Harlingen, Texas
Not resolved

Ordered Catnapper Sofa on December 3, 2018. Received email on December 4th at my order number #889780545 was cancelled with NO EXPLANATION.

Called on Dec. 4th several times, emailed, texted, got hung up on, transferred, four times with no success. Finally got someone on phone in afternoon as well as online Chat that said the item was not available for delivery in my area. The item was advertised "free shipping".

What does my location have to do with it if "free shipping". They tried to place the order again three times with no success. Yet the item is still showing as ADVERTISED on their website. Very upset.

Guess this is all because of the stores closing.

Now I understand why NO SALES. If you don't have the merchandise, DON'T ADVERTISE IT!!!!!

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