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I was slapped in the shoulder with a rolled up booklet by a sears employee, after complaining about waiting a long time for service. I was so offended by this physical assault that I contacted the sears headquarters, and they cared so little that they didn’t even respond. Their arrogance and unprofessional behavior is explained more below in this complaint.

What happened was. I went with my friend to sears to help him return a new washer so he could get his money back, because it didn’t work, and sears wanted over 150,00 just to come look at it. We sat in chairs next to the cash register for what seemed like over a half hour, waiting for the sales lady to return the money to my friends credit card. And this is when another sears employe came up and said, “she is waiting on you right?” She was referring to the lady taking care of the credit card transaction. I replied, “ I don’t know, we have been waiting quite awhile”. And this is when she took a rolled up booklet and hit me hard with it in the shoulder. I said to my friend loud enough for her to hear, “she was serious” . She then looked at me with contempt and said, ”you were being to obvious”.

I then went home and contacted the customer complaints department for the sears corporate headquarters. They said that all they were allowed to do is take my complaint and pass it on to the corporate management. But they did say that this sears store was their version of a franchise, and that these franchises were not held to the same standards as a sears corporate stores. They also implied that the sears corporation is not responsible for them. At this point I said, I find this policy totally unexceptionable, and I expect a return call from your corporate management, and if I don’t get one, I intend to file many complaints with various internet complaint sites. I still have not herd from them, even after I faxed my complaint to them, so here we are.

It appears that since sears holding bought sears and Kmart, and started selling sears products in Kmart, that the sears quality has dropped tremendously. It also appears that sears is selling the sears products, under the old high end, high quality sears reputation, but selling Kmart quality and service. This appears not be be just my personnel opinion, I constantly hear this opinion from people both on the streets, and on the internet.

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You could have called the police on her. Seriously, you could have and then upper management might have been more inclined to do something.

I was in a public place once with my at the time boyfriend and had slapped him with my handbag.

Not hard, just swung it at him, to get his attention. An officer walking by stopped and advised us that if he wanted to, he could arrest me for assault.



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