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I Have the Master Protection plane for 40 years, we used to hat 50 items on it, from Garden Utilities Radial saw, appliances. You name it we had it.

And they can't fix it they replace it.So is the contract.

We gladly paid once a year. They done away with the garden appliances would be separate so we stuck only with the Appliances. 20 Items on it with central Air-condition Hot Water heater.

My Air-condition broke down took them 10 days just to come to look at it, then the guy says is my Compressor, he tells me he be figuring everything out and comes back the next day. I waited, next day comes no one coming he called he is coming by , that day no one came I called him late left a message nothing my Daughter calls him the next day left a message nothing.

Today I called sears 2 hours I been on the phone and then till you get to the right Person you get connected her and there and have to tell them the whole story, now I'm waiting again someone suppose to call me, my Hot Water Heater went out last Monday I have to wait till the 25th for someone to come,this means can't they fix it I have to wait longer for them to do something.So in the mean time we shower cold. And live in a hot house.MY daughter also called at least they give me a portable Air-condition this is so loud my Tinnitus is going crazy I have to shot it down most of the time.

What Shall I do call a lawyer? I have to say Sears always where good for many years but the last couple years they gotten bad how bad I found out with my Water heater and air-condition.Right away I also have a & month's old Great grand baby living with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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