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I made an appointment to get my HVAC ducts cleaned. This morning Sears called and said one of the trucks that was assigned to me broke down.

After talking about rescheduling we agreed that they would my time to 2-5 pm. Well they weren’t going to get to me until 430-5pm. Now I would have them in my house until 8pm. I had to cancel and they did not seem to care.

Actually the girl I talked to laughed. Well guess what sears. I don’t seem to care about you anymore. I am closing me charge account and I will never buy anything from sears again.

I’ll take my money and buy appliances at Best Buy. They know the value of taking care of customers. Now I see why sears cannot keep the store doors open in many cities.

Keep it up and sears will be a name of the past. Very disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Still nothing resolved. I gave up on sears.

I bought a new washer dryer from Lowe’s.

I paid $300 more than if I had bought from sears but at least sears won’t get my money. It’s no wonder you keep losing business and closing stores.