Toronto, Ontario

25-year shingles installed 7 years ago by Sears Home Central In Ottawa ON are now cooked, curling, breaking and leaking. I get huge ice dams causing water to back up and drip inside.

Cause: Their own rep informed me in July 09 that the ventilation they installed is done incorrectly, causing excessive heat buildup in attic, and it is their responsibility.

Since early July '09 I have asked them to fix it. All I get is runaround, excuses, gobbledegook and outright lies from the local installation manager.

Be warned. If you need any work done, find another contractor than Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I am also currently fighting with Sears and IKO. Sears has decided that they have no responsibility, and IKO will send me the tiles. I must pay for de-installation, and then installation.


We also had bad experience. Sears used IKO Renaissance shingles which didn't even last 5 yrs - now part of class action law suit re IKO...

Sears refused to compensate.


Sears Canada (Home Services) is a Scam.

Sears does not use there own roofers or tradespeople.

What they do is they farm it out to a contractor who farms it out to a roofing crew. Sears do not have their own roofers. The contractor is responsible for everything including the first 2 years of warranty. No decent roofers would work for this kind of money they are paid. The Sears Inspectors are also a joke. I know the hard way unfortunately. There is an excellent chance Sears will a reroof your roof with poor workmanship.

Also if you analyze the warranty real carefully, it is also a joke. So if Sears suckers you in with the payment plan, spend $350 on a good roof inspector. Sears use the roofers who can't get work anywhere working for them.

Just Google and do your own research. Also google IKO and you will find a lot of bad things about their shingles.

Good Luck.


My 25 year IKO roof is curled, cracked and tiles are broken...this was a $6500.00 job done 12 years ago. Sears has sent their "incompetent" inspector out to take a look and through many phone calls I have been told by him that Iko is demanding a "sample" of my roof tile where it is damaged.

That would have been fine BUT Iko does not make that colour tile any longer!! I refuse to have a roof with 6-10 tiles of a different colour after they remove some from the damaged area. Sears has been communicating with Iko because for some strange reason a letter sent to Sears was put in my mailbox (my name and address appeared in the window of the envelope)...of course I opened it! I will photocopy it and forward it on to them but I am not wasting much more time on this.

I will be sending demanding letters to both Sears and Iko and should they ignore them my next step will be court....I am not afraid to take on these corporations. What I am afraid of is that Sears Canada will fold before my case is settled.


Same here. Line on the contract said home owner was responsible for ensuring proper vents.

So I paid Sears thousands to make the vents right when they did the roof. After only four years the shingles started to fail.

Now they say the line on the contract says I'm responsible for proper vents (you know...the same line that cause me to hire them to do the vents...and they won't pay? Don't buy from Sears.


Sears roofers SUCK!

When I ordered shingles and eaves from Sears last year, I gave the salesman instructions on what I wanted and the corrections they should make. His comment: Will cost you extra.

So, I paid extra for a bad shingling job and more problems than I had before.

The sign they put on my lawn came down the day after the work. Still fighting....


A very poor show, Sears. They have nothing but contempt for their customers. Don't ask me how they stay in business


Had a roofing job done by Sears 25 year shingles-- after 13 years now and 5 years of fighting with Sears got offered a $600.00 credit on a reroof job from Sears cost being $7287.00 What a joke--slap in the face.