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We are VERY UNHAPPY with the Sears store in Tampa, Florida. When we purchased the Bosch washer & dryer, we were told by the sales repre, Louis, that both units used only a 110 circuits. This was one on the main criteria why we bought these units.

We were so excited that we had our contractor to wire our home for a 110 connection for the, to be deliver Bosch washer & dryer. When the washer and dryer arrived, we found out, 1) there was no power connection for the dryer. This was not mention to us by the sales person. Not really a problem. 2)We called the same store to order the necessary power supply, but then we found that we had to order a 220 power connection for the dryer. We were NOT HAPPY for we had to have our contractor re-wire our home for the 220, an additional cost we had not anticipated.

This will be the last time WE WILL EVER buy from Sears for this is the SECOND BAD experience we have encountered from this company buying large appliances. I am surprise that BOSCH, a company of your high standards & reputation is allowing a company like SEARS, with declining customer service issues, continue selling your products.

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I still can't believe the sales associate didn't know this or adequately mention that alot of the dryere or electric stoves don't come with the cords.

Going to the manager in a Sears appliance department might not always get the right answer. Managers are rewarded and promoted at Sears based on warranty sales. Product knowledge is a completely unassociated category as far as Sears is concerned.


most electric dryers take a special 220v cord and a specific matching outlet. Only gas dryers and small coutertop dryers use 110v only.

If you would have read the owners manual or information provided on the machine you would have realized this prior to arrival. You could have said no to the delivery ppl and had it returned to the store.

A lot of sales clerks don't know what they are talking about. If you have techincal questions about an appliance always talk to the dept manager.


Dryers and electric stoves for the most part take the special plugs so you are forced to use the proper electric.

Some smaller portable dryers might take 110 but most will need a 20A circut. They simply use to too much ampreage. Anything that heats up is a power hog. Even local building codes account for this. The Sears reps or the blue crew should know this.

Humiliated Customer: please note where an employee humiliated the customer for complaining. There are some trolls here and on many other boards including Lowes and Home Depot.


Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time. Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...

to Humiliated Customer Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #749767

I agree......

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