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I have been given the runaround by various customer service reps from SEARS for the past 2 months after sending them jpgs. of the disintegrating plastic parts in my 6 year old Kenmore Fridge.

This fridge has only seen light use by 2 people.

The latest stressful experience was a call from their customer service team manager Bill Fischl who said that SEARS was being more than generous to offer me 10% off the cost of a new Kenmore Fridge. This would not even cover the cost of the replacement gasket I had installed on year 2. He said SEARS would NOT stand by their mission and values statement to replace the disintegrated parts, or honour me as a life time loyal customer.

Then he instructed me to go to the manufacturer (Electrolux) on my time, to order new parts at my expense. He then informed me that I was receiving good "customer support" because he said I was!!This kind of disrespect to valued customers should NOT be tolerated. SEARS has a lot of higher execs in their Toronto "Headquarters" that need to be made aware of the rude treatment toward customers by their supposed "customer support team". This team is a shield to protect the upper execs from disappointed customers.

The "Headquarters" execs seem to have barricaded themselves under the command of their new ex-marine CEO. SEARS is struggling to survive....and NO WONDER! I absolutely felt unvalued and dictated to by Mr.

Fischl this morning. Becky Mowat

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I have a kenmore refrigerator side by side water and ice with bottom drawer and the plastic is falling off( breaking ) piece by piece, what is the problem? I payed good money for this thing,seems like they dont care


You certainly are NOT entitled to a new fridge. It's six years old, not six months.

I have never heard of a lightly used fridge. 2 people or 200 people, the fridge is in constant use.

I may not like Sears and have stopped shopping there long ago, but even I hope you get nothing for trying to scam Sears. Shame on you!


Hi Chanel Girl:

FYI -The gasket was replaced after 4 months...

The disintegration of the other parts has progressed continuously over the past 6 years.

I feel no shame in requesting that Sears honour their mission statement:

To provide quality products in order to create lifelong customers."

Clearly a fridge that disintegrates is NOT a quality product. SEARS demands that the customer pays extended warranty money on new products.

If they offered quality products an extended warranty wouldn't be necessary. It is all a HUGE money grab by a corporation that has lost so many customers for poor customer service and shoddy appliances. You say that you are no longer a Sears customer. I feel no shame in stating my case.

What ever happened to "The customer is always right?" SEARS has outsourced the manufacture of the plastic to cut costs. There are thousands of other customers with this same complaint ( disintegrating parts) blogging online hoping for satisfaction. Why should I feel shame for expecting Sears to honour their marketing mission statement? How can an appliance be good quality when it starts falling apart in its first year.

Sears has built shoddy appliances, charges it's customers to replace parts and buy extended warranties . It is all a big money grab, and they are the ones who should feel shame for not honouring their mission statements.


Agreed that the frig should last more than 6 years.

You don't say what the parts are, or, what the replacement costs are? You can post the jpg images here!

Could it be parts of the ice maker? There are only a few parts that get the Freeze/heat treatment. It's typical that the plastic posts, plastic shelf and drawers crack and break. The littel clips that hold the door shelf brackets!

Friges are moore complicated than a small a/c unit under a foam box incased with a metal shell. A few tubes for drainage and coils for cooling. Oh, now lets add ice makers, drink despencers, TV's and even internet! Yeh, that's the ticket.

What's next... back massages.


Hi Mike:

Thanks for your post, and for your support that a fridge should last longer that 6 years. My neighbours are shocked at the disintegration that has happened in my fridge!

Who knew that in this age of innovative technology that corporations would choose to make money by building less durable appliances with a shorter lifespan, and charge their customers to maintain the parts? (It is a ludicrous business model in my opinion, and SEARS has lost so many of its loyal customers because of it).

Here is a chronology of the the parts that disintegrated in our fridge:

the gasket, the screen below the door, the handles on the vegetable bins, the vegetable bins, the butter container, the wine bottle holder, the plastic sliders that hold the shelves, the plastic surrounding all the glass shelves, the plastic handles on the door compartments. Once the runners and the supports disintegrated functionality was lost.

The problem I have for Sears is that they don't honour their NEW appliances and expect customers to pay extended warranties upfront before parts break in order to cover replacement parts. In other words the retail price does not reflect the amount the customer must invest in order to avoid costly part replacements.

The customer will pay either way...with or without an extended warranty or 1 year guarantee. Sears has planned obsolescence built into its products...NOT quality!


The fridge has a 1 year warrenty, and if the fridge broke in that one year then kenmore would gladly replace the parts, but.itnis now 6 years old. This is not sears problem, and YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A NEW APPLIANCE.


SoManyIdiots - I couldn't agree with you more. The nerve of this guy trying to get a replacement part or fridge after 6 years.

Really six years? Lightly used fridge? That's like saying lightly used toilet.

Just doesn't work. This guy cracks me up.


Is it the opinion of you two people that a refrigerator is disposable after the one year warranty has expired? Our refrigerator has the same problem - the entire plastic interior lining of the door is falling apart.

The shelves are gone. The door is now lined with exposed insulation and dangerously sharp plastic shards.

Don't know how old it is, but I've never seen this kind of breakdown in a refrigerator before. It's bizarre and so obviously faulty that it should be subject to a recall, if it hasn't been.


Hi So Many Idiots:

I invite you to read my answers to Mike and Chanel above. Sears policy as you state it above does not apply in my case because of the RAMPANT disintegration of parts throughout my fridge.

It is clear that in my case the plastic is ruinously defective and has therefore impaired the lifespan of my unit.

If I were to spend all the time and money and WAITING for service that it would require to replace all the disintegrating parts, it would be extremely stressful and financially difficult. I choose to never again purchase from a company that lacks the integrity to honour their customer service pledge to provide quality products to ensure lifelong customers.

@Beck Mowat

I know this is so much later, but the fridge in my apartment is only 2 yrs old and the hardware is disintegrating. The shelf slider is broken; the vegetable bin handle is cracked; the shelf trim has or is fallen (falling) off (one of each).

One door bin shelf has broken - duct taped with a rod to keep ithe straight. The fridge works fine. The plastic in this fridge is garbage. And to replace these broken parts is absurdly expensive, and why would I want to replace cheaply made garbage with the same cheaply made garbage?

Glad I don't own this fridge, as I'm a renter. I will never buy anything Kenmore, solely based on my experience with this fridge. And for those who talk about warrenties: refrigerator life spans are 15 years plus.

There's no excuse for passing garbage off as quality. Sears is not saving money by ripping people off with shoddy merchandise; they're losing their customers