I called Sears to schedule maintenance on my Whirlpool washer and dryer, purchased new from Sears.There were no problems with either, but they are 5 years old and the washer had gotten loud so I thought better to maintain than deal with an emergency repair.

The "technician" was here for 45 minutes, vacuumed out my dryer vent, opened up my washer's motor and found no problems whatsoever with either. Told me to reduce the motors volume would require replacing the water pump. I put in a load of laundry and the dryer's timer was broken, wouldnt go past the final 7 minutes, no longer shuts off automatically. I called Sears but couldnt stay on hold long enough to speak to an actual person.

Six days later while cooking dinner put the phone on speaker and waited over 25 minutes on hold to speak to someone who told me sure, they'd send someone back out and it would cost me $129 for the service call. I asked for a supervisor who soothingly told me the same thing, that I couldnt prove the technician had damaged my dryer and why had i waited almost a week to call in if it was broken immediately? i pointed out that as a single working mother i have no time to sit on hold waiting for a live person to talk to, that clearly this was a scam, would he like to pay twice for a repairman to come to his house? clearly the "technician" broke my dryer, accidentally or on purpose?

who can say.


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