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Update by user Apr 17, 2015

Hey I can admit when I am obviously wrong. If I am getting this much hostility over this whole thing I must be wrong. I don't appreciate the way people have come at me be I can face that my approach to Sears was not the best.

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2015

In January I was lured in by Sears advertising some nice headphones for $2.97 with free shipping! WOW RIGHT?!

Wrong, when you got to the site, they had several models for that price... Even better? Wrong again, then every pair you went to order, was not available. After about half an hour of not wanting to be cheated, I found 1 pair.

WHAM, I ordered fast before something went wrong. I got an order confirmation and everything. But wait, soon after I got an email "out of stock"... Shocker...

But through the whole ordeal I kept getting pushed toward expensive substitutes. I chatted with someone at letting me know of my disappointment just to be politely pushed off. I then wrote corporate and they offered me the same price when the stock was replenished within the next few weeks. Great right?

You guessed it, NOPE. I followed the stock for 3 months (mainly not wanting them to get away with this) and the EXACT SAME COLOR never came in (wow the only available color to purchase was also the only color to not be restocked). I wrote an agent online again and tried to give them the chance to make it right and offer the EXACT SAME HEADPHONES IN ANOTHER COLOR and was told they couldn't do it for the other color. *** artists...

Oh, and P.S.

I have kept all documentation if anyone from Sears actually sees this and cares enough... Not likely...

This person wrote the review because of order processing issue of nakamichi headphones from Sears. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $30 and wants Sears to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was dishonesty. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #973080

Hey I try to be one of those people that can see it when everyone else is saying "what is wrong with that guy, if everyone disagrees with him, why can't he admit he is wrong". If I am getting this much heat over this then I must be wrong.

I don't appreciate how these people came at me so aggressively when they don't even know me or how things went down. But haters are going to hate.

None the less, I am probably wrong and probably went about the Sears situation in the wrong way. I can face that.

to steven.fronk Kentucky, United States #973083

It's all good, Brah. We accept your apology.

Now, get some meds for that OCD and Bipolar issue you have!

to RebvelYell Nashville, Tennessee, United States #973084

Hey I am a gemini and to fit the classification, I have caught myself blowing up in defense and looking back thinking "well that was out of line".


Seriously? You missed out on a "slickdeal" for a pair of cheap $3 headphones from Sears and you have been pestering their CS reps, wrote to corporate, and have invested countless hours in this?

You should probably get a life, get outside more, and check yourself on your sense of unwarranted entitlement. Maybe you will make life better for all of us if Sears bans you.

to Slickdeals Nashville, Tennessee, United States #972614

Oh my life is full and wonderful. If I spend 5-10 minutes every couple weeks checking the status on what they promised me in an email, then I have only invested a total of an hour or two.

Maybe you are slow and incompetent enough that these things take you countless hours but if that is the case you should probably work on that. I just don't like getting lied to.

P.S. you probably work for Sear.

P.S.S. this email only took 2 minutes to write, I hope it didn't take you countless hours.

to steven.fronk Nashville, Tennessee, United States #972616

Also, I do want to mention, I told each person that I talked to that I understood that this was not their fault and more the practices of Sears.

Another 45 seconds of my life, I better watch that...

to steven.fronk #972621

hey loser you stated "I followed the stock for 3 months"........and now you say you only checked it for 5-10 minutes every couple of weeks? it probably came back in stock numerous times. i agree with the other poster you need to get a life

to anonymous #972626

P.S. it's P.P.S.

you chucklehead.....not P.S.S.

as in Post Post Scriptum

you should probably work on being slow and incompetent.....

to anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #973073

Right, because if I had a life as you suggest, I would be checking it every day? And to confirm, 5-10 minutes and probably less, you *** ***.

How long does it take you to click a link and see if it is out of stock you ***? It only takes me a good minute so that covers me for a few checks of a minute a piece right? A good company would have just sent the product on back order and not made me check in the first place.

Also, this is the first time I have ever even complained or responded to a complaint, apparently you losers just have nothing better to do with your lives than surf the internet looking through posts? You are lame.

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