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Purchased a range, delivery scheduled for Nov. 25, 2017 between 6:00-8:00 pm.

I cancelled, would not allow a night delivery. Rescheduled for Dec. 2, no one showed up, called Sears told only the the gas range connector would be delivered. Next delivery date Dec.

9th, called on Dec. 7th to confirm Dec. 9th delivery. Sears rep.

stated range not available, blamed manufacturer, but would deliver gas range connector, as before I decline delivery. Sears rep offered 15% off gas connector. Declined and now new delivery date is December 23rd. No range delivered on December 23rd, called and given same excuse.

January 2018 finally delivered range, it was rejected top of range crushed. Second delivered range, side of range crushed in-noticed this after installation. Immediately called Sears requesting a replacement, told they did not have a replacement and did not know when one would be available. Went to local Sears store and made another selection.

Called backed on Jan. 21 requested the change, told it would have to be approved by upper management. Called back on Jan. 22 with the same request told it would take 24-28 hours for upper management to approve.

Jan. 24th called back and told I did not contact them within the 72-hour time to lodge my case. When challenged and given date and times I called placed on hold. Finally agreed to make change and next they wanted a credit card number to charge for the color change.

Did not give credit card number, told Sears rep it was on Sears as they did not honor my selection of range. They accepted my money however I had no product. Finally received a range, however after delivery made I located a scratch. Sears came out Feb.

9th and was told I would receive a new range on Feb. 23rd. I have a copy of the "Delivery Summary Route" with a written note "2/23/18 Pre-inspect unit before delivery. Range need to be replaced ASAP" No range delivered, called Sears and Sears rep stated no delivery was scheduled.

Called several times with not resolution. Finally I was told again that I did not call within time frame, when confronted with documentation then placed on hold for long periods of time and my call dropped to loop again and repeated my story to 6 different people within an hour. Even though I had a copy of the delivery sheet with the written statement, Sears would not change the range. I have not used the range.

This experience with Sears has left a bitter taste with me that Sears does not honor their end of a purchase. I will not purchase from Sears again. Then Sears rep asked when I received an email she would appreciate it if I gave her a favorable rating on her helping me that day.

Really, after the poor way Sears has handled my issue, why would I give a favorable rating. How insulting.

Review about: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Wow, just got home after a heated battle with these clowns. Bought a dishwasher and the install a few days ago.

Was told it would have to be ordered. Would be at the warehouse by monday and install on Tuesday. I received a call Monday and was told dishwasher was in they would be by Tuesday morning. Well it wasn't till my wife got home that they called to reschedule, didn't even call my phone just left voicemail on hers.

They have both numbers. I missed a day of work for this and I still don't have a dishwasher. When I finally talked to someone i told them I didn't want the dishwasher I would like my money back, then was told delivery would have to cancel. I said ok cancel it and give me my money.

Unfortunately it would take 7 -10 days for refund. I said no way, I paid with my debt card, not credit. You took my money, you were suppose to provide a product and service and it did not get fulfilled. Told her fine I want a receipt showing refund and was told nothing was available.

So at this point I started to cuss which finally got my receipt.

I hate sears I shoped there for year, all my school clothes came from there and to be *** on like that just proves why that store is going under. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THERE!

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