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Bad Customer Service experience at Sears at Ingram Road.

The router I purchased on 01/05/12 as a router/table combo stopped working today. I took it to the repair center who told me that it was under a 1year warranty and protection plan so I needed to take it back to the store to be replaced.

I go to the store and the associate asked me for my receipt. I told him I did the electronic receipt and don't have a paper receipt for me. He says "Sorry can't help you that's why you should keep your receipts." And he tries to go onto the next customer. I stopped him and told him again I did the electronic receipt and asked him to look it up.

He "Couldn't Find it". I aksed him for the 1-800 service number which he doesn't want to supply at first. Instead he wants to give me the store number. I demand the Service number which he finally gives me.

I call and they find the receipt and email it to me. By now a 2nd associate interrupts me while on the phone and says "You don't need the receipt because the routers warranties are only good for 30 or maybe 90 days sir." I told him now and showed him my receipt. He apologizes and walks off?????? Now dealing with a third assiocaite he tells me he needs to call a manager for an override.

The time is 5:07. At 5:17 I asked him why am I still waiting. He calls again. At 5:27 I remind him Im still waiting.

He makes a phone call and finds that the manager is at lunch. At 5:30 he tells me he is going to go find a amanger. At 5:38 he returns with a manager and she tells me she will open a work case and Sears will send me a box to ship my router in and I should get it in 5-7 business days. I had enough.

I told her no I will not wait any more. She then says…"Let me go talk to the manager and see what we can do?????????" She comes back and says they will replace the router. The third associate reminds her that it was a router/table combo. I did not bring the table.

She says "Oh no we can't do that, hold on let me go talk to the manager again" When she walks off I call my wife and ask her to bring the table. Five minutes late she comes and says "Never mind we don't need the table" I had to call my wife back and tell her never mind. She had just loaded it into the truck. They replaced the router and told me that the warranty will still be valid for the new router but because they had to replace it with a slightly different model that I might have "Trouble in the future??????" ALL my tools are Sears/Craftsman.

From now on Lowes and Home Depot will be where I shop for my tools. Sears/Craftsman has lost a 2nd Generation Customer!

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Sears Response

To Amorrison,

I would like to continue to apologize for your frustration with the problems you encountered with your router as well as the poor customer service that you received. I see that we have already received your information through our Facebook page but we would like to offer our address to other customers who may see your post and need assistance. Please reach as at SMAdvisor@searshc.com and we will be sure to have a Case Manager contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Kiera J.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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