Myself and other drivers in our company have started to have trouble with our backs since we got into our new cascadia freightliners with the sears sentry seats. They are advertised as their economy line seating .

I am sure that it is the seat because when I get out of the truck a couple of days, my back starts to feel better, within two days of being in the truck my back is killing me again.

the pain is in the lower back and hip area. I would like to know if anyone else out there has had any similar problems.

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Macomb, Michigan, United States #660819

I to have had the same results due to the lousy seats in the truck

Rogers, Arkansas, United States #1114522

Yes, Sysco's new Fraightliners for 2015/16 have the Sears Sentry Truck Seats. The are ok for route drivers with seat time of 20 to 60 minute drive time.

But as shuttle seats they are KILLING us. I have tried using seat cushions they help some. But when you can't sleep because of hip and lower back pain after driving all night on this seat (only the ones with the Sentry seat). It makes me wonder when it becomes a safety or workers comp problem.

I would have gladly paid the $300 more out of my pocket to go with the 70 series if I would have had the option. This seat KILLS me every night I drive a truck with it and the day after.

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