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Purchased a dress as a gift. Gave it and it was too big!

Took my receipt and the dress with all the tags back to Sears! It was a week past the 30 day return policy! The wouldn't return it, but most surprisingly, wouldn't let me exchange it for the correct size! Spoke with 2 managers and called Customer Solutions!

What a joke! They said no exceptions, even for someone who has been a customer for over 40 years and has spent tens of thousands of dollars! They couldn't give me any names or numbers for corporate!

Lost many loyal customers just now! I am spreading the word!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dress.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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If you look on your receipt and learn to read, you will see it says NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES after 30 days. 30 is 30, not 45, not 50, not even 31.

Get over yourself, you're nothing special despite what you think. You get the same treatment as ALL OTHER PEOPLE WHO SHOP THERE.

YOU chose to shop there

YOU chose to not read the receipt

YOU chose to act like an *** when you didn't get your way.

This is 100% on you.


Exact same thing happened to me with brand new refrigerator. Defective, one week past 30 days nothing they can do.

I wrote a review on this site about it. Spead the word ,don't shop Sears!


So......they wouldn't let you return it (exchanging it is exactly the same as returning it) outside of the 30 day return policy, and for some reason you're angry about that?