East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

My wife and I were in the market for a new Refrigerator. We trekked off to Sears' land in search of a unit that needed to be very specific in size to fit in the area of the existing kitchen. We found a floor model that was in pristine condition, and decided on "free" delivery, after the salesperson assured us it would be appropriately wrapped and delivered without any problems... Duh! I worked at Lowe's for 4 yrs, I know how careful delivery is with other people's merchandise!

The day of delivery came and I left work to watch "twiddle dee" and "twiddle dumb" not remove the doors/drawer and preceded to lug it in my front door, onto my kitchen.

Needless to say, it was heavily damaged on all of the exposed sides! After I pointed out what they had done, they told me all discrepancies had to be noted on the delivery papers; which i did. I then, as instructed, called my salesperson and explained the issue. Apparently her manager was the only one who could decide what to do, and when I approached him to discuss, he told me they would return it and walked away. niicce..!

They said they couldn't order parts or Credit me for the damaged exposed case side. Then! I went to searspartsdirect, and looked for the doors myself... Sure enough they are available! The salesperson gave me corporates number and I'm waiting to resolve the issue still!!!

We'll see what happens next... Stay tuned

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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In this day and age it's worth it to take a picture of a used out of the box item that will be delivered at a later date. Surprised the company doesn't do it.

The customer and company should sign off on a damage list AND picture.

Also Sears uses alot of contractors paid per job and not hourly so they have every incentive to rush. Hope all turned out well.


Reading your post, i would have to agree with RAY, seems like you tried to get more than you paid. delivery teams do not have "paperwork" to note the damage. they have to call the customer support staff while at the home to get resolution...again while they are at your home.


sears will push to have a damaged item or one with a cosmetic defect taken to the customer and yes they do use a form to note damages all items are opened and inspected prior to delivery or installation by a 3rd party.

How do i know ?

I am on the inside i see it all they don't want you to see the appliance until its to late. They have the cust.

sign a 3 day damage policy after that to bad. i have even heard people being told to take it and install it or you wont be doing installs for us anymore.


Hope it works out for you. Just out of curiosity, why did you accept delivery?

If it's so damaged it's not the same product that you bought, why would you keep it? It sounds like you got a good price, but that has evaporated by way of the damage. Trying to get free doors, parts, ect.

just sounds like you're trying to add on, now. And that's not right.