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Eye Exam $55; glasses $271.48 on 11/28/2011; 2nd eye exam $20 on 2/8/2011 = $346.48. The subsitute optomtirst recommend that within the next 2 years that my friend get his eyes checked for cataracts - BUT recommend that the glasses be made - well they made his eyes worse until he could no longer read unless using a maginifying glass with the bifocle glasses!

plus caussed problems driving. The regular optomterist immediately sent him to a specialist since intial visit on April 26 we have been going there 7 thus far the 8th coming up so far a totasl after medicare is 716.70 but i am sure there are at lest 2 more bills yet; 3rd for the next visit and yet the glasses what medicare does not pay for...

Sears said they would make them right - at first offered to refound the glsses price but thats went down the drain called other other day and now they demand replacement under warranty and a co-pay of $40 well guess what Sears has lost him as a customer in the future and possibly me for mine and we have been goign to Sears Optical since 1997. I say the glasses should of never been made for him but what do I know its a nice way to rip off the elderly he is 78 years of age, and have right to complain since the payments all came from me through my bank account

Monetary Loss: $346.

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