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This is for the Bedford Ave Sears Auto Store in Brooklyn. I went to the Auto Center 3 times within a 2-month period and my alignment is still a problem. Initially, the first service technician was upset over taking off the wheel hub caps for proper alignment and did not center the steering wheel straight using the steering wheel holder. I return that same day to have it corrected. Ten weeks later, I went back again because the car would not track straight in just under 1,000 miles. The technician found the front steering rod bolts loose and realigned the front wheels. He then advises me that he would not be able to honor the alignment warranty because the rear tire-rods bolts were seized. I ask him: "How were they able to align my car the first time?", to which he replied, "We used a blow torch and applied heat to loosen it up.". I ask him, "Can you do that again so you can honor the warranty and correct the alignment?". He said, "No. I cannot do that because that would damage the steering rods. You would need to replace the steering rods before I can align the vehicle.". I ask him, "Why did you apply heat to the tire rod during the first alignment if that is known to damage the tire rods?". He did not want to answer the question and directed me to the store manager Andres.

I spoke with Andres and he was not very helpful. He sides with the technician that the rear tie rods need replacement in order to warrant my alignment. I tried reasoning with Andre that the technician should not have applied heat if it is known that would damage the tire rods, but he kept insisting that I would need to change the tire rods in order for them to correct the problem.

I call Sears complaint hotline at 847-286-2500 to log this complaint and Sears Corporation advise my complaint is forwarded to the District Manager, but cannot guarantee a call or response from them. I also spoke with the Store Manager, Andres, over the phone and he still insists that I change my rear tire rods that the Sears technician damaged in order to warrant my alignment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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