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On 7-23-13 I purchased a Nordic Track T7 treadmill with extended warranty online from Sears outlet. On the 24th we drove an hour and a half one way to go pick it up.

The service at the store was horrible. They loaded the treadmill into our truck and never gave me any paper work. Nothing to show I picked it up or anything for my warranty. We got home and then we noticed that the treadmill was left on an incline.

We couldnt move it into the house like that. So we went to plug it in and it wouldn't turn on! After trying to figure out why it wouldnt turn on, we realized that the safety magnetic key was missing! Without this key the treadmill does not work!

I called the store and asked them to overnight me the key. The sales rep said they do not overnight, he will send via UPS a key to me and will take 4 days he says. I waited 5 days and the key never came. I called the store back for a tracking number and was put on hold for 17 minutes then they hung up on me!

I called back and after 15 minutes I hung up. I called 7 times that day and the person who answered the phone told me she was going to get the manager and he would call me back. He never called me. At the end of the day I finally got to speak to another salesman.

He told me that he would PERSONALLY put a key in the mail for me the next day. I waited 4 days and still no key! I called him back again and asked him where my key was. He said it wasnt mailed but had plenty in the store and was going to mail it to me!

He didnt apologize or explain why he didnt mail it yet. We are going on the 3rd week and I still do not have a key! I cant use my treadmill at all without a key. I keep calling the store and they are just too lazy to mail it to me.

I'm tired of calling and wasting a whole day being put on hold. Their customer service sucks!

I paid so much money for a machine that I cant even use. I just want my key!

Monetary Loss: $682.

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Sears Response


My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. We can certainly understand your frustrations with the level of customer service you have received with regards to your treadmill purchase. We do our best to make every service interaction both positive and memorable for our customers, and we do apologize for falling short of that mark in this instance. We would like to offer some assistance to connect you with a dedicated case manager to discuss your experience and address your concerns. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that I have assigned to reference your post (snowyrose7), to Again, we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you and look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,

Liz R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support