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I bought an expensive wall oven from Sears 2 weeks ago. It was installed improperly.

After 3 phone calls to the installer I finally called Sears. They too tried to reach the installer who never called them back. I ended up in the "escalation" department where you think I would get better service. WRONG!!!

There someone called to tell me my "case" would be handled within 24-48 hours. 2 days later NO CALL. I called them- again another 24-48 hours. 2 days pass again- NO CALL.

I called again tonight and was told my case worker was gone for the day- I guess without making her calls! My NEW oven is still installed improperly. SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE is horrendous.

Everyone should know this before buying a product. I am tempted to return mine now- especially after reading all about it on this site.

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The most unprofessional company Stupid employees and rude people


I'm going through the same thing over my $2,100. Kenmore Elite side by side refrigerator.

Talked to six people. Got hung up by one. The last tech that came out was awesome. He took pics to document the fact that they doors weren't even the same thickness and didn't matchup.

They are trying to drag their feet until the extended warrantee I purchase wears out. Oh by the way Kenmore does not exist. The name was purchased by Whirlpool. What a scam.

I was a big fan of Sears. Not anymore.


I agree. Horrible customer service.

I had a vacuum cleaner repaired by Sears (it was still under warranty). When it was shipped back to me it was missing 2 attachments. It's been almost 3 months and I've been calling at least once a week (they always say they'll call back within 24-48 hrs - not even once they did!!). I'm either being transferred to a random department or simply just hung up on.

I'm refusing to spend $80 on new attachments. I already paid for the vacuum and the additional protection plan.

I shouldn't have to spend more. Never buying from Sears again!!!!

#308866 listed a refridgerator multiple times on their site on July 6, 2011 for $1199.99. They do not want to honor the price.

I have copies of the price with the date printed. I did the online chat and they just said their site was experiencing problem. According to a sales person, this item was indeed $1199.99 up until yesterday, but they forgot to change the price. It is now selling for $1903.88.

Item number 71023, Kenmore French Door Refridgerator. I have a issue when cutomers do not receive the price advertised. The local retailer escalated to the manager who promised to have a manager from call me but that did not happen. She said they should honor the price.

I have been a customer of sears all of my life but this experience has soured me tremendously. My mother retired from Sears.


i saw a refrigerator model 59429 advertised for 599.99, when i tried to order it came to 799.99. was told they would not honor the online advertised price and i called the escalation number and was told someone would be assigned to me and call me back that was on December 24 and today is the 28th and i have heard nothing.


I had a very negative experience with a Sears appliance that needed to be repaired. It was an incredibly frustrating experience from the repair department to customer service.

I have joined a class action against Sears and their corrupt practices.

If you are interested in joining, email me at Something needs to be done about Sears' outrageous conduct and we should be compensated for the money we have lost and all they have put us through!


To Shopper45,

My name is Dianne and I am part of the Social Media Support Team, and I am very concerned about what I have read here. I am sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your new wall oven and

to hear of your disappointment with Sears and our customer service. We would like to help. We are a single point of contact for escalated concerns which means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager. At your convenience, please contact our office at so you (and others) don’t have to continue to be impacted by this. At your convenience, please send us an email. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the item(s) were purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (Shopper45) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Dianne D.

Social Media Support Team

@Sears Social Media Excalations

This is not unique!!! I am currently on another call with customer service.

My freezer was purchased in April, failed in May, service in June to determine it wasn't repairable... it's JULY 27th and I don't have a freezer. I was told last week that someone would call me within 2 hours. No call.

Here I am on the phone now being told I can go in and pick out a new freezer and arrange delivery to my home. That means I need to pay for this myself and remove the faulty freezer from my basement myself. Talk about adding insult to injury, I lost all of my food in the freezer, I have this freezer just sitting here doing nothing that I need to get moved and now it's my responsibility to go to the store to get a new one and pick it up and move it to the basement myself.

I'm seriously dissatisfied and frustrated. There seems to be no way to speak to anyone with the authority to fix this.

I can't believe Sears has sunk so low.