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have had a service contract with sears for my furnace and air conditioner for years, every year have my furnace and air conditioner checked as their recommended maintenance, the other day when my plumber was putting in a new water heater, he called me to the basement and told me the furnace did not sound right, it was going on and off, he even told me it sounded like the sensor was bad. I said i would call right away to have sears come out and look at it, any way he continued with his work, had to turn the gas off to put the heater in, but when he reconnected everything the furnace would not start again, i called sears again and said i needed someone out because my furnace no longer worked and it was winter in Illinois, they told me the earliest they could come was Saturday (it was wednesday morning), i said that was not acceptable and i had a service agreement with them and i could not be without heat for 3 days, they said that was all they could do, anyway i ended calling in a heater person to fix it.

SO why do I pay hundreds of dollars a year to have my furnace checked once a year. I had a similar incident with the air conditioner, it did not work after the install (new from sears), I could not get them to come out (they argued that it was warranty versus service) and would cancel the appointment s without even calling. My brother-in-law came and found it was a hook up problem which he fixed - I left that go as a mishap, but now I am thinking they have no emergency service or thing they should do it.

And I called their customer service and they sat and told me they should have expediate it to their emergency dept. and said they were sorry, never asked my name or anything to research the problem or go back to the person on the original call to better train them, another customer service person said they would try to expediate the appointment but found there was none sooner, so I go 3 days without heat, wrong - unbelievable bad service and I pay for this, never again.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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