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I purchased a dishwasher on on June 16th 2018. The one i purchased was not to be delivered to the store until July 13th and would be brought and installed to my house on July 16th.

I was willing to wait that long and didn't expect any issues to happen. I received a call on July 15th from a local Sears telling me my time window for the next day. Monday the 16th arrived and no one showed.. I receive a call from the local Sears again telling me that my dishwasher never came to them.

She informed me next time that they come to install which would be July 22nd she would make sure someone had saw the actual product before calling. I got online to track my order and it was telling me it would not come until the 27th now. That was the last straw and i called into customer service to cancel my order. Canceling went fairly smooth and my money was refunded about 5 days after I canceled.

It turns out that the dishwasher I had ordered would have been cancelled anyways because I received and email two days ago telling me the product was no longer available. Today, i noticed I had been refunded a second time for my order so I had to contact Sears to let them know they mistakenly refunded me twice.

I am hoping that was the last thing to happen with this whole ordeal. What a nightmare!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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