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don't buy anything from sears, they do not honer contract of the warranty, they drag their feet till warranty runs out. when you call they transfer you to 50 people and some of those hangup on you.

ask for a manger and you get music for 20 minutes, then you get nobody.

parts suppose to be ordered are not . been waiting for parts since feb 3, 2011 they all say something different.

have been told they were ordered, have been told 3 times not ordered, can not get straight answers from no one. I'm still on hold waiting for someone to get the manager .

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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First, Im am guessing you did not purchase the protection agreement correct? Did you not understand that it was manufacturers warranty for a year not sears?

So tell me again why you are mad at sears? If you would have bought the coverage from sears, they would have either got you a new one or a rental.

Sears is the only company that does NOT sell an extended warranty, they sell a protection agreement. they are different, sears will service them different and take the warranty on ourselves, NOT extending the manufacturers warranty.

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