Hello everyone, I am writing you today in order to give you an insider look on what it's like to work for Sears Holdings Corporation. Before I go deeper, I want to explain that I hate Sears just as much as you do. Every day I worked for this company was highly demoralizing and I hope that after reading this, you'll understand the pain that many Sears associates, especially in Parts Direct Line of Business, which I'll be delving into in this report.

As a Parts Direct sales representative, my sole job is to sell you parts for your product that may be malfunctioning or completely inoperative. We often tell you that these parts are direct from the manufacturer and always in stock. This point is technically true as we do get them from vendors who are approved by the manufacturer. There are a few problems with this concept, the first is that the website and our computers are often very wrong, telling us (and you) that parts are in stock, when in actuality the parts are backordered or No Longer Available. So we will take your money and not notify you if something happens to the part. That could include damage to the part during transit, a backorder, or a factory cancellation. Also, more times than not, we'll order you some parts that are either wrong (sometimes deliberately, others not so much) or that you didn't order at all, in the agents effort to 'build the ticket'. You'll also be pestered to buy some overpriced water filters for your refrigerator (even if it doesn't have a filter, we still have to offer it to you). To top it all off, we are also expected to offer something Sears likes to call 'Take The Lead' or TTL for short. This entails getting you to set up an appointment for some home improvement consultant to come into your home and try to sell you on getting a Sears affiliated contractor to do a home improvement project. If we refuse to offer this to you, we receive disciplinary write-ups. Now, even if you call in multiple times, then we still have to make the same offers or else the discipline will still be applied.

Now, in the event that something does go wrong with your order, whether you don't receive a part, it gets shipped to a wrong address, or the part is wrong, you'll often be sent to the Parts Customer Care Department, which is just a glorified department that still has the same requirements as explained above but we are also tasked with helping you with technician problems as well, even though we are not trained on that part of the system. Often, an agent will simply transfer you to our lovely Repair Customer Care Department (Based out of Manila) who will then transfer you back down to that particular Customer Care Agent. This often causes a lot of headaches, as it drives our sales 'conversion' statistic down every time you get sent back to us.

Now to speak about conversion. We at Sears (especially in the Customer Care department) don't get paid to make you happy, we get paid to sell you every part under the sun, even though we may not think that you need it. It really creates a lot of moral conundrums because from the get-go, we are pretty much told to 'sell the benefit' of all of these parts and lie to you as needed to get you to buy. Often, when you call us back to get something sorted out, we'll still try to sell you something else, despite your level of anger.

Now, one of our most egregious mistakes is our Price Matching policy. Normally, if you purchase something and find a better price somewhere else (even on Sears.com or Searspartsdirect.com) we are supposed to match it with minimal hassle. On more than one occasion, I have been told never to be proactive in finding the best price for you, especially after we've messed up a previous order.

My recommendation for you is to never shop with Sears Parts Direct, you'd be better off going local or calling the manufacturer yourself unless you want to be badgered with sales offers all day, every day.

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