Tried to return the "Anywhere Bed" inflatable mattress and bed frame to Sears in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario (purchased for $267 through the catalogue). Seems Sear's "new" customer service policy is to be completely non-accountable about their products.

I felt the customer service women wanted to help and were embarrassed that the store policy absolutely forbid them from doing anything except say "try calling the manufacturer."-even though the product was marketed under the Sears brand name. I had purchased at the end of the season (August 31) in 2010 for the next year at our cottage. On the first use in August, 2011 by my niece (weighs about 110 lbs) the mattress lost air and the frame collapsed.

Customer Service employees at Sears would not allow a return since it was beyond the 30 day return time- even though the product was clearly defective.

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