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We bought dryer in Feb 2012 and it is well within warranty. It broke in July and they have not since fixed it.

Technician did not show up on the first appointment. Showed up the 2nd time and ordered a part which was due to arrive in one week. Part never came so we called and told that there is no order. They gave us another appointment.

Tech did not show up but called after 5PM and asked if the part had arrived, we said no. He said then there is no point for me to visit. He said he will place the order over the phone as an emergency order. Two weeks went past still no part.

We called and told that the order was cancelled due to a payment dispute in 2010 ($65 only). They never told us, we had to find out. That dispute turns out to be for a brand new refrigerator that we had purchased from Sears that did not dispense ice from day one so we called for service. Tech at that time that filter needs replacement (on a new fridge!).

We ended up buying a new filter and he asked for service fee. We said for what? it is under warranty.

So this is the dispute for which now they are holding us hostage for not repairing our dryer for which we paid combined $ 1350 (Washer and dryer). Worst customer service ever and the dryer is still not resolved to date (close to a month now).

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