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I recently placed a layaway with sears and for some reason they just cancelef it. I was really confused beause I made all payments on time.

The time came to make my third payment I went online to make the payment and i saw were my layaway was canceled. I could not locate or talk to anyone online about this situation. I went into the store the next day. One of the sales association ask for my information and stated it was not showing.

I provided the layaway contract that i printed online when i first started the layaway. He called the manager that was in the store at that time he asked her what do they do about online layways. She stated to him to tell me that i will receive a check by mail in 3 weeks. Its been a year today never heard from anyone about this matter.

Times are already tough. What makes these people think we can just give them money. I will never do business with them as long as i live. They are a poor excuse for a business to rip customers out of their money.

I advise anyone dont do a layaway plan with them. No wonder some of their stores shut down.

Good for them . I hope they shut them all down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Just another example of why they are failing .