I recently purchased a Magicloth mop from Sears. Its another form of a Shamwow.

I thought the commercials were always kinda dumb but it was a really good price and I kept breaking the cheapy mops so I got it. My basement recently flooded and that mop has turned put to be an amazing investment!!! I probably would have spent twice as long trying to clean up all the water with a regular mop and towels!The best 20 I have ever spent!

I soaked up tons of water and was super easy to use just like the commercials show!! I plan on getting one for all my family for christmas presents and will tell everyone I know about it!

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Just bought this mop and mine doesn't work either. My floor is still soaking wet.

Didn't squeeze all the water out after wringing. Very disappointed!


I bought one of the magiccloth Mops because it was “free” when you purchased the chamoises for $21.95 at another wholesale place “B.J’s”. The mop stinks!

It does not work.

I tried cleaning my bathroom floor. I couldn’t get it to wring out the water properly and all it did was push the dirt around.

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