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Just had a range delivered. I had spoken to Sears about wanting to exchange the 4- for a 3-prong power cord, and was told that I had to wait for it to be delivered before I could return it.

So, I purchased a 3 prong cord - thankfully since they did not deliver a cord. On signing the paperwork I asked about the return of the cord. It was not in their paperwork. They put a note on the sheet that I signed and had me sign their blank phone screen (I don't know what I signed!!).

I asked for my copy of the paperwork. They said they didn't have paperwork for me. I asked to copy the sheet and offered to cover the names of other customers on the sheet. I got a one word answer, "No." And, the lead fella turned around to bound toward the door saying to the other fella, "Come on." They were out the door!

RUDE, POORLY TRAINED, angry?, DON'T-GIVE-A-*** attitude. This follows a frig delivery a year ago where they were rude, did not want to haul off the old frig, were not trained to lift/transport a small full size frig. The old frig fell down the stairs and thankfully the fella at the bottom got out of the way. When I called customer service about the power cord, he said, "We will give you $30." I asked what that was for.

"Your cord was $10.99 and we will give you $30." I looked up the cost of the cord, "It was $29.99." He said, "Oh, we will give you $40." Do I think that Sears will establish a policy of giving customers a copy of the paperwork they sign? No. Do I think Sears cares that the delivery employees are rude and uninterested in customer service? No.

Will I ever shop at Sears again? NO!

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