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We purchased a frig and stove on 8-8 and with free delivery it was going to be delivered on 8-24 so I said I needed it before so I paid a little extra to have them delivered on the 19th so stove is fine but the frig had a major air leak to freezer there were ice cycles hanging around door opening so I called on sept 18 to find out what could be done "great news you are covered under protection insurance we will send someone out tommorow ok guy came sprayed silicone around door and freezer spread it with his finger and told us you get what you pay for one hour later icicles again and now it looks like *** with smeared silicone. Called said we wanted to exchanged for better model told we can't 30 days have passed What!

My first call was within 30 days so another guy comes to fix can't fix put in writing we called within 30 days and wanted to upgrade called sears 3 more times still broken frig and no help .

My husband is on the phone on hold now for 30 min and nobody will answer him now what my frig runs constantly because of leak who will pay my electric?! Here's what she looks like after two repair visits

Review about: Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I guess you haven't heard that knowledgeable consumers no longer buy much of anything from Sears, especially appliances. That said, from your description of the problem and what the genius repairman did to correct it, the problem appears to be the lack of a proper seal between the freezer door and the fridge.

He did the easiest and least effective repair in smearing silicone on the door seal. Even if it fixed the problem, it was only temporary. A couple of things might fix the problem. One, you need to determine if the door is properly aligned and can create a good seal.

You can do this by putting a stiff/new dollar bill in the door on the seal and close the door---in more than one place on the door. Try to pull it out with the door closed. If it is seal good, you will have to exert some force to get the bill out with the door closed. If it slides out easily, the door is not sealed properly.

Also, take a look at the door seals themselves. Are they damaged in any way or brittle and/or cracked? If the door appears to close properly---equally onto the fridge frame then my guess would be a bad seal which can easily be replaced by Sears. This is really not rocket science, even for Sears.

Determine the cause and then fix the problem.

Personally, I would demand Sears fix it and if they don't, dispute the charge as defective product delivered and refusal of Sears to fix the problem and then wander over to Lowe's and buy a new one from another manufacturer. Lowe's will deliver most appliances for free costing over $399---as I recall.

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