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Last year, I bought a Kenmore oven range during Sears President’s Day sale. It started being a problem within a couple of months. The repairman has been out here approximately TEN times, meaning either my husband or I needs to be home "between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm." And since "Stack" now says "It's a feature," it was explained to me that I could not get it replaced. I apparently get to live with this defective range until I can afford to buy another range.

Approximately 2 months after we bought it, the display console which controls holds the clock, oven temperature, etc. went blank. I wasn’t cooking at the time; I just walked into the kitchen, and the console was dark.

I called Sears Home customer service, and the lady on the other end instructed me to unplug it, wait a minute or two, then replug it. I explained that I am a disabled senior citizen, and that would be difficult for me. She said that was the only way to fix it.

So I got down on my hands and knees, which is not easy for me, emptied out the cabinet full of pots and pans so that I could crawl about halfway into the cabinet to reach the plug, and pull it, wait a minute, and replug it. It did work! Except for the fact that it was now displaying Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

That procedure — the emptying of the cabinet, getting to the back of the cabinet, unplugging the range, putting all of the pots and pans back and getting back up — took about 35 minutes.

The next three times the display went out, I repeated the moving of pots and pans, crawling into the cabinet, unplugging, waiting, replugging, putting all the pots and pans back, and getting myself back up.

Then I realized that it was still a new range, and that it was definitely a brand new range when the trouble started, and I should not have to go through all of that physical exertion for a new range.

In any event, the next time it happened, I called customer service again and asked for a repairman to fix it. I don’t remember how that conversation went, exactly, whether the agent said Sears would send a repairman or whether I requested one.

But he showed up about a week later, checked the display, and said he had to order a (refurbished) replacement. He did that and returned after the part arrived at my house. It worked, and I was relieved that my range would work like it was supposed to.

Later, we went through the same routine again. It took two visits to my house each time to get it fixed. But then it broke again! And again. And again. And yet again! And then a few more times.

I believe that the range is defective, and I think any rational human being would believe the same. I believe it is unreasonable for a company to continually "fix" a product, even after they see it's simply not fixable. I also believe that customer service should give correct and consistent answers to questions.

I have talked to Sears customer service people numerous times about getting this range replaced, and I've been given as many totally different answers every time. I've been told that it would be replaced after 4 documented repairs. I've been told that Sears could/would not replace it until after the warrantee ran out. I've been told that Sears could/would not replace it if I did't buy an extended warrantee.

The last time a repairman came out to the house, on February 9, 2018, he called "Stack," who told him repeatedly -- on speaker phone so I heard it -- that the light-up console "is a feature," and that they would not replace it.

I am highly upset by this "feature" statement. When I bought the range, I assumed it would be in 100% working order, whether the "Stack" man thought the problem to be a "feature" or not!

I have owned Kenmore and other Sears products throughout my marriage, and the ONE time I had a problem, the repairman was right here the next day to fix it. Aside from that, I'd never been in need of the help of Sears repairmen.

After years of being a Sears customer, I was at first surprised at the shoddy service I was getting, and then I became very angry!

I go back and forth between wanting to never buy from Sears again and wanting to tell everyone I know how unbelievably bad this episode has been!

This is the partial list of our encounters with the Sears repairmen. I didn't keep records in the beginning because I was not expecting such horrid service:

8/16/17: Repairman came out to look at the range and left to order the part.

8/30/17: Repairman came out and installed the part.

12/14/17: Repairman came out to look at the range and left to order the part.

12/22/17: Repairman came out and installed the part.

12/29/17: Repairman came out to look at the range

I believe he came back in a week to fix it.

1/12/18: Repairman comes out to look at the range and left to order the part

1/24/18: Repairman returned to fix it.

2/9/18: More than a week after calling to inform Sears Home Services Repair, the repairman returned to my home, called "Stack," and then told me that I could not get a replacement.

I could go on and on about how unhappy I am with the range, and how much more unhappy I am with the treatment we've been afforded by "customer service," and the apparent policies Sears has about correcting such wrongs.

So, it appears that I am just stuck with this range, defective as it is. There is no recourse that I have been able to discover.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Range.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Replacement. If that's not possible, replacement value sol I can buy a range that works..

Sears Cons: Fact that the range worked for no more than 2 months, Fact that the repairmen have been here more than 10 times, That the i have to stay home from 8-5 on the day of appointment, Agents all have different answers re what replacement policy is.

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