with. Back early on in this email chain I requested at least $500.00 to cover the cost of the couch I had not received and then I requested a further $165.00 to cover the expenses associated with taking off work to receive a couch only to be rescheduled by your staff for a later date. Yesterday when I received the couch I was exposed to abuse and ridicule from your delivery staff when they took it upon themselves to call me a *** for not drilling my own holes into the bottom of the chair and couch. This went on outside my house in the street when I could hear them from my front door. If they were that loud then my neighbors could also hear them telling each other what a *** I was and how I was a *** ***. They left my house without me saying a word about it and they made me sign a piece of paper I did not receive a copy of. I received a phone call from someone Megan was working with later that evening where I explained the situation to him. He said he would write the incident down and pass it to Megan.

Megan called this morning and was not interested in discussing the incident from July 26 at all and simply said she was refunding my account $310.00 for my trouble. I never agreed to $310.00 and am quite sure it would be more than $310.00. How much is 8 months of not using a couch and chair because it was delivered with a default and not unpacked or put together? How much is at least 30 phone calls back and forth and having to explain the situation over and over again for 8 months? How much is taking a day off work when I was assured something was being delivered only to not have it delivered? How much is having Sears delivery staff come in to my house and abuse me and call me names? I didn't sign up for any of this. I signed up for a couch and chair - that's it.

Megan assured me throughout this process that I was entitled to money back from Sears but she has never given me an amount, just that I was due money back. Today she tells me my trouble and abuse is worth $310.00. I asked for $500.00 not $310.00 and would like the difference of $190.00 deposited in my credit card immediately.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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Well, that's not the way compensation works. When the issue in resolved (your sofa delivered), Sears or any other company says what compensation they think is fair.

You can ask for more but that is all you are going to get. At that point you can either return the item, or accept the compensation offered. So regardless of what you requested this is what they decided to give you. It doesn't matter what you agreed to.

Saying " I expect $500" isn't a contract. Especially when as you stated, no specific amount was ever promised.

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