This is regarding the sears call center located at 3825 forsyth road in winter park, florida. There is an outlet store and a raggedy nasty place where they actually have a call center full of idiots working there. This is a very hostile abusive and disgusting work environment. The place in general has a bunch of rude, fat pigs that work there. Anyone with an IQ less than 80 works at this place. It's a really weird place and everyone there is dumb, lacks an education and can't even speak english or full sentences. Now here's the part where it gets bad. That place is run by perverts and a lot of the managers try to and do *** with the female employees there. There are two a-holes by the name of alex and chris delville, who are both managers in that place. They *** with many of the female employees there!! How do I know? because one of these sleazy a-holes tried to do that to my girlfriend. She was upset and decided to quit and not do anything because there was no proof of it. These guys are slimy sleazy jerks and the company defends them and they're really shltty managers too. Also, she was told by other women who were actually sleeping with these two male wh0res. Worse, these two dogs are even married!

The sears holdings call center is a disgusting filthy place that is run by perverts who sexually harass women that work there. They are total a-holes and can get away with ANYTHING they *** want. I hope someone reads this and investigates into this place and does something about these two perverts who sexually harass women there. They are some real sickos. Do not work for this place if you are female because these two slimeballs WILL try to sleep with you. Sick! Also these MFers better watch out because my GF is talking to a lawyer and is going to press charges against these MFers or file a complaint at the least!

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You only have the word of your girlfriend. Maybe she came onto them and was turned down.

Even if it is true, that isn't any reason for all the insulting name calling. Any time men and women work together there is going to be a certain amount of sexual inuendo that goes on. Girls/women have to know how to take it. Several years ago I worked in a factory and every now and then one or the others of us would have to call for maintenance to work on our machine.

These maintenance men always had some dirty joke or something to share. There was one young single woman that about 25-30 years old, that had never had a date and anytime one of these jokes came up you could almost see her "feathers get ruffled" for want of a better term. She just couldn't handle it and the rest of us just laughed a little bit.

Most of the repair work on a machine would only a few minutes, so it wasn't a long going process.

Orlando, Florida, United States #788314

the stars are covering up what this posting is about. These male managers try to hit on female employees or *** with them or sexually harass them...

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