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Update by user Mar 18, 2013

Still fighting to be heard by Sears. Their customer service is a disgrace.

After being banned from the Sears "community" pages for complaining about their abismal service I wrote to ensure the Sears CEO knew about the company's 'bully-boy' tactics. Weeks later, with no reply to my letter from Sears I can only assume they sanction this approach with their (NOW FORMER) customers.

I warn you not to purchase from Sears or you may endure a similar experience.

Update by user Jan 30, 2013

Sears ‘HAPPY CUSTOMER’ team just give me the blues!

Sears talk the talk but MISERABLY FAIL TO WALK THE WALK.

HERE’S THE ADVERT … Sears BLUE RIBBON team is supposed to make nearly all of their most disgruntled customers happy. Not my words but those of Sears' Divisional President who said ‘Blue Ribbon, is designed to handle service calls that had gone bad’ and that these calls “go to a special team … totally empowered to do whatever they need to do to make the customer happy — without interference from managers or anyone else up the organizational chain” resulting in ‘Sears Home Services currently retaining 96 percent of its ‘BLUE RIBBON’ customers’.

HERE’S THE TRUTH … The Blue Ribbon Manager contacted me around a month after postal letters to Sears top brass. After an initial hollow, generic apology Sears stated that my account was fraudulent and that I should sort things out with my bank!!

The HAPPY team sure have a bizarre approach to sorting out my problems.

After so many emails to Sears, I would have hoped that their Manager might have had a better understanding of the issues.

While it tested my patience (yet again), I explained that I had brought the fraudulent activity to their attention and that I had (in writing) an admission from Sears security centre that the fraudulent activity resulted from ‘a vendor which seemed suspicious’.

The Happy Team did not acknowledge, never mind address the fact that Sears failed to supply the purchased item after I accepted their advertised deal. Similarly, there was no appreciation of the considerable trouble and loss that resulted exclusively from Sears reneging on the deal.

The rest is a similar pattern to before; i.e. I write a series of 4, often detailed accounts offering any additional information that might be required – Sears to date ignore my communications.

Sears BLUE RIBBON contact was a bolt from the blue. However, I’m blue in the face explaining and look like being left with the blues.

I bought from Sears as their website stated ‘When you purchase a product from us online, … We'll ensure its safe delivery ... We look at it as fulfilling a promise’.


I now trust Sears even less than before and cannot see them ever honouring their advertised deal. I have now made it a crusade to warn others; Be very cautious and sceptical of any appealing Sears offers. It’s not just that may be disappointed, but that you could have your credit details compromised, have to pay to discuss this with their security centre, waste hours with a series invariably different ‘customer service’ reps AND, if you do get the BLUE RIBBON team the only way they’ll make you happy is if get pleasure from JOKES!

My view? – I have been cheated and abused and so I intend to let as many know about it as possible.

(The only positive is that I believe Sears are aware to the potential impact of

Original review posted by user Jan 23, 2013

Sears might be hot on useless warnings like “Do not use while sleeping” on their hairdryers! But what about a website warning like “Do not assume the low prices offered are accurate or will be honoured”.

If Sears had said that I wouldn’t have bought their mobile phone for I was then suckered into a number of premium rate telephone calls and many wasted hours in over 40 emails just hoping they would be true to their word and supply the product at the price paid.

I thought they were honourable, respectable and could be trusted. Instead I’ve been exposed to fraud, am now out of pocket and feel cheated through their broken promises. To add insult to injury, just about every time I wrote to get things sorted out I got a different “customer service” rep, none of which seemed to appreciate my plight. Letters to the top brass were ignored.

Seems like Sears can advertise as they like then blame others when they wish to renege (in this instance a 3rd party vendor who had not received and knew nothing of my order).

My experience with Sears was terrible. My advice is to ignore their bargains; they may be a “steal”, but not in a good way.

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Sears – Quick to offer help… Slow to deliver

When I say slow I really mean dawdling sluggish to the point of not moving at all.


I have sent emails to;,,,,,,,


These emails have been sent to Russ S., Kristin B., Buddy J., Gabriel A., Misty H. and Anthony C. to name but a few. Most have never replied, never mind assisted.

I’m really interested in those that have had a similar experience; i.e. Sears offers of help that amount to nothing.

I’m keen to let others know of the hours and hours and hours of time I’ve spent trying to get Sears to live up to THEIR promises. To date, they have strung me along with an appealing advert which has resulted in my expense, exposure of my credit card details to fraud and, perhaps most annoying, Sears reneging on their advertised product and dishonestly blaming their supplier.

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