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We are supposed to receive a refrigerator at our office.Waited the allotted time and then received a phone call saying that there was truck issues.

So we rescheduled for the next day. Which we know how that is they know have two days of deliveries to get out the next day. After waiting (again the next day) we received the call that says we are running 45 minutes behind. After 55 more minutes, we get the call that says our driver and truck have been sitting in front of your home for 10 minutes, and they have to move on.

Well that's bull crap. . First of all , its not a home, secondly are you sure they were at the right address, they would see it was not a home. It was a business, & thirdly, we have big glass plate windows in the front, and we can see the whole street, so if they were here,,,,,,,,, The rudeness from the company representative on the phone, over and over she just kept telling me they were there.

I finally ended up calling them liars, at a very high level pitched voice. ( I was screaming). The woman told me she was hanging up she did not have to deal with me, the driver had been there etc. etc.

I asked her if the driver could call me, or describe the area. My next thought, was maybe they were at my house, Maybe instead to sending to the shipping address, they went to the billing address. However she was adamant that I was not there for her driver and I would have to call Sears and Reschedule Of course I did not feel I should be penalized because I waited the two days, I was looking out for them, and I was calm until I felt they out and out lied. It gets worse, now I cannot get a delivery for another seven days, this was so unacceptable on so many different levels.

Speaking with the first Sears Home Delivery Representative, I get will put a request in to ask them to come back after their next delivery. Telling the Sears Rep, that the delivery truck was never at this location, was a waste of my breath. This first rep told me someone would call within the next 90 minutes. ( Fat Chance).

Four hours later I speak to another Sears Rep,( because I think I should let Sears handle the situation) The second rep, gives me the statement, that they will come back at the end of their delivery day and it will be 9pm before anyone can get back to me. Of course, I tell her, I believe what she has just stated if a lie. Could she please call the delivery people and confirm this. I was on hold for 23 minutes ( love cell phones, they record everything.) when the Sear Rep came back on the line, she informed that the delivery company had called me several times, and that I was not going to receive my delivery today, and I would have to reschedule, and that's all she could do for me.

I then requested to file a complaint. could she direct me to do that. 17 minutes later, she said she did fill out the complaint, and someone would contact me. & would I like to reschedule.

I understand that stuff happens, but there is no reprimand , no customer service, no pride in being better. Now I just felt my only recourse it to state how bad this delivery service is, and how they have to lie to accomplish their agenda. Its not like I can say " Don't use them, Sears uses them, and they have to know there are issues, maybe they made 25 people happy that day, but I was not one of them, and did not like the treatment I received.

There are better ways to handle the consumer, but I don't think anyone cares about that anymore..

Review about: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Delivery service employed by sears.


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